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St Leonards New Park


									St Leonards-New Park

                       2010 - 2011
                        But what about you,
                                               You’ve chosen to come to St          You’re now members of the St
                                               Leonards New Park (SLNP) and         Leonards Parents’ Association

                                the parents?
                                               you are all set for the first day.   (PA) and, with PA funds, we
                                               No doubt you have ploughed           have produced this guide to
                                               through the paperwork that           supplement the school’s official
                                               arrived in a great fat envelope      handbooks. We hope this will

                        Where do you fit in?   in the holidays and you have
                                               bought uniform, sewn in name-
                                               tapes and purchased pencil
                                                                                    help to ease your transition
                                                                                    into life at SLNP, the junior
                                                                                    school of St Leonards. To
                                               cases.                               suggest additions to next year’s
                                                                                    handbook please contact us.
                                               Now it’s time for your child to
                                               become immersed in life at St
                                               Leonards. But what about you,        Nicola Carslaw
                                               the parents? Where do you fit in?
                                                                                    Heidi Purvis
Guide for New Parents

                                                                                                                       Guide for New Parents
        2                                                                                                                  3
                        First Day of Term                     SLNP Pick-Up
                                                                                                                                     Medical matters, Inhalers
                        While your child is having a          Parents of children in Yrs 1 - 3                                       and epipens etc
                        whale of a time on his or her first   collect them from the classroom
                        day here, you may be feeling          Parents of children in Yrs 4 - 7                                       The Medical Centre is staffed
                        bereft. Don’t worry, because          tend to wait outside the Main                                          throughout the day. It is located
                        coffees and conversation are          Building. The waiting area                                             off the Pends near the Music
                        available for all new parents at      inside is very cramped and                                             School Auditorium, accessed
                        the Headmaster’s House at St          best avoided unless you want                                           down the slope between the
                        Leonards School from 08:30am          to be stampeded at the end of      What not to bring                   boarding houses of Bishopshall
                        until 10:00am on the first day of     the day! Children have to tick a                                       and St Rule.
                        each term. This is an opportunity     box beside their name to sign      There’s no need for Years 1 to 3
                        for new parents to meet current       themselves out each day.           children to bring in any stationery. Items such as inhalers should
                        parents including class reps and                                                                              be with the children, unless
                        PA committee members.                 What to bring to School            Mobile phones should be handed parents prefer them to be left
                                                                                                 to Mrs Webster in the SLNP           with the Medical Centre. All
                        SLNP Drop-Off                         Years 1 - 3: Games and             Office at the start of the day for   other medication should be
                                                              swimming kit, school jacket,       safekeeping and collected when       taken to the Medical Centre. It
                        Between 8.00am and 8.25am             book bag, water bottle             the day is finished.                 is important that any updates to
                        all children go to Room 1 in the      Years 4 - 7: School bag, games                                          medical conditions are passed
                        Main Building.                        kit, swimming kit, school          Electronic games are not allowed on to the MC: 01334 460495.
                                                              coat; navy blue or red scarf,      at school, although they may be
                        After 8.25 am, all children go to     gloves and hat in winter. Basic    taken on school trips with the
                        their classrooms. Years 1 to 3        stationery items.                  permission of the trip leader.
                        then go to their playground (or
                        if the weather is poor they go to                                        Sweets and other snacks are
                        the Junior Hall).                                                        not allowed.
Guide for New Parents

                                                                                                                                                                         Guide for New Parents
        4                                                                                                                                                                    5
                        School food                        Parents’ Association                                The current        Parents’ Contacts
                        If you want to sample the school   The Parents’ Association has                        chairman is        There is a whole school unofficial
                        food, please contact Mr Donald     open monthly meetings during                        Tiggy (Victoria)   parent contact list compiled by
                        or Dr Carslaw and they will        term-time and its committee                         Collison-Owen,     members of the PA and emailed
                        arrange for you to try a school    is made up of volunteers who                        pictured here.     to everyone during the autumn
                        lunch in the Central Dining        organise the back to school                                            term. It is voluntary and if you
                        Room (CDR).                        barbecue, summer ball, family                                          would like to be included you
                                                           tennis day and other whole                                             should sign a consent form
                        Please ensure that you have        school social events.             Her email address is:                available from the PA parent
                        completed your child’s Medical                                              co-ordinator Nancy Duval, at
                        Information form and returned      The PA raises funds for items                                
                        it to school. Information about    on a wish list, drawn up by the
                        food intolerances and allergies    Headmaster.                       Class Reps                           Security
                        will then be passed on to the
                        caterers. If there is a problem,                                     Each year, there is a request for    There are security codes for
                        contact Mr Donald.                                                   volunteers to be class reps to       doors throughout the school.
                                                                                             organise social events, drum up      If for some reason you need to
                                                                                             support for PA events, as well as    enter a school building out of
                                                                                             get together a class/year group      hours, please call the school
                                                                                             contact list to make children’s      secretary, Mrs Webster. The
                                                                                             party invitations easier or help     Music School Auditorium also
                                                                                             people sort out lift-shares.         has a coded lock, which, as
                                                                                                                                  with the other codes, the older
                                                                                                                                  children quickly memorise.

