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					                                             Issue No. 6 – November 2010

                                    President’s Report – Mr Anil J Singh, LLB LLM

Thanksgiving Ceremony at Ram Krishna Temple

                                      Almighty God who is the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of the world, has been
                                      very kind to us, the Hindu community in Australia.

                                      We have prayed very hard for divine intervention so that our Development
                                      Application (DA) with the Liverpool City Council would be approved. On Monday
                                      18th October 2010, the Council unanimously approved our application to build a
                                      Hindu temple at Austral, on 3 acres of lush green land in a peaceful setting, far from
                                      the maddening crowd.

                                    In order to give thanks to God, the SSDS Management Committee has decided to
                                    hold a Maha Gayatri Yag on Sunday 19th December 2010 at Ram Krishna Temple,
                                    Unit 24, 7 Lyn Parade, Prestons. The 12 hour long ceremony will commence at 6am
and conclude with Aarti at 6pm. Prasad and Mahaprasad will be served throughout the day. Prayers will be conducted by
Pundits Sachin Sharma and Shyam Sharma and music will be orchestrated by Sri Magnesh Singh.

Members of the Hindu community including all Ramayan Mandalis are invited to take part in this ceremony by registering
their interest with the Executive Secretary Miss Babita Singh at the Ram Krishna Temple as registration is important for this
day-long ceremony.

The Shree Sanatan Dharm Sabha of NSW Incorporated is an incorporated association under the Incorporation Act and as
such it is required to conduct its affairs in a democratic, transparent and accountable manner. The Sabha each year by law
has to present an audited account at the Annual General Meeting where members of the Sabha can scrutinize and then
adopt the accounts as true and correct. The Ram Krishna Temple is therefore not a Temple owned by an individual or
family, it is in fact publicly owned and administered by those who choose to become it’s members and therefore members
contribute towards the Temple have every right to know how their money is being used. There is no secrecy and monies
given by devotees are not pocketed or hidden in secret bank accounts where money stagnates and then disappears.

Now that the DA has been approved it is time for all Hindus to unite and build a beautiful monument for our religion where
members of the public can flock together to pray as a community, keeping our traditions intact and growing our religion
and culture.

All devotees interested in the program should contact one of the following:- Pdt Sachin Sharma on 0415 595 966, Pdt
Shyam Sharma on 0422 344 347 or George Anand, General Secretary on 0404 050 559.
It has been said that a Life that does not Give is not worth Living – I therefore implore you to join us and make your Life a
meaningful one.
                                        “Yeh Shaam Mastaani”

                                   On Saturday 13th November 2010 the Ram Krishna Temple came alive with the
                                   melodious renditions of memorable Bollywood numbers commencing from the KL
                                   Saigal era then ventuing into Dr Anil’s specialty when he sang those beautiful
                                   numbers from the Shammi Kapoor movies – Hits of Yesteryear. Dr Anil Kumar
                                   was supported by a host of other leading artists being Mrs Nutan Kumar, Mr Vijay
                                   Jogia, Mr Rajesh Batra and Mr Jainand Baldeo, who all performed skillfully and
                                   mixed the night with new Bollywood Hits.

                                   Shammi Kapoor was remembered for the contribution he has made to the Hindi
                                   film industry and Dr Anil Kumar brought the memories of those superhit movies
                                   from Dil Deke Dekho to Teesri Manzil alive on Saturday night.

The small but beautiful audience were enchanted by the performances by the artists. They remained glued to their
seats during the entire show. The audience were so appreciative of the performance of the artists, that not a single
one left before the curtain closed at around 1130pm.

The Ram Krishna Temple which has just received approval from the Liverpool City Council to build a new Temple on
its 3 acre property at 275 Fifteenth Avenue Austral was immensely assisted by the contribution of all the artists who
performed absolutely free and all monies raised will be used for the construction of the new Temple.

The Shree Sanatan Dharm Sabha of NSW
Incorporated expresses its deep gratitude to
Dr Anil Kumar and his fellow artists for their
kindness and generosity in presenting such a
beautiful show for a very worthy cause. The
management committee of the Shree
Sanatan Dharm Sabha of NSW Inc. has
requested Dr Anil to present a similar
function next year for the enjoyment of
Sydneysiders and particularly those who
unfortunately could not attend this
spectacular show.

