Virgo Horoscope for December 2010

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					Things will be slowing down now and, over the next three weeks, it looks like the
focus will be on the domestic side of life or the private base of operations. You may
want to improve things at home, or your work set-up, or help someone with theirs.
You will be more concerned with your foundations and your emotional roots and the
focus may be more focus on family members. Your private environment may become
a chattier, busier place, and could be a meeting place or you could become more the
visitor in someone else's. You should be feeling more sociable within your community
within the locality or over the wires. Short trips out and about will be enjoyable for
the most part and you should really appreciate the beauty in your surroundings.
Fortunately, Venus in your communications sector is helping you to be articulate and
persuasive, smoothing the path and helping to iron out any differences with others.
This is good news for arty Virgos as Venus here will enliven creative self-expression.
  The New Moon here means fresh beginnings related to these areas ove the coming
four weeks.
  Those you mix with on a daily basis should be supportive and approachable and you
could be making new friends or lucrative contacts.
  It's likely those in your close circle will demand more of your energy until the 9th
and you may have to juggle home/family commitments with career-related obligations.
Thereafter you should be feeling even more spontaneous and outgoing.
  Mercury retrogrades from the 9th to the 31st slowing things down by allowing you
to dot the i's and cross the t's perhaps go over old ground or having more contact with
people from your past in the present and later month thee will be more of an
emotional bias to your thinking.
  Saturn will be rolling through your area of material security for two plus years and
already has you looking to the future, taking stock of finances, possessions, physical
space, comfort zone, and health. You'll understand better that you have to work
steadily and consistently to bring about an improved situation on these basic, physical
levels. Another aspect of this long transit is that you steadily develop your inborn
assets, your gifts and talents which can become lucrative and generate more income.
  Saturn works best if you take a persevering, patient approach towards this aspect of
your life.
  Also Jupiter will encourage you to take a more philosophical view regarding close
relationships and you could find yourself giving advice to others and helping with
their problems. Or seeing the eagle-eye view with your own. Jupiter is here til early
next year providing more opportunity for expansion in the partnership area, perhaps
importing new connections which broaden your horizons. So you should plunge into
unfamiliar social environments and cast your nets really wide if you are hunting for
that special someone to come into your life.
  A pre-existing alliance or biz collaboration could prove beneficial and begin to grow
into something closer or more interesting. If you work with the public or in one to one
situations then you could find your popularity growing too.
  From the 22nd you'll be feeling more spontaneous and self-expressive.
  Around the 28th/29th try to put your own interests first.
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