Visiting Students at Guilford College- Find hotels nearby so you don't sleep in the dorms_ by djsgjg0045


									If you have a child at Guilford College, you will probably spend a lot of time visiting
him. Using the guise of missing him, you will travel across the country to make sure
he is living up to your standards. It’s okay. All parents do it. Just make sure you
choose one of hotels near Guilford College in Greensboro so you can be near your
student and all the area has to offer.
  First, you need to select the right hotel. You will probably spend more time visiting
in the hotel than in the dorm. Make sure the room you choose is not the same size as
your son or daughter’s dorm. The good news is you will have several hotels near
Guilford College to choose from that offer spacious rooms and suites.
  Once you look through the Guilford College hotels and find the right one, you can
begin deciding which attractions you want to see. Many families like to spend time at
the area’s water park. You can soak in a little sun and have fun at the same time. You
can also hit the Friendly Center Mall and buy a few things while you are there.
Students are on a fixed budget and always welcome an unexpected and free shopping
  You will also want to get them some nourishment while you are there. Everyone
knows college students do not eat the best. Take them to nearby restaurants like JW’s
steakhouse, Lucky 32 or even Pitcher’s Bar and Grill and reminisce over a good meal.
  No matter what the excuse is for visiting your college student, make the most of the
time you have with them. Give them a few days where they do not have to worry
about the stresses of college and let them really appreciate the fact that you are there
for them.

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