Volkswagen Beetle gets a makeover

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					The Volkswagen Beetle is about to get more stylish as per the industry sources. The
Volkswagen will get the Beetle revamped from its present look. The new Volkswagen
Beetle has a longer wheelbase than the current which allows more room for the rear
cabin. The Beetle will be on sale in UK late in next year.
 The Volkswagen will reshape the Beetle with few exterior and interior changes. To
give it flamboyant and sporty look, the windscreen is more swept-back with flatter
roof line, the rear window and hatch is more arched.
 Although the front, the nose of the Beetle is still the original but the headlights, grille
and other details are of a higher quality than the earlier one. Designed by J Mays at
VW California studio and now the Ford design chief, the simple looking car has gone
for a revivaal by the craftsmen of Volkwagen. The rear has gone through a little
change which resembles the old look. The car will be out in the next year with the
new look.
 Criticised on looks, the new Volkswagen Beetle is not only changing its style but
also upgraded the wheeler technology. The Volkswagen car comes with new
sophisticated technology where in VW it is giving a choice of two rear suspensions.
The higher end model will have 197bhp 2.0-litre with multi-link axle taken from
Volkswagen Jetta. However, diesel and less power petrol cars will come with a
cheaper twist beam.
 VW is giving the option as the Beetle will be manufactured in Mexico on the similar
production lines of Volkswagen Jetta. Both the cars will be crafted with cheap and
expensive suspension system. The VW is hopeful that the revamping will attract more
buyers and will push the sales in the UK market. The Volkswagen Beetle sales saw a
steep fall last year as around 2200 car were sold which was 9000 units in 2001. The
Cabriolet, is anticipated to be in UK in the late 2012 and will push the sales.
Presently ,it contributes to the half of the sales of all Beetles.
 The new look of the Volkswagen Beetle will surely attract the market again for the
mini car. The car makers are hopeful with the changes they are bringing in the VW.

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