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					The year was 1982. It marked the 250th birth anniversary of one of America’s greatest
presidents, George Washington. It was also a year of milestone for the world of
numismatics because it marked the beginning of the program for Modern
Commemorative Coins in the United States. That year, the US Mint in memory of
President Washington released commemorative half dollar coins. Nearly every year
since then, modern commemorative coins have been released to honor important
American figures, events, institutions, states and places. Commemorative coins are
gaining popularity albeit it fluctuates, depending on the subject matter. When the
subject on the face of the coin is renowned for whatever reason, sales are generally
higher, frequently reaching the ceiling mintage allowed. In the past years, popular
coins were greatly sold out, like the 2001 American Buffalo Commemoratives and the
2006 Benjamin Franklin Commemoratives.
  Normally, modern commemorative coins and silver commemorative coins are
offered with a discount on the first month of sales and are sold at regular prices for the
rest of the sales period; and they are made available only at certain months or year.
  Over the years, these coins were released in five varying sizes. The first ones were
half-dollar 90% silver commemorative coins; and later, $1 commemoratives with the
same specifications were also issued. Soon after, $10 and $5 gold coins were released
in 90% gold, weighing .4837 ounces and .2418 ounces of gold, respectively. And then
in the end, clad half dollars were issued which composed of 8% nickel and 92%
copper. Silver commemorative coins and other commemorative coins can be used as
legal tender but they were not meant for general circulation. It is being sold to the
public by the US Mint at prices inclusive of surcharges which are apportioned for
some programs. They are issued by the US Mint with the necessary authorization
from the US Congress.
  Every year, two programs on modern Commemorative Coins are approved. Some
programs feature multiple coin releases like $5 silver dollars, gold coins and clad half
dollars. This year will highlight the commemorative coins for 2010 Boy Scouts
Centennial and the 2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life. For an extensive
selection of modern commemorative coins, Silver Commemorative Coins and Gold
Coins, visit They are offered at competitive prices with excellent
customer service!

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