This function marked yet another milestone
in Dr Anil’s musical career where his
                    performance was at his
                    peak. The scene was
                    set in spectacular style
                    where the audience sat back and relaxed in their seats, the food was awesome, non-alcoholic
                    drinks were plentiful and the hospitality of the management committee members was truly
                    very inviting and genuine.

                      The evening progressed in a relaxing style and everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the evening’s
                      events immensely. Dr Anil has reminded all Shammi Kapoor fans that Shammi Kapoor will
                      soon appear in a cameo role with his grand nephew Ranbir Kapoor in a movie titled ‘Rock Star’.
                      Shooting for this movie was delayed for a few weeks as the living legend Shammi Kapoor was
                      unwell. Ranbir Kapoor is the grandson of the greatest showman on earth – Raj Kapoor and the
                      son of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. The pair were recently spotted together after 30 years in a
                      movie called ‘Do Dooni Chaar’.


Free Hindi School
                       The Shree Sanatan Dharm Sabha of NSW Inc. runs Hindi classes at the Ram Krishna Temple,
                       free of charge for members of the public. These classes are held every Sunday during school
                       terms from 10am to 12noon. Parents who are interested in teaching their children Hindi
                       language should contact the teachers or Babita Singh, Executive Secretary on 0420 238 274 for
                       enrolment details. Final class for the year is on Sunday 12th December 2010 culminating with
a picnic day at the Temple (vegetarian food and sweets will be served). We are considering adding music classes to
the curriculum during school term. This will run from 12pm to 1pm after the Hindi class - please register your interest
with Babita Singh as above.

Fiji News – Courtesy of Fiji Sun

About 10 young people with extraordinary hearts were honoured for their service to the Community.

The President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, bestowed the inaugural Fiji Children’s Award on them.

The Fiji Children’s Award is the brainchild of Vision Fiji – a group of passionate women and friends,
under the patronage of former First Lady the late Adi Lady Lala Mara, who have, since 1994,
sought to improve the lives of children in Fiji and worked with others who share the same

The ten young people awarded reached out to the disabled, the disadvantaged and persevered in caring for others
despite their personal circumstances or even after they were ridiculed.

Ratu Epeli proclaimed such exceptional young people as shepherds to lead the nation forward.

                                                     He said the award recipients were extremely praiseworthy and profoundly inspiring
                                                     young people, who improved the life of others, especially the more vulnerable in
                                                     society and enhanced the school or community in which they live.

                                                     Ratu Epeli said they made exemplary progress in personal development, especially
                                                     where this meant overcoming adverse personal circumstances.

                                                     “Every one of you young people has contributed to your community or have given
                                                     selfless service to others whether they are family, friends or in the wider community,”
                                                     he said.

                                                     “You have shown initiative, common sense and responsibility.

                                                     “I entrust you, the children and the youth of Fiji, who have heroically overcome
                                                     adversity and acted selflessly for the betterment of your communities, to continue to
                                                     shine as inspiring examples and symbols of hope for all your peers.”
Recipients on board the Uto ni Yalo at the USP
marines studies. Picture: Ivamere Rasabasaba, Fiji

Source: The Fiji Sun, Published 22/11/10

The 6 Principles of Life – By Shri Hari Deoji
1)     No point working so hard to provide for the people with whom you have no time to spend.

2)     No point earning so much money that you cannot live to
       spend it.

3)     No point using a limited life to chase unlimited money.

4)     Money is not your’s until you spend it.

5)     An individual’s happiness is not based on how much he has,
       but how little he needs.

6)     When you are young, you use your health to chase wealth. When you are old, you use your
       wealth to buy back your health. The difference is that its too late.

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Local News – by Mr Anil Singh

The Shree Sanatan Dharm Sabha of NSW Inc. supports the NSW Government’s initiative of introducing Ethics classes
in our schools. The Shree Sanatan Dharm Sabha of NSW Inc. is of the view that such an education will be
overwhelmingly beneficial to the students and would be broad-based, assisting them with understanding ethics,
fairness and justice.

