VOCs _Volatile Organic Compounds_

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					VOCs or volatile organic compounds are actually the gases that some materials
produce, these materials are paints and lacquers, pesticides, cleaning solutions, glues,
adhesives and many others. These particular materials have a certain odour and it
might affect human health both for long term and short effects for this chemical
compound. These VOCs are much common in the household products and there is a
greater concentration indoors than outdoors for these particular compounds.
  These are most common sources of VOCs at home; cleaners, moth repellents air
fresheners, aerosol sprays fuels and automotive products, wood preservatives, paints
and other solvent or even your hobby supplies and products. Since these VOCs or the
volatile organic compounds have some effects in human health, it is advisable to
cover you mouth and nose and wear goggles in using some commodities that have this
organic compound to avoid inhaling the gases and not to be in contact with your eyes.
  And since health is high involved in these aspects, it is best to mention the health
effects on this article. Most common affected area in the human body are the eyes,
throat irritation and nose; it also cause nausea, head ache loss of coordination, even
damage to liver, central nervous system and kidneys. Some research shows it also
cause cancer to animals and human. If you are exposed to this VOCs, just remember
the keys signs or symptoms, these are head ache, dizziness, allergic skin reactions,
nose and throat discomfort, fatigue, lungs irritation and nausea. If any of these
symptoms occur, go and have an emergency check up in the hospital to have some test
conducted to know the real reason of this cause and the effect on your body.
  These are some basic and common tips on how to reduce or avoid exposure to VOCs;
always have enough ventilation while using some materials containing VOCs, use the
products according to makers 鈥?specifications, buy items that is only enough for
your usage, throw away or keep only a few and have it sealed to prevent gases in the
storage area and always keep out of reach of children and pets.
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