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					Vetmedin is a somewhat recently developed treatment for heart problems in dogs. It
acts by increasing the hearts force of contraction in reaction to a stimulus. In basic
terms this means that it opens up the blood vessels taking blood away from the heart,
so reducing the effort the heart needs to perform to pump blood around the dog's body.
At the same time, it opens up the blood vessels which return the blood to the heart
which reduces pressure on the heart. Finally, Vetmedin is also different from other
frequently used heart treatments as it helps the heart to pump much more efficiently
with stronger contractions. It seems that the growth in life expectancy in dogs is a
product of these effects.
  How much Vetmedin should my dog be taking?
  Vetmedin capsules needs to be given about one hour before food, twice daily tailored
to the dog's weight and severeness of the condition. Pills are simply concealed in a
treat. Since Vetmedin works with other treatments against heart failure your vet could
possibly decide to prescribe it along with other drugs. In most cases Vetmedin would
be a lifelong treatment. During the treatment period Vetmedin may be given alone or
together with other drugs.
  How soon will I see progress in my dog's health?
  Generally an improvement should be seen within a week of starting treatment. This
progress may very well increase throughout the subsequent weeks. Needless to say
severity of heart failure will vary from dog to dog and this will affect how quickly
your dog responds to the treatment.
  Just like any kind of continued medical treatment, veterinarians should certainly
check your dog regularly to check success and perhaps add supplemental medications.
In the beginning these visits may well be more regular. However, once your dog is
stabilised on Vetmedin, you will need to visit your vet less and less . However, if your
dog's illness deteriorates, you might need to visit your vet more frequently.
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