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					                       RG MOTORSPORT NEWSLETTER
                     RG Motorsport has been appointed official
                 distributor for TORCO fuel accelerator in South Africa


    RGM is now the official Distributor for Torco products in Southern Africa

 Torco Accelerator is an unleaded fuel accelerator that raises the octane rating of your fuel. It does not harm
 Lambda Sensors or catalytic converters.
 Higher octane fuels are especially helpful to boosted or high-compression performance engines, along with
 older engines. With boost or a high-compression ratio, the air-fuel charge is compressed to higher pressures,
 which makes it more susceptible to detonation. Older engines with carbon deposits built up in the combustion
 chamber also benefit from high-octane fuels as the added space occupied by the deposits also effectively in-
 creases the compression ratio.

 To avoid detonation, engines with knock sensors retard the spark timing at the onset of knock. Retarding
 spark timing or richening the air/fuel mixture to reduce knock ultimately robs power. This is why an in-
 crease in octane increases horsepower. Since the engine's knock threshold is effectively raised with higher
 octane fuels, spark timing is not retarded.

                                     LONG RANGE FUEL TANKS
 We now offer a comprehensive range of additional and replacement long range fuel tanks for all makes of 4 X 4
 vehicles and certain models in the LDV range
  Please enquire for pricing
 RG Motorsport supplies and installs the TJM XGS range of suspension kits for all 4 x 4 vehicles
                                     TJM XGS 4WD SUSPENSION

For over 30 years TJM have built upon their extensive expertise in the design, testing, manufacture and installation
of specialist 4WD suspension for the enthusiast off-roader and many tradesman applications. This period of continu-
ous development has culminated in today’s TJM XGS 4WD Suspension range.

                                  YOU’LL NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE

TJM XGS 4WD Suspension will transform your vehicle to handle the rigours of offroad travel like the corrugated
roads of Cape York and the Canning Stock Route. TJM XGS Gold Edition 4WD Suspension takes the constant un-
dulations of the Simpson Desert and the articulation work of the Victorian High Country in its stride and all of these
situations demand improved ride, handling and wheel travel, while carrying increased loads.
Whether you install a set of shock absorbers, a pair of springs or a full TJM XGS 4WD Suspension Kit, you’ll no-
tice an immediate improvement in your vehicles ride, handling, load carrying capabilities and towing ability. We
believe it’s the best ride ever that’s why we offer an industry leading Three Year / 50,000Km Warranty.

                                  WHY SUSPENSION IS SO IMPORTANT

A vehicles’ suspension is one of the hardest working components on todays’ 4WDs. With more people experiencing
this great country of ours and fitting load bearing accessories like bull bars, roof racks, fuel tanks and the like; sus-
pension is often the most important component to be overlooked.
How about starting with springs? With the ability to improve your ride or increase your load carrying characteris-
tics, TJM have constant and variable rate Coil Spring and Leaf Spring designs that are tuned and matched to the
range of TJM XGS Gold Edition Shock absorbers.
In fact, good shock absorbers play an integral part in keeping your vehicle on all fours when braking, cornering and
during wheel articulation. Shock absorbers may also increase your tyre life.
TJM are proud to provide you with suspension that’s a pleasure to use, whether on or off road. The XGS range is the
result of the time and resources of a dedicated team and their idea of the ‘best ride ever’ that will continue to deliver
the ride you expect.
                                                Star Motoring 06/08/2009
                                                     WORTH GETTING UP FOR

