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					The zee dish tv, is one of the first KU-band DTH service in the country, is now
looking at expanding its market share through some aggressive marketing and wooing
of subscribers by almost doubling the number of channels available on the platform.
The zee Dish TV is all set to add 50 more channels to the platform are taking the tally
to 100 by April end. At the current moment, the zee Dish TV DTH service is beamed
via transponders on Inset satellites. But it is said that with the commissioning of ASC
Enterprises own satellite under the Agrani project, slated for later this year the
platform is expected to move on to Agrani.
  Now taking about the up growing new addiction than here it is, the reliance big tv
has added up 13 new channels to its bouquet to take the total number up to 245. The
reliance Big TV has added several listed channels like Star Plus, NGC Wild, NGC
Adventure, NGC Music, UFX, HM TV, Mahaa TV, Day & Night News, ETV Bihar,
Polimer TV, Saam TV, Chardikla Time , Nepal One.
  The Big TV has joined there hands with the most popular service that is the Samsung
India, to provide there new service free on purchase of Samsung LED TV range and
hence earning great profit in this. In the ceremony of the reliance bid they have
launched the new high-definition digital video recorder (HD DVR) with it. The
reliance big TV have claimed as the fifth largest cable operating system which has
acquired 11 million homes with minimum subscription.
  The dth technology and dish services are now days very much updated in Indian. It
is the first television service provider in India. For all those who are the regular
customers the dish tv dth services are more favorable. There are some of the technical
features of the dish services and they are the High capacity satellite service, Broadcast
technology, Satellite fleet and many more are in the list.
  Direct to Home is the most important term used to refer to satellite television
broadcasts intended for home reception, also referred to more broadly as Direct
broadcast satellite that is the DBS signals. The expression itself that is direct-to-home
or DTH was, initially, meant to distinguish the transmissions directly intended for
home viewers from cable television distribution services that sometimes carried on
the same satellite. We can also say that due to digital compression techniques, many
more niche channels are available than can be provided by cable operators.
  There are few services that Zee Dth announce as in its new package and those are
there will be freedom Package-98 channels for Rs-150/, the Freedom Plus
package-103 channels for Rs-200/-, there are Welcome Package 128 channels for
Rs-300/-which are available, the Maxi Package 157 channels for Rs-350/-. There are
list of new channels added include FTV, the Sahara entertainment and news channels,
Rajat Sharma's India TV and some ARY group channels too.
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