                                                                                                                                  Teachers and volunteers in the
                                                                                                                                  school wear ID. Parents who
Guide for New Parents

                                                                                                                                                                       Guide for New Parents
                                                                                                                                  become volunteers are issued
                                                                                                                                  with these badges once their
                                                                                                                                  Disclosure Scotland paperwork
                                                                                                                                  is through. Please don’t be
                                                                                                                                  offended if you are asked
                                                                                                                                  for identity when on school
                                                    school barbecue, summer ball,                                                 premises.
                                                    family tennis day and other                                                                                            7
                                                    whole school social events...
                        Communication with
                        the school                                                               Music/instrumental lessons
                        The St Leonards Calendar is sent                                         Mrs Webster emails the week’s
                        in the post before the start of                                          music lesson timings at the
                        every term and gives details of                                          same time as the newsletter. The
                        all dates for the Junior School,                                         Director of Music is Dr Jenkins:
                        Senior School and Sixth Form. It                               
                        is the St Leonards termly bible!                                                                             Sport
                                                                                                 If you want to start your day
                        SLNP Weekly News                    Solving Problems                     inspired, impressed and uplifted,   It’s an honour to be picked to
                                                                                                 then SLNP’s informal concerts       represent SLNP and parents’
                        SLNP headmaster, Mr Andrew          Don’t let things fester! It serves   each term are a must-see,           support is actively encouraged.
                        Donald, via Mrs Webster, emails     no purpose to complain               even if your own child is not       Football, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey,
                        a newsletter to parents every       to someone who can’t do              performing. The whole school        Netball, Rounders, PE, Athletics
                        Monday morning. This gives the      anything about it! Normally,         attends the concerts in the         and Swimming are taught
                        news highlights from the last       most worries are sorted out          Music School Auditorium. Details    by Sports staff, including Mr
                        week, the results of inter-school   after a conversation with the        are in the Calendar and the         Durward, Mrs Myles, Mrs Hall,
                        matches, the running total of       form teacher or the subject          weekly newsletter.                  Mrs Davidson and Miss Dawson.
                        House points and notice of          teacher. If you’re still unhappy                                         Mr Donald, Mr McFadden and
                        important diary dates coming up.    about something, ask to see the                                          Mr McDonald are also actively
                                                            headmaster, Mr Donald.                                                   involved in the coaching of sports.
                        Getting in touch                    Full details of the complaints                                           Director of Sport is Iain Watson:
                                                            process are in the parents’                                    
                        To contact SLNP the most            handbook sent by School.
                        effective way is to email: slnp@
               will reach      The teachers are very
                        senior staff at SLNP who will       accessible. You can either
                        pass on any message to the          button-hole them before or after
Guide for New Parents

