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					                                    From the CEO: Bertu Nel

We are the Champions!
Our B League (East) team beat the George team on
Saturday to become the B League Champions of 2010.
Louw Strydom, Rob Preston, Bertu Nel, Marco Nel,
Roelof Combrink & Hendrik Kriek went to Kingswood as
the underdogs as the George team was the defending
champions and the finals were played on their neigh-
bouring golf course. It was tough playing conditions
with hard and fast greens and to top it, gusting 30km
winds. After going 2 vs 1 up in the foursomes, our guys
needed 3 points in the singles to win.

It was a ding-dong battle. Marco was the first one to
loose, followed by Roelof. So we need 3 points from the
last 4 matches. Bertu won his game 2 & 1 and Louw
then beat his opponent 3 & 2. So we needed 1 point         Rob sinking the winning putt
from the last 2 games. Hendrik went 1 up with 1 to play,
so we thought we had the game in the bag but the fat
lady had not sung yet. Hendrik lost the 18th hole thus
halving his match. So it was now up to Rob to get us the
½ point we needed. His opponent made an eagle on the
16th hole to go 1 up. We had one hand on the cup but
needed a magic trick to get both hands on the cup
because sharing the cup would feel like kissing your

The very tough 17th was halved after Rob sank a
crucial, make-or-break 6 foot putt. Then it was the 18th
hole - Rob now 1 down with 1 to play. So he had to win
the hole to get the much needed ½ point. A well struck
5 iron into a 30km cross wind found the green. After his
opponent missed a 6 footer to clinch the game, Rob was
left with a white-knuckle 3 footer…….which he rammed      The winning team
into the back off the cup securing the much needed ½
point enabling us to put both hands on the cup. Well done guys! It is not only Louis and Lee-Anne
that can bring cups home! At least we now have more cups in our cabinet than WP………

Holiday Golf Bookings:
Member bookings for December are now open. You can now book your holiday tee-times (13
December - 3 January 2011) with Lizette by filling in the booking form and supplying her with your
credit card details. Your credit card will only be charged on 13 December for all booked games.
35 Days to Christmas!
Can you believe we only have 36 days to go before Christmas and
42 days before New Year! What happened to this year? I just
cannot believe that almost 315 days of this year has sped by. Our
golfing calander for next year is filling up quickly with lots of golf
days and competitions. Maybe now is the time to buy yourself that
new set of clubs, new driver or maybe a new golf bag. Our Pro
Shop is well stocked and I am sure that Louw and Arrie will make
sure that you get what you need. If you don't know what to buy
for a friend, give him/her one of our popular Pro Shop vouchers.

Amarok maak amok!
Ek, Grahame en Louw was die week deur Southern Sea Volkswagen genooi om hulle nuwe Amarok
dubbel-kajuit bakkie deur sy passies te sit in Vleesbaai se duine. Wat 'n ondervinding was dit nie. Die
2l TDI bakkie het hope krag en het sommer die duine uitgehardloop. Selfs ons as onervare 4 x 4 duine
ryers het die bakkie met gemak hanteer. Die 4 x 4 verstellings is net 'n druk van 'n knoppie ver en
ons het die styl duine met die outomatiese "traction control" stadig afgekruip. Ek moet sê dit is 'n
aardige gevoel om so stert- in- die- lug-neus-in-die-grond teen 'n afgrond af te kruip. Jou natuurlike
neiging sou wees om rem te wil trap, maar na duidelike instruksies om dit nie te doen nie het ons die
Amarok vertrou en gelos om ons self teen die duine af te neem. Outomaties. Maklik. Veilig. Selfs ou
"land duin" is na 'n paar oefenslae baas geraak. Ek was amper die eerste persoon in Suid Afrika om
'n Amarok te rol (nogal teen 'n baie styl duin af" maar met genade van Bo en bietjie geluk in my gatsak
het die bakkie se agterwiel teen 'n duineplant gehak en die bakkie gekeer om om te dop. Met 'n
geswoeg en gesweet het 'n ander Amarok ons darem die laaste entjie uitgetrek en kon ons asem
uitblaas. Na afloop van die adrenalien belaaide oggend kon ons nie uitgepraat raak oor die nuwe
Amarok bakkie nie. Ek dink Gideon en Bles het nou 3 nuwe 4 x 4 entoesiaste geskep.

Dankie manne
- julle het ons dag gemaak!

