MLB- History of Baseball in America by hkksew3563rd


									Being the most popular sport in America, baseball has definitely captured the hearts of
millions of American. And what the baseball really is and why it is so popular among
people worldwide will interest many people. Now, let we look at the history of
baseball in America, you can find the answers. The history of baseball can be traced
to the 18th century, when amateurs played a baseball-like game by their own informal
rules using improvised equipment. The popularity of the sport inspired the semipro
and professional baseball clubs in the 1860s. The way the game is played is two teams
are formed with 9 players each. The pitcher will try to haul the baseball to the batter.
The pitcher is trying to strike out the batter, three strikes and you out but the batter
can hit the ball. The other 8 person playing with the pitcher are the 1st baseman, 2nd
baseman, 3rd baseman, shortstop, left fielder, center fielder, right fielder and the
catcher which catches the ball that the pitcher throws unless the batter hits the ball.
Once formed in 1876, the National League held the first playing baseball. After that
more leagues and teams were added on and they started to play more and more of
baseball and soon it grew to what we now know today as baseball. With Barry bonds
and Alex Rodriguez hitting home runs every time up to bat, the players are getting
better but the game is still the same. Maybe they need to start making the fields larger
so it makes it harder for those good players to get a lot of home runs. With more and
more trainings they have to do, the players purchase some MLB jerseys china to wear
in order to make their training moving on successfully. Before the Civil War, baseball
competed for public interest with cricket and regional variants of baseball, notably
town ball played in Philadelphia and the Massachusetts Game played in New England.
After the world wars baseball was a worldwide sport and everyone wanted to play it.
They will wear on the MLB authentic jerseys to have an exciting baseball game. By
then there were so many teams that they could have a baseball world series which
didn't start till later on down the road. There were baseball teams from all over the
world like Puerto Rico, Cuba, Netherlands, Australia , Africa, south Africa, Europe,
England, great Brittan, anywhere that you could think of as a country there was a
baseball team for it that's how popular baseball got after the world wars ended. If you
wanted to play all you had to do in those days was go try out and if you could run and
catch the ball with ease and actually hit the ball when you batted you were going to be
on the team. From the above, we can find that the baseball has experienced a lot and
gained some fame and success. And the players will devote their whole life to the
baseball, doing their best to give us more exciting performance. Then, the baseball
fans should, as always, give the team support.

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