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									Every business needs to get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or a Federal
Tax ID number before it can think of starting its operations. Issued by the IRS, the
number is nothing but a social security number for a business; that further establishes
its legal status. Considered to be absolutely essential, without this federal tax ID
number no business would be considered eligible to open a bank account. Moreover,
any business without an established Employer Identification Number is not even
permitted to legally hire an employee. And what's more, in real time only the EIN can
be used to pass on any employee related information to the IRS.
  Process for getting an Instant EIN number
  Despite everything , the process to obtain an EIN is very quick and simple when
applied for online. The IRS with its interview style online application also saves you
from the hassle of filling up a tedious SS-4 application. Requiring one to just give
answers to the questions put forth by the IRS. And once all the validations are done
from the side of the IRS, an EIN number would be given out almost immediately.
  The process to get federal tax ID number applies to every such entity whose office or
an agency, the principal business or the legal residence is located either in the US or
the surrounding US territories. However, in order to become eligible for receiving the
online instant EIN number the principal officer or the general partner must have a
valid taxpayer identification number (Say for instance a social security number or an
employer identification number).
  Entities needing an Employer ID number
  Almost every business entity needs an employee identification number. But for
further clarification the IRS has demarcated the following entities: Limited liability
company (LLC) Corporation Partnership Sole Proprietorship
  In the last category, if the business is a sole proprietorship concern and has got no
employees or does not file for any alcohol, excise, firearms tax returns and tobacco,
then the need for an employer ID can be dispensed with.
  Fill the Employer's Tax ID Application online or EIN Number Application online
and get your Employer Identification Number, Tax Identification Number and EIN
number Instantly from employerstaxid.com. You can easily apply for federal tax id
number and get your Get Federal Tax ID Number.

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