                                      Gee vet man                                                             we en navig
                                                    ne .
                                                                                           Sarel v an der Mer

                      ie Amarok daarond
   Kyk hoe klein lyk d

                                                           Hokaai, hier is 'n b
                                                                                  os in die pad!
                                    MONTHLY CASH DRAW
Who does not need a bit of extra cash? If I look at the small number of members attending our
monthly cash draws at the Club on certain Friday nights, it looks like it is going very well with our
members. There is now R5800 on offer and it increases by R400 per month. Thank you to Ignus
Kempen and KSE Chartered Accountants for sponsoring this cash draw.

  Ignus Kempen from KSE Chartered Accountants, is sponsoring our
  monthly cash draw. If the money is not won, it increases by R400 for
  the next month’s draw. The current amount for the upcoming draw
  Draw date: 26 November 2010
  Do not miss this stash of cash!

WGSA Ladies Mid Amateur Championship
                                    9 Ladies from Mossel Bay braved 3 days of medal competition, the
                                    back tees, the bunkers and the stream meandering through King-
                                    swood golf course to partake in the inaugural Mid Amateur Golf
                                    Championship for ladies in the prime of their lives with handicaps
                                    less than 20. Not only did we have the biggest representation but
                                    we also had 3 prize winners. Congratulations to Christa Venter, the
                                    B Div Champion, Gloria Greyvensteyn 5th in the B Div and Rita
                                    Herholdt 2nd in the B Div Nett competition. See you all there again

                                                     Baie dankie aan Andre Marx, eienaar van
                                                     Ultra Meat (by die Mikeva Sentrum), vir die
                                                     borg van ons Vrydag-aande se vleistrekking.
                                                     Fairways Restaurant koop al vir baie jare
                                                     hulle vleisprodukte by Ultra Meat en indien jy
                                                     nog nie daar was nie, is dit nou die tyd om van
                                                     hulle heerlike produkte aan te skaf.
                                  This week's fantastic Specials!
                                  Super Sirloin (A Grade) - R49.95/kg (only 5kg per customer)
                                  Super Rump (A Grade) - R59.95/kg
                                  Pork Spareribs          - R29.95/kg
                                  Pork Chops              - R36.95/kg
Our Adams family is growing. This last couple of weeks we have sold more than 9 sets of Adams clubs, a number
of drivers and a couple of hybrids. Thank you for supporting your Pro Shop. Not only do we offer the best quality
products, but also the best service and best prices in the Southern Cape. If you do not get any of the above
from Louw or Arrie at your Pro Shop, please contact me immediately and I will personally sort the matter out
for you.

Adams Golf clubs are widely used on the Pro Golf Tours around the world with Tom Watson and Bernard Langer
being the best-known players using and winning with it. What makes the Adams clubs so popular? Adams Golf
has a wide variety of designs from the tour preferred type of clubs right to the game improvement clubs. Long
off the tee with a wide variety of lofts, shafts and models - the current long driving champion of the world uses
an Adams Driver! The irons have been designed to assist you in getting the ball in the air with wider soles, add
a 4 & 3 hybrid and you have the best possible set to make your golf a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

To assist in making golf more affordable, Adams Golf brought out high quality sets at very affordable prices. A
Full set of Adams clubs including a Driver, 3 & 5 wood, 3 & 4 hybrids, 5 - SW, putter and bag for only R4999.00!
Unbeatable value - if you have not played with an Adams product before, then now is a very good time to try
it. Join the Mossel Bay Golf Club Adams Family!
Are you part of the Adams Family of Mossel Bay Golf Club?
If you own any Adams golf products such as a driver, putter, bag, irons etc. (not a cap or glove!) you can play
in the following Adams Golf Day:

Date: Tuesday 23 November 2010
Competition: IPS
Cost: Only R130 per player

What do you get?
18 holes of golf, an Adams golf cap, snacks at prize giving, fantastic Adams prizes, lucky draws for super Adams
products, putting & long driving competition with great prizes. You will also be able to upgrade your old Adams
clubs for new ones at very special prices on this day!
Where do you enter? Please register your Adams product with Louw or Arrie in the Pro Shop. This will qualify
you to enter for this very special Adams Golf Day.