A Poem To Ponder …

                          Let craft, ambition, spite
                     Be quenched in Reason’s night,
                        Till weakness turn to might,
                         Till what is dark be light,
                        Till what is wrong be right!
                                                            Lewis Carroll

                                        Special for this issue

                                       Sanatan Ratna
On 7 November 2010 the Management Committee of SSDS awarded the Sanatan Ratna to
Shri Latchman Singh for his dedicated service to the Ram Krishna Temple and the
advancement of the Hindu religion in the state of NSW and beyond.

                                                         In presenting the award the President
                                                         said “The Sanatan Ratna is the highest
                                                         award to be given to a person who
                                                         plays a significant role in the
                                                         advancement of the Hindu religion and
                                                         dedicated service to the house of the

                                                         The award is not reserved for the rich
                                                         and powerful but can be given to a
                                                         person with a humble background
                                                         who serves his community with

Shri Latchman Singh has been a shining light to the members of SSDS. Whenever there was
                                darkness he showed us the light , when there was despair
                                he gave us hope, when there was disunity and division he
                                provided us with leadership. His moto in life has been
                                service with a smile.”

By Babita Singh, Executive Secretary
                             SANATAN DHARM OR HINDUISM???

Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion. It is an ocean of spiritual
teachings about all aspects of life and consciousness. It is the
most diverse religious tradition in the world.

                             Hinduism is a unique religion in that it
                             reaches out to embrace other faiths with
                             respect. There is no eternal
                             condemnation in Hinduism because
                             Hindus believe that no one is excluded
                             from divine grace.

                        Hindus believe in one God and humans
call (Him or Her) supreme reality by various names, this is the eternal truth contained in the Vedas.

                                   God has three basic functions:

                                   1.       Brahma the Creator
                                   2.       Vishnu the Preserver
                                   3.       Shiva the Destroyer

                                   Hindus believe in karma and reincarnation. The soul never dies, it
                                   passes through cycle of births and deaths and finally it becomes one
                                   with God - this is ultimate purpose of life. Lord Krishna said “The
                                   soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon nor burned by fire,
                                   nor moistened by water, nor withered by wind, the soul is invisible,
                                   inconceivable and immutable”.

Hindus believe that their religion is eternal, there was never a time
that Hinduism or Sanatan Dharm did not exist and there will never
be time in which it will not exist. The Hindus believe that God is in
every being and they do not believe in converting people to forcibly
see God through their eyes.
                                        Lord Krishna, the voice of the Supreme Being itself said in the
                                        Bhagavad Gita “To whatever God you direct your prayer, by
                                        whatever name you call the Supreme, your prayers immediately
                                        comes to me.”

                                                                            ADK Engineers
                                                                     Consulting, Building, Civil, Structural

                                                            Dharmesh Krishna, BE, MScEng UNSW, MIE (Aust)
                                                            Suite 203, Level 2, 398 Chapel Road, Bankstown NSW
                                                            Ph: (02) 8764 1902            Mobile: 0432 712 439
By Anil J Singh, President                                            Email:
                                                  Bhakta Story
                                           'The Senanayi Episode'

By HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji
(Contributed by Prabhu Deepak Vinod)

"In Pandharpur there lived a devotee called Senanayi. He was a barber by profession. He constantly sang the Name
of the Lord. Honest and straightforward, he did not know any deceit.

It was a royal practice that the king's hair had to be dressed before he came to the court everyday. He was searching
for the right person to to the job. The citizens unanimously proposed Senanayi's name owing to his devotion to God,
calmness and guileless disposition. The king gave Senanayi the job. Now there was a rule that someone who does
royal service cannot work elsewhere. So the king provided him with all the necessities required for his living.
Senanayi would spend an hour or two at the palace in the mornings to dress up the king's hair and the rest of the day
would be spent in the company of Sadhus, performing Nama Kirtan or listening to God's glories. Thus he lived a
happy life. One day, when Senanayi got ready to go for his work, a group of Sadhus passed by singing

"Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare,
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare"

He saw that there was still time to go to the palace. He instantaneously joined them. Time flew by... he lost himself
in the Nama Kirtan. Those who were envious of him went to the palace and told the king, who was already restless
because of the delay. "Salutations O! King! Senanayi will not come today!" The king, who was already getting late for
the court was enervated and asked for the reason. They said, "Senanayi has joined with ten other people singing the
glory of the Lord. I did remind him about his palatial duty... " King, "Yes! What did he say?"

