; Vogue Cigarettes-Women's World of Smoking Fashion and Design
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Vogue Cigarettes-Women's World of Smoking Fashion and Design


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									Vogue cigs are produced under British American Tobacco company control in the
USA, Russia, Switzerland, Holland, South Korea and South Africa. Each year, they
can sell billions of cigarettes in the market. They promote their cigarette in more than
190 countries.
The merger of British American Tobacco, with its American competitor Rothmans
International in 1999, a portfolio join company added with a number of new excellent
cigarettes brands among which and Vogue cigarettes. The Vogue brand became a
model of “women’s” cigarettes around the world.
From year to year Vogue cigarettes continue to increase sales volume and occupy a
strong position in the premium cigarettes for women. In early 2005, to the main line
of Vogue cigarettes (Vogue Lilas, Vogue Bleue and Vogue Menthol) was added
aromatic version of Vogue Arome. In March 2007, was launched super-proposal
Vogue Blanche and Vogue Noire. These ultra-light cigarettes are full of deep,
multi-faceted taste. When smoking Vogue Blanche there is an effect of coolness, and
Vogue Noire – a warming effect. Despite some changing in design the
multifaceted flavor of Vogue cigarettes is still remained unchanged.
Vogue cigarettes can compete with great brands like Marlboro cigarettes and Winston
  The American Cigarette Company LTD has made Vogue cigarettes just that with the
fact that not only are they popular but also have an excellent flavor. This cigarette is
designed primarily for the female population. The famous pop diva Madonna used
this brand name as the title of one of her very popular songs and she is also smoking it
in her video. Vogue cigarettes are made up of diverse styles that will fit any
woman’s preference and desires.
There are the Vogue Super Slims cigarettes for a woman who prefers a very slim,
elegant cigarette, Vogue Super Slims Menthol cigarettes for a woman who prefers
menthol and Vogue Slims cigarettes for the everyday woman. Vogue cigarettes are
elegant, super-thin and long. Vogue cigarettes are made of the finest selected soft
tobaccos. The refined aroma assures the smokers of a clean smoking pleasure.
This cigarette has been the preference of most women because of its smooth taste,
high quality and affordable prices. Vogue Cigarettes’ appearance, uniqueness
and noticeable taste make this brand famous among many women all over the world.
The distinctive design of the Vogue packs symbolizes elegance, class and refinement.
The attractive design of the pack with its white color and the miniature branch with
leaves in different colors creates a romantic image for Vogue Cigarettes that is very
appealing to many of its female consumers.
The Vogue cigarette is made of the highest quality tobaccos and additives which
makes its taste relaxing. Vogue cigarettes have a great balance of aroma and sweet
smelling tobacco. This cigarette exclusively belongs to women. Vogue brand is
famous for the exquisite balance of flower and aroma, the abundance of complex
tones in the tobacco bouquet and fine aroma with tender and delicate notes. This
brand belongs to a decorative one on cigarettes market and sold strictly for women or
for those men who wish to perceive the real female world.
The greatest part of this cigarette is its filter. The filter can give the smoker a great
pleasure when inhaling. It can give a feeling of freshness to the smoker. Any woman
would love this cigarette from the very first inhalation they can feel the satisfaction.
All magnificent tobacco and related products – be it chewing tobacco, cigars,
cig lighters or cigarettes are strong with traditions connected with them. But traditions
dissolve without innovations, without desire to widen the limits of habits that often
hide new impressions. The collection of Vogue cigarettes represents a miscellaneous
attitude to cigarettes, another edge of pleasure, and the exotic flavor, featured with the
romanticism of discoveries.

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