Please make a note of the following golf days:
Friday 19 November                        -Mossels & Die Burger Gholfdag
Saturday 20 November                      -IPS - Herbertsdale Laerskool
Sunday 21 November                        -Social Golf
Monday 22 November                         -Open @ 10:00 for Social Golf
Tuesday 23 November                       -Mosselkrakers & Adams Golf Day
Wednesday 24 November                     -Sakemanne Finaal - BB Stableford
Thursday 25 November                      -Ladies & Social Golf
Friday 26 November                        -Mossels & Social Golf
Saturday 27 November                      -BB Bogey Plus - Srixon Super Saturday
Sunday 28 November                        -Social Golf
Monday 29 November                         -Open @ 10:00 for Social Golf
Tuesday 30 November                       -Mosselkrakers & Social Golf
Wednesday 1 December                     -PSG Chicken Run Final - IPS
Thursday 2 December                      -Ladies & Social Golf
Friday 3 December                       -Mossels & Social Golf
Saturday 4 December                     -BB Bogey Plus
Sunday 5 December                       -Medics & Social Golf
Monday 6 December                        -Social Golf
Tuesday 7 December                      -Mosselkrakers & Social Golf
Wednesday 8 December                    -Liquor City IPS
Thursday 9 December                     -Ladies Christmas Mixed & Social Golf
Friday 10 December                      -Mossels & Double Whammy
Saturday 11 December                    -Rotary Golf Day - IPS
Sunday 12 December                      - Home Owners Golf Day & Social Golf
Please make a note of the following golf days:
Monday 13 December                   -Holiday Golf                         Please repair your divots
Tuesday 14 December                  -Holiday Golf                         on the fairways and pitch
Wednesday 15 December                 -BB Medal                            marks on the greens. The
Thursday 16 December                  -4 B Alliance Stableford             grass is growing slower
                                                                           during winter and if the
Friday 17 December                    -Mossel Bay Bells Whisky Classic
                                                                           damage is not repaired
Saturday 18 December                  -ATKV Klassiek                       immediately, it will take
Sunday 19 December                    -Holiday Golf                        much longer to recover.
Monday 20 December                     -Holiday Golf
Tuesday 21 December                    -Holiday Golf                       There is NO placing on the
                                                                           fairways, so please fill
Wednesday 22 December                 -Ind Bogey Plus
                                                                           your divots.
Thursday 23 December                  -Holiday Golf
Friday 24 December                    -Holiday Golf
Saturday 25 December                 -Christmas - CLUB CLOSED
Sunday 26 December                   -Holiday Golf
Monday 27 December                   -BB Stableford
Tuesday 28 December                  -Holiday Golf
Wednesday 29 December                 -Ind Stableford
Thursday 30 December                  -Holiday Golf
Friday 31 December                    -4B Alliance Stableford

Ai, die weer wil maar net nie saamspeel nie. As dit net 'n slag wil ordentlik reen, sal die wind seker
ook weer onder beheer kom. Dit bly maar 'n beproewing om hierdie stormwinde te speel, maar dis
tog goed om te sien daar is die dapperes wat hulle deur g'n wind of weer laat afskrik nie. Maar
genoeg oor die weer……dis tog jammer dat daar altyd 'n vrot appel of twee is wat die hele mandjie
affekteer. Daar is 'n klompie ouens wat hul biertjie of ander versterking tydens 'n rondte gholf
geniet en dit ook heeltemal verantwoordelik en ordentlik doen en ek is seker niemand het daarmee
'n problem nie. Ongelukkig is daar nou 'n paar vrot appels wat bottles op die bowwe en elders laat
rondlê en hulle in die algemeen nie soos gholfspelers gedra nie. Dit skep nie net 'n swak en
onaanvaarbare indruk nie, maar dit gaan ook uiteindelik beteken dat almal oor dieselfde kam
geskeer gaan word met reels wat dit geheel en al verbied. Dit gaan baie jammer wees as dit moet
gebeur, want die klub en fasiliteite is tog daar vir almal om te geniet. En as daar nou, soos in elke
samelewing aangetref word, 'n paar is wat nie hul kant bring nie, stel hulle aan die kaak of ruim
tog maar agter hulle op - daar is orals op die baan rommeldromme en dis ons almal se
verantwoordelikheid om die baan netjies te hou.