"Damn the king! I don’t care!"

The king was red with fury. He decided that he will have his hair dressed some other day and rushed to the well to
get a quick bath. There was Senanayi standing humbly with the kit in his hand. The king was pleasantly surprised as
he had just heard that Senanayi was performing Bhajan elsewhere. Senanayi gently said that he had been waiting
there for a long time.

‘Anyway’, the king said, ‘Quick! Make my hair up. It is getting late.’

Senanayi took water in his hand and applied it on the king’s head. Immediately, the king’s body had a shiver. He had
a horripilating experience. He asked, ‘Senanayi, what is happening? I am experiencing an unfounded bliss today. In
saying so, the king took Senanayi’s hand and repeatedly placed it on his own head.

Suddenly the king saw a divine sight. The astonishingly beautiful form of Sri Krishna, cross-legged, adorned with
peacock feathers in the head and garland on the neck, playing the flute, came in front of him for an instant and
disappeared. The king stood there perplexed. The king was no more in his normal senses. In the court, he kept
recounting the beautiful divine form he saw and talking to himself about it. The ministers suspected that the king
had become lunatic and decided that he had to be treated. Just then, the actual Senanayi arrived.

Immediately, the king requested him to show him the divine form again. Senanayi was confused. He admitted he had
not turned up that morning as he was in the Bhajan. The king said, “No! You came this morning! You touched me and
I experienced that wonderful bliss!”

It was then that Senanayi realized that the Lord Himself had come and done his job that morning. That glorious One,
whom the Vedas speak about, that Divine Being which can be attained only by penances over crores of births, has
come down as a hair-dresser for Senanayi’s sake!

This goes to prove that … If you perform Nama Kirtan, the Lord will do anything for you.

                                                          Upcoming Events

               DATE                                PROGRAM                     CONDUCTED BY

    Friday 26th November 2010
                                                   Bhagavatam                  Prabhu Deepak Vinod
    7:00pm to 9:00pm

                                                   Bhajan Sandhiya
    Saturday 27th November                                                     Sponsored by Fiji Style Desi Dhaba
                                                   Patrick Prasad – Ba, Fiji
    7pm onwards                                                                Contact: Daya Lal on 0433 039 396
                                                   Deo Narayan – Minto, NSW

    Friday 3rd December 2010
                                                   Ramayan                     Shobna Sharma & Party
    7:00pm to 9:00pm

    Sunday 5th December 2010                       Srimad Bhagavatam
                                                                               Prabhu Deepak Vinod
    4:00pm to 6:00pm                               Discourse


    Friday 10th December 2010
                                                   Ramayan                     Ramesh Singh & Party
    7:00pm to 9:00pm

    Sunday 12th December 2010                                                  SSDS Hindi School – Mrs Jai Singh and
                                                   Hindi School Picnic Day
    10:00am to 12:00pm                                                         Team

    Friday 17th December 2010
                                                   Gita Jayanti                Jaidev of Radio Madhurima
    7:00pm to 9:00pm

    Sunday 19th December 2010                                                  Pdt Sachin Sharma
                                                   Maha Gayatri Yag Pooja
    6:00am to 6:00pm                                                           Pdt Shyam Sharma


                    Minister of Hindu Religion
                   Marriage Celebrant (Australia)
                      Justice of Peace (NSW)
                           Hindu Priest
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to employ another 40,000 people by 2031.

Penrith is a Regional City servicing some 500,000 people. It is a city with all the facilities that people need when
                                               establishing their new home in a new City. We have a major
                                               University and TAFE and public and private schools to meet all the
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Penrith is a welcoming community and provides a great environment for leisure and relaxation as well as sports and
culture. The city is located on the foothills of the Blue Mountains and is known for its river and lakes. Your visitors will
be enthralled by the experiences our city can offer. Penrith also continues to provide a range of affordable housing
as well as executive housing for the most discerning.

