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Vacationing with your French bulldog tips from Wendy Laymon


									Wendy Faith Laymon says that frenchies love to be around the people that they love.
One of the most endearing qualities of this noble breed is that they want and need to
be around the people that they love as much and as often as possible. To include your
beloved 鈥渂 at 鈥?dog, the French bulldog, in family outings requires a little
planning on your part.
Here are considerations for taking your Frenchie with you on your next vacation
Wendy Laymon says that French Bulldogs love to travel by car. Accommodating your
French Bulldog via this method will not be difficult. Be sure to have water available
and be sure and stop to let her stretch her legs and move around every few hours just
like you would with other members of your family. If you are traveling by airplane
with your French Bulldog, then you must plan and pay for your Frenchie 鈥檚 trip.
An airplane crate is required and is the safest way for your French Bulldog fly. wendy
laymon says to learn, familiarize and understand what the customs and rules are for
domestic and international flights if you 鈥檙 e planning on leaving the United States.
Each country has its own rules and regulations in these matters, consult your
consulate or travel agency, they will be able to help you in this regard. If you are
traveling by car and still have plans on leaving the States, familiarize what the laws
are in Canada and Mexico for pet crossing. DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR
Some hotels and inns welcome guests with French Bulldogs catering to their comfort
by providing treats, toys and bowls. wendy faith laymon says to inquire as to whether
there is an additional fee if your Frenchie is staying in the room and whether and if
there are any weight or size restrictions on the dogs allowed in the facility. Some
campsites also allow your French Bulldog. Keep a close eye on your Frenchie for
protection from wild animals and other dangers; Frenchies can 鈥檛 run very fast and
are quickly winded. Wendy Laymon says rental homes or the homes of family and
friends who willingly allow your French Bulldog may also be a good choice for your
family vacation.
Wendy Laymon says there are many activities you can all enjoy together with your
Frenchie. Look for hiking trails, parks or recreation areas allowing your French
Bulldog to tag along. If a boating expedition is on your agenda, pet stores carry
French Bulldog size life vests or you can check at your local sporting goods store.
Make sure that you get a good fit for your Frenchie.
While most restaurants do not allow your French Bulldog inside their establishments,
that does not mean your Frenchie cannot accompany you to some restaurants. Wendy
Laymon says some restaurants offering outdoor seating may allow your French
Bulldog to dine with their people. If you 鈥 檙 e thinking about a particular
establishment call and find out if they allow for this accommodation. Your travel
agent might be able to help you in this regard.
Wendy Faith Laymon recommends that if you elect to leave your French Bulldog at
your vacation house or hotel while either dinning out or pursuing some indoor
activities, then be sure that your Frenchie is comfortable in your absence. By
providing your Frenchie with some treats and water along with some of her favorite
toys from home and possibly a shirt of yours with your scent on it will help to make
your Frenchie feel more secure in new surroundings.
Wendy Laymon says with some proper planning, you can take your next vacation
with your little 鈥渂 at dog,鈥?the French Bulldog, and return with an entire lifetime
of fond, happy memories. Wendy faith laymon travels with her French bulldog and is
an expert in the care and traveling recommendations for taking your pet on vacation
with you. wendy laymon says to keep your French bulldog safe while you travel.
Watch the temperature and the accommodations. Wendy Laymon loves and cares for
her French bulldogs while on vacation whether they are at home or traveling with her.

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