VoIP PBX with Powerful Features by djsgjg0045


									An efficient telecommunication system is very important for the smooth running of
any business. It helps retain existing customers, attract new customers and manage the
business better. The VoIP PBX phone systems come with powerful features to make
your business communication smooth and efficient.
  Auto Attendant
  With the revolutionary auto attendant feature, callers are welcomed with professional
sounding greetings. Callers are directed to the right extensions through interactive
voice messages and a menu of options featuring dial by name, dial by extension and
zero to live operator.
  Find Me Follow Me
  Staying connected with employees and clients is an important need of modern-day
business offices. The VoIP PBX system has all the functionalities necessary to support
this. This phone system comes with a 鈥榝 ind me follow me 鈥?call forwarding
feature that facilitates connecting to mobile workers. It does not matter where a
person is - unattended calls will be efficiently redirected to his assigned personal, cell
phone or home phone numbers.
  The phone system 鈥檚 voicemail box has a voice to email feature that allows users
to listen to messages through their computer, Smart Phone, or Blackberry. Voicemail
can also be accessed from any local cell phone or telephone line. Moreover, customers
can send faxes to the business office 鈥檚 local phone number or toll-free phone
  Web Interface
  The phone system functions through a web-based interface. A dedicated phone line
and broadband connection makes it possible to integrate many phone lines,
irrespective of location. The business office does not have to maintain conventional
phone lines and costly PBX equipment. If the office is relocated, the old phone
numbers can be retained. Further, the VoIP phone service comes with toll free
numbers and local phone numbers that help calls to be routed to employees even
when they are in remote places. These calls are charged only local call rates. The toll
free numbers make it possible to target clients in a particular location.
  Customer Portal
  The web interface allows you to conveniently configure your PBX, create call
queues and groups, view call detail records and billing information, listen to and
delete your voicemail, upload music on hold and much more.
  VoIP PBX phone systems are very affordable and serve the needs of businesses of all
sizes, including small and medium businesses. The services of this sophisticated
phone system are available at a reasonable monthly rent.
  VoIP PBX - VoIP phone service comes with toll free numbers and local phone
numbers. Access Direct helps you manage your VoIP phone system using your
existing phone line and a dedicated broadband connection.

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