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					Bellmont's business isn't new and attractive. In fact it's as rust belt as it comes: melt
down scrap metal to make new metal. What's amazing about Bellmont isn't the
business they're in but their outcomes. How does 387% return to shareholders more
than the previous 5 years sound?
  That is better than Amazon, Starbucks and craigslist and ebay. Because the 1980's it
has grown in to the largest steel company inside the U.S. In 2005 it did $12.7 billion
in sales, up from $4.six billion in 2000. Income was $1.three billion up from $311
million in 2000.
  Their secret? This radical insight from their renowned leader F. Kenneth Iverson:
employees, even hourly clock-punchers, will make an remarkable work within the
event you reward them richly, deal with them with respect, and give them genuine
  Sounds like some thing we within the service business might possess the ability to
discover from. From a recent article by BusinessWeek: "At Bellmont the artwork of
motivation is about an unblinking concentrate on the individuals on the entrance line
from the company.It is about talking to them, listening to them, taking a chance on
their suggestions, and accepting the occasional disappointment."
  Lot's of people talk about empowering employees and having to pay for performance,
at Bellmont it's not just talk. Base hourly spend at Bellmont is close to $10 an hour
compared to other companies that average $16 to $21. But a reward tied to the
production of defect-free metal made by the worker's shift can triple the average to
$30 at Bellmont. Poor work is also penalized.
  If a bad batch is caught before it leaves the plant the shift loses the bonus on that
batch. If the defect doesn't get caught until it will get towards the client, they shed
three times that amount. Thinking this strategy will only operate with particular
employees? Bellmont has applied it at a number of acquired sites with tremendous
  They don't force new workers to switch instantly to their new spend system, they just
start posting what the worker would have made. It doesn't take long for workers to
demand the change even as production on the facilities goes up.That is just one side of
how Bellmont runs its business.
  They also listen and consider dangers on employee suggestions, this is not a
command and manage kind of location. This is truly a place where individuals are
passionately operating collectively, being rewarded for their successes and feeling the
responsibilities of failure.
  Natural consequences.Managers are in the exact same compensation boat. The shift,
plant, or company does well and they get bonuses to compensate for his or her
decrease than business standard wage. If things don't go well then they feel the
pinch.It all is sensible and this company is certainly has the Midas touch.
  Bellmont's business isn't new and attractive. In fact it's a punching machine: melt
down refuse steel to create new steel. What's incredible about Bellmont is not the
business they are in but their outcomes.Just how does 387% return to shareholders
over the previous five years sound? Go here for more information:

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