; Nov 2009 - Newsletter
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Nov 2009 - Newsletter


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									                                     Newsletter                                              November 2009
Sadly this is my last Newsletter but the good news is that Christine Immelman has very gallantly volunteered
to take over. Phil is going to assist on the publishing side and I will still be involved as photographer and
reporter. This will result in you having a much more interesting and varied Newsletter.
This just leaves the post of Chairman to be filled and it has been decided that this will be resolved at the
Stable end of the year Braai. I will be overseas so am unable to attend, this being one of the reasons I am
stepping down, as this is going to occur more frequently. The one thing I want to do before I step down is to
congratulate and thank Phil for the fantastic job he has done in creating the Lancia Stable. It is a facility that
cannot be matched by clubs ten times our size and I am sure that Peter would be proud to see what Phil has
built from his collection of spares. I have a concern that many members may look at this success and see Phil
as the ideal candidate for Chairman. I cannot disagree with this but the problem is a major part of this success
is that the Club and Stable are run as separate enterties but are closely aligned. Having the same person
heading both or amalgamating the two will dilute both and possibly lead to their downfall. I know that Phil
agrees with me on this. So please look to someone else to Chair the Club so that he can continue with the
good work without it being diluted.
Social Meeting – Presidents Braai – Lancia Stable – Sunday 1st November

Unfortunately this date clashed with several other events so the numbers were down considerably on previous
Presidents Braai's. This did not stop us all having a good time. The change of venue meant it was the first
time some of the social members ad been to the Stable. They were very impressed with the facilities but I am
not sure if they were talking about the workshop and spares or the Bar. It was only the offer of food from the
Braai, so well prepared by Phil, Riaan & Greg, that managed to attract them out into the sunlight. It was great
to see Chris out and about again with her wheelchair. Hopefully the crutches should be thrown away before
the next event.


Garage Meeting – Annual Stable Braai - Saturday 12th December
                                                    You should all have details of this from Phil so I will not
                                                    elaborate. If you didn't get details contact Phil using the
                                                    information at the end of the Newsletter.

Timor Hall Classic Car Show – Sunday 24th January

“The” show of the year. We will be having a Stand and Picnic as
usual and hoping to show at least ten Lancias.. Hopefully some of
the new members will bring their cars along to give a bit of
variety. Contact Riaan or Phil if you would like to show your car.
Go to http://www.classiccarandbikeshow.co.za/ if you want more


                                             On the latest edition of Top Gear show in the UK last Sunday the
                                             presenters did a complete about face from their usual stance and
                                             voted Lancia as the manufacturer who has produced the largest
                                             number of great cars. Most of the show was dedicated to Lancia
                                             with many cars shown including Stig doing a lap in a Stratos. Of
                                             course in the usual TG style every good point is balanced with a
                                             bad one but the show is a great showcase for Lancia. If you are
                                             not prepared to wait three years until it is shown here, you can view
                                             the following clips on Utube. The second one is of Stigs lap.




Here is the quote by the late Enzo Ferrari :-

" If a man drives from passion, neither the money nor the risk count ; if a man drives as his business , it is right
that he should value his life at what he considers a fair price "

I think he will turn in his grave if he knew what is going on today !

For affordable bargains check out the club website www.lancia.za.org. Many interesting Lancias for sale.


         A cheeky look under the bonnet of a Delta S4 at the recent English NEC Classic Car Show


Club Website: www.lancia.za.org now regularly updated.

2009 Calendar (Provisional)

December 5th – Garage – Lancia Stable Braai
January 24th – Timour Hall Classic Car Show

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