modern Pulse 8 From Sirrus_ non-touch alternative to infra-red from Sirrus by Gummers by hkksew3563rd


									The newly launched range represents a modern reproduction of the Pulse 8 system
from Sirrus by Gummers. Investment in the evelopment of capacitance technology
has enabled the establishment to refine the formation and fulfil a range that can
compete directly on price tag with infra-red.

 Unlike infra-red controls, which operate via a sensor, capacitance systems harness
the electrical impulses positively generated by the human body. Product marketing
manager Fiona Bowyer says: "Capacitance technology is well established in
consumer electronics applications, where it is widely used to enable touch-screen
operations in products such as laptop computers, MP3 players and point-of-sale
systems where the user plainly has to utilise a light stroke to a glass screen. We have
designed this proven technology by growing the sensitivity of the capacitance unit
within our taps so that they respond to the electrical energy stored within the human
body without the necessitate for literal physical contact."

 Now useful to compete on a cost basis with infra-red, capacitance technology offers
a number of advantages. With no sensor involved, the units are far more resistant to
vandalism, aggravation or unforeseen operation, all of which can lead to a junk of
water. Fiona Bowyer: "Capacitance is more reliable and offers a ordered level of
performance. It is also an intelligent technology: if an attempt is made to vandalise a
unit by, for example, wrapping textile around the tap, the unit has the brilliance of
working out that something is wrong and will then turn off and re-set itself."

 The Pulse 8 electronic fight box is pre-programmed with variable overrun times
which can be selected at the point of installation. Taps are supplied programmed with
a clean flush, which runs for 2 seconds after hands are removed to clean the hand
basin or trough. Handwash, which can be used with an otherwise wall plate, has a 15
second overrun time. A and J Gummers Showers can use the 15 second setting or the
more appropriate 60 second shower time. The new Pulse 8 range consists of two
non-touch basin spouts, a remote sensor plate and a power pack that is hard-wired to
the mains. Where mains action is not an option, a separate cannonade pack is supply.
Max Rennie is part of the marketing team of MyTub Limited - Plumbing Supplies. An
online plumbing merchant with over 160000 lines.

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