Mickey Mouse in Hong Kong by hkksew3563rd


									Hong Kong evokes visions of mile high skyscrapers coexisting with grand old
colonial mansions; the glittering lights by Kowloon Bay contrasting with the many
dimly lit shops and mansions in China town and Little India. It calls to mind the great
local hawker stalls and the scrumptious cuisines from across the world. The lovely
contrasts inherent in Hong Kong only enhance its reputation and the mystique that
surrounds it.
 Tourists go to Hong Kong for all kinds of things from buying the latest in electronics
and electrical to buying precious old antiques and artifacts. One of the newest
attractions is the fantastic Disneyland in Hong Kong. Based in Lantau Island, it
brought to Asia, the fabulous fantasy world of Disney. There is all the usual Disney
fun in addition; Disneyland Hong Kong has become rather famous for its Haunted
Halloween Disney theme in October. There are two hotels here. Both are themed
hotels. These are extremely popular with families and Asian tourists who have visited
Hong Kong just for Disneyland. Increasingly, Disneyland has become a holiday
destination in itself. Where earlier, Asians had to plan well ahead in order to make the
much awaited trip to either Orlando or Anaheim, this Hong Kong resort has provided
Asian parents with a cheaper and far more feasible way to keep the 鈥楧 isney trip
 There are other resorts in Hong Kong catering to a completely different audience.
Here we have the luxury and promise of indulgence. The spa resorts are very popular,
so much so that many hotels have chosen to open spas because of their popularity.
The day spas offer guests a chance to unwind and shrug away the stress and strain of
the working day. Longer stays in the spa resorts come with treatments tied in along
with wellness packages. A big advantage of resorts is that they tend to have some of
the best non Chinese cuisine restaurants.
 A far cry from the resorts is the bed and breakfast guesthouses. These are almost as
popular as the resorts though. They offer rooms to the budget traveler, the food is
mostly Indian and you won 鈥檛 lack for company or conversation. Hong Kong is
that elusive kind of place which offers something for everyone. It can be a great
family destination and also has great places for people to party the night away.
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