                                                                                                                                                                           Guide for New Parents
                        relevant teacher.                   school, or phone Mrs Webster
                                                            to fix a time to speak to the
                        The SLNP Office telephone           teacher, or send an email.
                        number is 01334 460470.
                        After 5.00 pm the teacher on
                        duty has the school mobile:
                        07949 854 167.
                                                                                                 If you want to start your
                                                                                                 day inspired, impressed
                                                                                                 and uplifted...                                                               9
                        Who’s Who in St Leonards-New Park?                                                Glossary of St Leonards language
                                                                                                          Ad Vitam: The St Leonards Latin              Parking: If you live in St Andrews,
                        Headmaster:              Mr Donald
                                                                                                          motto, translated as For Life. Also the      we recommend walking to school.
                        Deputies:                Miss Cormack (Academic)                                  name of the PHSE syllabus in Senior          Otherwise, you can park in the SLNP
                                                                                                          School.                                      grounds, gaining access through the
                                                 Mr McFadden (Pastoral)                                                                                Tiends Gate off Abbey Walk. There’s also
                                                                                                          Apostrophe (lack of): St Leonards,           parking in South Street, at the Harbour
                                                 Mrs Turnbull (Early Years)
                                                                                                          like the town, St Andrews, has no            or in The Pends.
                        Teachers:                                                                         apostrophe. This usage is historical –
                                                                                                          and even pedants grow accustomed to          The Pends: The narrow road leading
                        Mrs Turnbull (1)                        Year 1                                    the grammatical inaccuracy by the time       from under the archway by the
                                                                                                          their child is 18.                           Cathedral past the school and down to
                        Miss Fisher (2)                         Year 2                                                                                 the Harbour. The Pends can become
                        Mrs Nicoll, Mrs Hood (3)                Year 3                                    Big Field: St Leonards main sports fields.   frustratingly clogged up, so during
                                                                                                                                                       school run times there’s a courtesy
                        Mr K McDonald (4C)                      4C English, Maths, 5C Maths, Games        Bird Cage: The grassed area opposite         one-way system in place. We must enter
                                                                                                          Big Field, in front of the main boarding     the Pends from the archway, park neatly
                        Miss Nejman, Miss Boissiere (4P)        4P English, Maths, 4C/P Social Studies,   houses, where senior school lacrosse is      for drop off or pick up, and then exit by
                                                                PSE, RE, Y2 French                        played in winter, badminton in summer.       turning right at the harbour and out into
                        Mr McFadden (5C)                        5C English. 6C Social Studies, 7C/P                                                    Abbey Walk.
                                                                English, Games                            Bishopshall: Senior School boarding
                                                                                                          and day house with main entrance             SLG: St Leonards Grass. The lawn
                        Mrs McKimmon(5P)                        5P English, Maths, Social Studies,        off the Pends by the music school’s          adjacent to Bird Cage, through archway
                                                                5C Social Studies, 7C/P Social Studies    Auditorium.                                  next to gymnasium.
                        Mrs Donald (6C)                         Y5 – 7 Latin, Y5 – 7 PSE, 6C/P English
                                                                                                          CDR: The Central Dining Room                 SLNP: St Leonards New Park, the
                        Mrs Gault (7C)                          Y3 – 5 IT, Y4 – 5C Science, 6C Maths,                                                  junior school of St Leonards (named
                                                                7C Maths                                  Houses: In both SLNP and St Leonards         when St Leonards former junior school
                                                                                                          Senior School, the children are placed       St Katharine’s merged with local prep
                        Miss Cormack (6P)                       5P Science, 6C/P Science, 6P Maths,       in four competitive Houses (sometimes        school New Park).
                                                                7P Maths                                  called Teams), each with a house
                        Mrs Adair-Brown (7P)                    Y4 – 7 Mod Lang                           colour: Harris (yellow); Lewis (red); Mull   St Rule: Senior School boarding house
                                                                                                          (green); Skye (blue).                        with main entrance off the Pends.
                        Mr Donald                               Y1, Y3 French, Y5 – 7 RE, 6P Social
                                                                Studies                                   MC: Medical Centre.
Guide for New Parents

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Guide for New Parents
                                                                                                                                                       Tiends Gate: The gate off Abbey Walk,
                                                                                                                                                       opened at school run times only for
                        Mrs Julius                              Y6 – 7 IT                                 Ollerenshaw: Senior School boarding          SLNP parents’ parking.
                        Mr G MacDonald                          Y3 – 7 Art                                and day house with main entrance off
                                                                                                          the Pends.                                   Quad: The paved area for access to the
                        Mrs Love                                Music                                                                                  Reception, management offices, Senior
                                                                                                          PA: The school’s Parents Association of      School lockers and classrooms, main
                        Mrs Harris                              Y1 – 5 Drama
                                                                                                          which you are now a member.                  School Hall, the QML, Headmaster’s
                                                                                                                                                       House and Music School of St Leonards.
                        (Form teachers indicated in brackets)
    10                                                                                                                                                 QML: Queen Mary’s Library, the main         11
                                                                                                                                                       school library with garden and entrance
                                                                                                                                                       off the St Leonards quad.
  Mrs Webster, SLNP School Secretary:

  Useful telephone numbers:
  SLNP Headmaster: 01334 460470
  Out of hours emergency contact: 07949 854 167
  The Bursar: Wng Cmdr J Calder: 01334 460484
  The Medical Centre: 01334 460495
  The Music School: 01334 460477

St Leonards School
St Andrews, Fife     t: +44 (0) 1334 472 126
Scotland, KY16 9QJ   f: +44 (0) 1334 476 152

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