In last week's newsletter our CEO commented on the "gimmes" that some players are so anxious to
claim and to give and I have also commented on that some time ago, but it never ceases to amaze
(amuse?) me how some players just bend and manipulate the rules to suit them. Some players also
suffer badly from dementia and they keep forgetting some of the shots that they have played.
Recently two players managed to confuse me as well when they claimed that a lost ball can still be
played even after it has been declared lost and a second shot has been played with the provisional
ball. There is also some confusion about when another ball can be dropped when the original one is
lost and when you are supposed to go back to the original position from where the lost ball has
been played. Why does this game have so many rules with so many different interpretations?
I still maintain we should have a basic test about the rules and etiquette that all members and
players must pass before they are allowed on a golf course…… our own "FICA" regulations. The
problem is that most people are very relaxed when they play in their own "friendlies", but these
forgiving habits very soon become habits and as we all know….old habits die hard!
Saterdag 13 November                                   Woensdag 17 November
- IPS- SAO Bras - 195 Spelers                          - Philren Maandelikse Houespel Finaal- IPS - 153 Spelers

Afd . A (Vgee 0- 9)                                    A Afdeling: (0-9Vgee)                    B Afdeling: (10-18 Vgee)

1.      Anzelle Zeelie (Vgee 2)            38Pte       Bruto                                    Bruto
2.      Stephan Sieberhagen (Vgee 4)       38Pte       1.       Petrie Cronje           72      1.       Bennie Badenhorst       85
3.      Fanie van Vuuren (Vgee 8)          37Pte       2.       Robbie Botha            74      2.       Nico Pienaar            86
4.      Andrew Light (Vgee +1)             36Pte       3.       Louw Strydom            77      3.       Colin Bock              88
                                                       Netto:                                   Netto:
Afd. B (Vgee 10 - 18)                                  1.       Adriaan Maarschalk      75      1.       Drik Leibrandt          78
                                                       2.       Johan Schnetler         78      2.       Pat Good                80
1.      Gail Botha (Vgee 15)               42Pte       3.       Pierre Fourie           79      3.       Sakkie vd Merwe         80
2.      Raymond Murray (Vgee 18)           38Pte
3.      Dawid Duvenhage (Vgee 15)          36Pte
4.      Ina Swart (Vgee 10)                36Pte

Afd. C (Vgee 19+)                                      C Afdeling: (19 - 36 Vgee)               Naaste aan die pen

1.      Wykie vd Vyfer (Vgee 25)           40Pte       Bruto                                    No 4: Willem Prinsloo (Jnr)
2.      Rachel Mulder (Vgee 29)            37Pte       1.       Gert Pieterse           91      No 15: Pierre Fourie
3.      Nick Weideman(Vgee 23)             36Pte       2.       Bienne Bekker           93
4.      Edie Edwards (Vgee 23)             36Pte       3.       Johan Buys              94
Naaste aan die pen No 8: Raymond Murray                1.       Magda Kaltenbrunn       75
Naaste aan die pen No 15: Anzelle Zeelie               2.       Pieter Naude            82

Baie dankie aan Martin en Thinus van Rensburg van Philren wat hierdie kompetisie al vir ‘n hele aantal jare vir ons borg. Martin het
bevestig dat hy volgende jaar dit weereens vir ons sal borg. Dankie Martin!

Philren Brokers was established in 1995. We are one of the larger independent brokers in the Southern
Cape. The Head office is situated in the beautiful coastal town of Mossel Bay, South Africa. We represent
all the main underwriters. Our philosophy is to offer our clients the highest level of personal service and
ensure peace of mind.

We specialize in Short-term Insurance (Domestic & Commercial) as well as Life, Investments and Medical

Our motto: “Decide what will benefit you and take responsibility!!!”

For any free quotes or queries:
Please contact Martin and Thinus van Rensburg at: (044) 691 1284 or
                                       Met trots geborg deur/proudly sponsored by

