MI State Area John Dingell vs Dr. Robert Steele for Representative 15th District

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					DINGELL LIES ABOUT DR. STEELE! Dr. Robert Steele: Earning your own way is
the American way. John Dingell wants everybody to turn to the government for
everything - that way he "can management the folks". Bear in mind that tell all
statement by Dingell? "It'll take time to management the folks"!!! How numerous of
you out there want to be controlled by the likes of your John Dingells and the left
wing extremists in this country? It's unfortunate that a man such as John Dingell
resorts to private smears and lies about Dr. Robert Steele. ! . ! and make no mistake -
they are lies.

DR. STEELE IS JUST WHAT THE Medical professional ORDERED!! The present
governing entire body under John Dingell plunges us deeper into debt and reduces our
"freedoms" additional as they take away a lot more of our "liberty" to generate our
very own options. We need to stop this now with our choices at the polls and elect
people who stand for the qualities that our founding fathers instilled in this nation
when they signed our Constitution. Mr. Dingell has only his self-interest at coronary
heart and caters to those who would help his bid for office. It's time that we think in
the values those we elect hold dear to their coronary heart and how they stand for this
country. Doctor Steele is "Just What the Doctor Ordered"

STANDS FOR FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY!!! Health practitioner Rob Steele is one
of the finest candidates that Americans can hope for and I am happy to see that he has
committed himself to run for congress to bring back sanity and great sense to this out
of control Governing system. He stands for Fiscal Obligation, individual Obligation,
Smaller Government, Healthcare reform that makes sense, not this monstrosity of a
bill that doesn't have the concerns with the Well being of our citizens as a priority, nor
the Well being of our devastated economy as the present governing physique plunges
us deeper into debt and reduces our "freedoms" additional as they take away a lot
more of our "liberty" to produce our individual possibilities.

Notice: The reviews and endorsements of this candidate are from actual supporters
and genuine press articles. This content material may be modified to qualify as unique
content material within the review space provided herein. Call the Dr. Steele for
Congress campaign at 734-757-6893 or go to for
any questions. We appreciate your support!

Dr. Robert Steele Republican Candidate for Michigan's 15th Congressional District,
2010 Election. Dr. Robert Steele is a founding member of Michigan coronary heart
PC, where he has served quite a few years on the Board of Directors. He also chairs
the Finance and Benefits Committees for the practice that has now grown to include
36 physicians and 300 employees, with 7 permanent and 2 satellite offices in 5
counties. He has previously served on the Board of Directors of a big non-profit
managed care organization, and several medical staff, and physician organization
committees. With a background in both medicine and Small enterprise management,
Dr. Steele will deliver desperately needed enterprise and private sector experience
towards the House of Representatives currently dominated by career politicians and
Washington elites. Dr. Robert Steele is running against John Dingell inside the 2010

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