There’s nothing quite like getting up at on the coldest day of the year – mid-July- at 2.30 am. On a Saturday, yet! The bones creak, the
shaving water stays cold so long out the tap you say to hell with it, and instead go in search of an extra beanie, in case one of the other
dudes hasn’t realised that the first thing to keep warm is your head. Weeell, maybe the first thing.
Later, on the freeway tootling along slowly in a Nissan Navara, things are perking up. I’m with Reghard Roets, race driver extraordinaire
whose talent behind the wheel is matched only by his font of racing stories that have to do with getting to and from the track because much
more seems to happen than at the track itself.
We’re enjoying the warmth of the heater when suddenly our pre-dawn mellow is smote by a sound that seems devised by some demented
soul stuck between hell, heaven and a hard place.
It’s at once brutal and shattering, but there’s a sweetness to the sound that warms the cockles of the heart. Half Lamborghini Gallardo and,
half, uuh, Ferrari 430 maybe?
We’ve just been “buzzed” by the new RGMotorsport Supercharged BMW E92 M3, and the crackle on the over-run from those four RGM
stainless steel gazoom pipes is as energising as three cups of truck-stop-café coffee.
Soooo. This is The Beast huh? Five hundred and four kilowatts of supercharged V8, 600 Newton metres of tyre shredding twist from just
off idle. We’re off to deliver this, the first supercharged V8 (E 92 Series) M3 in Africa, to its customer down Nelspruit way.
Later, as the dawn light makes the outside even colder, I’m ensconced behind the wheel of this car, after Roets has demonstrated some of
its fearsome thrust. I’m expecting it to be quick, kind of lumpy maybe at low revs, but the first thing that strikes me is that the merest prod
on the throttle gives power like you’d never believe.

 I short-shift-up to second – same instant thrust. Third, same, fourth, same and….well now.
Later on we are heading up a rise, I’m in feather-throttle third just to hear that sound and Roets, who seems to suffer from adrenaline deple-
tion, tell me to give it a boot-full.
The tar is still coldish, so I wind it up to the red-line in third by squeezing the throttle, then hook fourth and concentrate seriously because
things are happening so quickly. The amazing thing is that, through an ever so slight kink in the road as we crest the rise, I can feel this
thing begin to break traction! In fourth gear!
The other amazing thing is that it’s all so effortlessly controllable. This is not a frightening car because the basic M3 chassis is so, sooo
good and because the power is so linear, there’s never a big fright in the power band.
One doesn’t have to be intimidated by the power as you still have the option of the original dynamic stability control keeping you in con-
 I back out of it, and cruise. Tootling along in sixth, seeing if those claimed 600 Newton’s translate to reality. They do. Punch the throttle
from 100 km/h, say about 2 500 rpm, and the car just accelerates. Hard. If you stay on it, there’s this smooth transition that will see you up
to 210, 220, 230……………………
This is a car that comes closest to riding a 1 000 cc superbike than anything I’ve experienced. You want to up ahead in the distance? Open
the throttle and you are there, instantly morphed into the future.
Gearing back on this car, like on a one-litre Superbike, is simply optional, maybe just to hear a different engine note or something. Okay, it
then goes even quicker, but there’s no need.
I realise I’m smiling. I can’t help it. This is one of the nicest cars I’ve ever driven. It sounds like a BMW M3 V8 should have in the first
place, and it goes as well as anything I’ve driven. Heart-warmingly, spine-tinglingly fast, but never shatteringly so. It kinds of fills you up
with a warm glow, and glow keeps getting warmer.
Don’t change it brothers Rob and Steve Green. Make more for customers everywhere. Every M3 owner should experience the supercharged
This is the Real Deal!

*This was the prototype RGM Supercharged E92 M3 built for a customer down Mpumalanga ways... The Randburg-based tuning firm will
be offering the supercharged installation in kit form internationally, as well as fitted, tuned and mapped for local customers. The locally
installed version will include the RGM custom built stainless steel performance exhaust system which incorperating its own diffuser as well
as a 3 year balance of 100,000Km fully comprehensive warranty policy. At a price of R218, 000, it seems to make far more sense to me
than some of the items on the Beemer options list!

                              Hats of to the RGM design division for this awesome world class product
RGMotorsport now offers a 1 year / 50,000km warranty policy for all vehicles that undergo stage 1 or 2 conversions as well as for all
vehicles that have completed their maintenance plans. This is a fully comprehensive warranty policy which can be viewed at the
following link Please enquire for pricing

Please enquire about the full range of Vorsteiner Carbon Fibre product range for Bmw, Porsche & Mercedes
Benz motor vehicles. Products can be viewed at

Please contact Pieter Pretorius for all your parts requirements ……
Please contact our Service Manager Willem for all servicing requirements…
Alan & Reghard will assist you with all performance and tuning requests .
Alan can be emailed on and Reghard on


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