The first leg of our championship on Tuesday the 9th has come and gone and the 65 Mosselkrakers started their respective rounds in
perfect weather conditions. Markie Sciarone, who is our defending Champion, has no intention of relinquishing his title without a fight.
Dit was gou duidelik dat van die Mosselkrakers erns maak met die Kampioenskap soos die nege spog 2s getuig. (dit is vir ons 'n rekord)
Noel Hudson, Steve de B Smith asook Dave Tomlinson behaal hul voëltjies op die lastige 4de. Hannes Malan en Bertus Minnaar maak
so op die 8ste terwyl Wessie vd Westhuizes en Henk Vosloo die langerige 12de wys wie is baas. Ons weet almal die 15de duld geen foute
nie en Wessel Brand en Les de Jager het net die regte bofhoue hier geslaan vir 'n maklike voëltjie elk. Die Worsfonds sê dankie vir die
There was no stopping Hardy Claase and his 40 points secured him the Individual prize.
The team prize on 93 points was won by Robbie Strydom, Henk Vosloo, Hester de Jager and Annamarie Luggen. We understand the two
ladies had their hands full maintaining order in this team !!.
Steve de B Smith se bofhou op die 4de besorg aan hom die naaste aan die pen glorie en ook 'n pakkie gholfballe.
Our visitor and friend from Scotland, Norman O'May, earned himself a nice bottle of red wine with his second shot on the 18th that ended
nearest to the pin.
Tydens die tweede been van ons Kampioenskap op Vrydag die 12de het die manne en dames net so ywerig stoke geswaai.
The JACKPOT is still intact as no-one could get the magical 13 points to win the kitty which has built up to a sizable amount and is not
to be sneezed at.
In contrast to Tuesday only three members had two clubs - however, the difference was that they had 4 two clubs amongst them. Sid
Finlayson rolled in birdies on the 4th and the 8th while Des van Vuuren did so on the 15th and Wessel Brand tapped his in on the 12th.
Chappie Byrne put up a brave fight with 38 points but the day belonged to Dave Tomlinson who took the Individual prize with a whopping
40 points. To crown it all he was also part of the winning team on 88 points. His fellow team mates were Tobie Kock, Wessel Brand and
Buks Reynders.

Twee op een dag !!! Op dieselfde gat !!

                                             Baie geluk aan Bill Denyer en
                                             Danie van Langelaar wat altwee
                                             Woensdag op die agste gat vol-
                                             maakte gelukskote behaal het.

                                             Hier word hulle gelukgewens, en
                                             elkeen het ook 'n stewige R1000
                                             ontvang omdat hulle deelgeneem
                                             het en R10 gewaag het in die Pro
                                             Shop se 2Club Pool.        Geluk
                                             manne en dankie vir die dop!

“Get your complimentary copy of this awesome
digital golf mag - Universal Golf (recommended by
Mossel Bay GC) by clicking on this link –
You can subscribe inside the mag at no cost and
get your mag each month delivered to your inbox”
                                 Pro Shop
                         ADAMS GOLF DAY 23 NOVEMBER – HUGE SPECIALS !!!!

                                                        SALE – 15 % TO 50 % DISCOUNT


                                                       SPECIAL OFFER – BUY A PAIR OF
                                                       DRI-TEC CLASSIC SHOES FOR R499-00
                                                       AND WE GIVE YOU AN ADAMS CAP TO
                                                       THE VALUE OF R149-00 ABSOLUTELY

                         OUR PROMISE TO YOU
                         1) We strive to be the best

                         2) We strive to be the friendliest

                         3) We will manage your financial mandate with
                         financial integrity.

                         4) If we don't stock it, we will find it !

                         5) We promise to beat any written quote given
Louw Strydom - Manager                                                    Arrie vd Linde - Assistant
                         by a Southern Cape dealer on any current item.
   LIEF EN LEED                                     Sterkte aan diegene wat bietjie olik is! Ons
                                                    hoop julle voel sommer gou beter.

 New Members:
 Mr   Rudi Mahne from George - Full Member
 Mr   Piers Hitchner from Illovo - Country Member
 Mr   Tiaan Theron from Hartenbo - Full Member
 Mr   Wouter Wentzel from George - VGV Member

 Welcome and enjoy our fantastic Club!

 Fast Thinker
 An elderly man in West Virginia had owned a large farm for several Years.
 He had a large pond in the back.

 It was properly shaped for swimming, so He fixed it up nice with picnic tables,
 horseshoe courts, some apple and peach trees.

 One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond as he hadn't been there for a
 while and look it over. He grabbed a five-gallon bucket to bring back some fruit.

 As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with Glee….

 As he came closer, he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his pond.

 He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end.

 One of the women shouted to him, 'we're not coming out until you leave!'

 The old man frowned, 'I didn't come down here to watch you ladies
 swim naked or make you get out of the pond naked.'

 Holding the bucket up he said, 'I'm here to feed the alligator.'

 Some old men can still think fast…….

Enjoy your golf this week
Bertu & team

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