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MES chemical and oil refining process control and simulation and optimization seminar invitation -


									Relevant units: Information technology industry in China has been attached great
importance to General Secretary Hu Jintao "17 large" the report clearly stated: to
vigorously promote the integration of information technology and industrialization,
promotion of industrial from big to strong. Reform of the State Council set up the
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, after Chemical industry And
refining industries have made great progress in information work, in the "Eleventh
Five-Year Plan" at the end, "12 Five-Year Plan" will be started, summed up the
experience of previous years and look forward to future development, is necessary.
The Council is to Sinopec, China Oil CNOOC, China National Chemical and large,
medium-sized enterprises to provide a chemical refinery inter-company exchange
opportunities, and with the "2010 International Modern Factory / Process Automation
Technology and Equipment Exhibition", so as to build an industry-wide foreign
exchange platform.

  MES (ManufacturingExecutionSystem, Manufacturing Execution System) is a
chemical refinery important part of information is the underlying ERP and automation
systems as a bridge. MES integrated automation as a core technology company, has
been applied in some large enterprises, can significantly enhance the company fine,
flexible production management and competitiveness.

  Present, large chemical companies and refineries MES application has been made
progress, but there is a gap with foreign countries. As a core technology of MES,
chemical process control to improve product yield and quality, saving raw materials
and Energy To improve the labor intensity and labor-saving and other powerful tools;
simulation optimization and simulation to improve the business Economy Efficiency,
reduce production costs and increase its international market innovation,
responsiveness and competitiveness of one of the main technical means. For the
exchange of domestic and international chemical and refining industry MES
technology development results and application experience, and promote the
information industry, China's chemical and oil refining process, and improving
the international competitiveness of China's chemical industry confidence in the
center of the joint decision of the Chinese Engineering Society of Professional
Committee of Process Systems Engineering, Tsinghua University Institute of
Automation, University of Science and Technology, China Instrument Society MES
Manufacturing Execution Systems Society, and other units jointly hold the "chemical
and refinery process control and simulation and optimization MES Conference."
Theme: Promoting enterprise information to improve the competitiveness of

 More       information,     please   visit   the     Summit     website:
1, the General Assembly Organization Organizer: China National Chemical
Information Center
Co-organizers: China Engineering Institute of Process Systems Engineering
Professional Committee
China Instrument Society of Manufacturing Execution System MES Branch Process
Control Engineering, Tsinghua University
Process Systems Engineering Research Institute of Tsinghua University
By: "Modern Chemical Industry," Journal of Social
Supported by: Milan Hannover Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Second, the main content session (see Annex 1)
1. Process Control Technology and Application
2. Automation Instrumentation Technology and Application
3. Chemical Process Simulation Technology and Application
4. Computational fluid dynamics CFD Simulation Technology and Application
5. Computer Simulation and Training Technology
6. Fault diagnosis and real-time monitoring technology and applications
7. The process of real-time optimization technology and its application
8. Oil blending the automatic control and optimization technology
9.MES Manufacturing Execution System Third, participants 1. Chemical and oil
refining business executives instrument automation, information technology vice
president, deputy chief engineer and general information management division CIO
and other leading cadres;

 2. Chemical and refinery technology office, mobile office and other departments of
the leadership and management cadres, instrument workshops, equipment inspection
maintenance, energy-saving office, Jie Shuiban management and technical personnel
and operators;

  3. The design of engineering companies, research institutes, leadership, management
and technical personnel;
4. The corporate information center managers, technical support and development of
technical staff;
5. Instrumentation and automation products manufacturer, industrial automation,
information technology and software developer;
6. All institutions of higher learning the professors, researchers, teachers and graduate
7. Famous consulting, investment companies; 8. Practices of petrochemical
enterprises; 9. And the MES information, process control and process simulation and
optimization-related magazines, newspapers and news media representatives.

 4, the session Conference Venue: Twenty-first Century Hotel Beijing
5 10 whole day: Registration, Registration;
5 11 day, 12 pm: General Assembly reports and exchange of discussion;
5 11 evening: Banquet (representatives and experts to meet Council);
5 12 in the morning: visit the 2010 International Modern Factory / Process
Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition.
 Meals and accommodation be arranged by the Meetings group, but self-care
accommodation Fees
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