The Indian community is well established in Sydney’s
West and Penrith is keen to welcome members of the
Indian community in this great place to live and work.
We are building the city as place for corporate and
government offices which will result in new job
opportunities for professionals. We also have a strong
industry base, particularly manufacturing, and welcome
people with a range of trade qualifications. We are also
very supportive of people who want to start their own
businesses and will help you establish and grow in the

To discuss your opportunities in Penrith please call the CEO of the Penrith Business Alliance, Mr Bijai Kumar on
telephone (02) 4731 5711 or email him

Further details on the Alliance and its activities and what the city has to offer to you, your family, friends and visitors
please visit our website

Why Chant Om … … - by Mr Tej Prem
Om is the most chanted sound in Hinduism and most mantras start with Om. It deeply
affects the chanter, anyone who listens to it and the surrounding environment.

It is also used as a greeting – Om, Hari Om, Om Shanti, etc. It is a mantra and is worshipped
and meditated upon and used as an auspicious sign.

Om is the universal name of the Lord. It is made up of three letters A (phonetically as in ‘around’), U (as in ‘put’) and
M (as in ‘mum’) . The sound emerging                                       from the vocal cords starts at the base of
the throat as “A”. With the coming                                         together of the lips forms “U” and when
the lips are closed all sounds end in “M”.

The three letters symbolise the three                                                states (waking, dream and deep sleep), the
three deities (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva),                                            the three Vedas (Rig, Yajur and Saam), the
three worlds (Bhuh, Bhuva and Suvah)                                                 etc. The Lord is beyond all these.

The formless nirgun Brahm is                                            represented by the silence between the
two Om chants. The entire essence of the Vedas is enshrined in the word Om. The Om chant should have the
resounding sound of a bell (aaaooommmm).

Om is written in many different ways. The most common form symbolises Lord Ganesh. The upper curve is the head,
the lower large one is the stomach, the side one is the trunk, and the semi circular mark with the dot is the
sweetmeat ball (modak) in His hand. Thus Om symbolises everything – the means and goal of life, the world and
Truth behind it, the material and the Sacred, all form the Formless.

 Patron Guru Dev Charan the velvet voice singing bhajans at the        Patron Ram Singh at his son’s wedding. Photo: Mr Anil
 Diwali function at Ram Krishna Temple. Photo: Mr Anil Singh           Singh.

      Hope you enjoyed this edition of Om Jai Jagdish
 Views expressed herein do not necessarily represent that of the Shree Sanatan Dharm Sabha of NSW Inc. Ram Krishna
 Temple or it’s officials. Information presented has been drawn from various sources and the publishers take no
 responsibility or liability for errors, misrepresentations or consequences arising from it. For the good of the Sanatan Dharm
 and our Temple, we ask readers to take the publication in good faith. Please send all correspondence to the Editor, Babita
 Singh on . Submissions for this newsletter close on the 21st of every month.

20 November 2010

Dear Devotee,

                        Join Our “Sanatan Family” Of Temple Builders

The Liverpool City Council has approved our Development Plan application to build a new Ram Krishna
Temple on our 3 acre property situated at 275 Fifteen Avenue, Austral.

We are approaching members of the community to join us to complete this project by contributing $50
monthly, per family. We urge members to make savings in their expenditure on luxury items and offer that
amount towards the Temple. By joining the Sanatan Family not only will you safeguard your culture,
heritage, language and religion but your contribution will convert into Life membership on an honors roll, at
the end of the envisaged 3 year expected contribution period.

The Temple is not owned by any individual or family, it is the property of the community through

We are an Incorporated Association and upstanding members of the community are eligible to join.

I have put my name to this project along with about 60 others so far; as I believe that the project once
complete, will be a lasting monument for our community to use for generations to come.

Please join us by contributing $50 per month by making a direct debit into our account, the details of which

Shree Sanatan Dharm Sabha of NSW Inc, Commonwealth Bank- Liverpool Branch, BSB Number 062196,
Account number 1097 1476.

Please ensure that your name is placed on the deposit slip, for accounting purposes. We will issue you with
a receipt each month. I assure you that your investment will be protected by strict accounting practices per
legislative requirements under the Associations Incorporations Act.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Anil J Singh, LLB LLM



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