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					                                         MEGA BOR
                                         Reg No: B3103 Act 36/1947
                                             Fertiliser Group 2

        Organic Liquid Carbohydrate Complex for foliar application

                        ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: (W/V)
    Boron (B) ……………………………………………………………………………………. 79.80g B/Lt

    MEGA-BOR is a carbohydrate Boron complex designed for foliar application on plants to
    prevent or correct micronutrient deficiencies that may limit crop growth and yields. It is
    water soluble and non-toxic to plants when applied as directed. For best results apply
    MEGA-BOR according to recommendations based on plant and/or soil analyses.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use only as directed
   MEGA-BOR is compatible with most commonly used pesticides, herbicides, foliar feeds as well
    as urea.
   Do not mix MEGA-BOR with Lime Sulphur, Zinc Sulphate, Manganese Sulphate or Miscible Oil
   FOLIAR APPLICATION: Ensure the spray of water used is sufficient to provide a full cover of the
    plant surface. Do not exceed a concentration of 0.75% v.v. in field crops and 0.3% v.v. in flowers
    and ornamentals (0.15% v.v. in Gladioli).
   SOIL APPLICATION: Apply in sufficient water to obtain an even coverage. For optimal uptake by
    the plant, the boron must be moved into the root zone by rainfall, incorporation or irrigation. Do
    not allow MEGA-BOR to into direct contact with the seed.

                       DOSAGE /ha OR AS
       CROP                                                     APPLICATION DETAILS

                        75ml / 100 Lt water                        Apply 2 treatments:
                                                             1. Just before flowering stage.
                        100ml / 100Lt water                     2. Post harvest treatment.

                                                   Apply after growth begins. This application may be
                        450-750ml / ha to a
      BERRIES                                      repeated at intervals of 1 week or more through the
                        maximum of 2Lt / ha.
                                                                vegetative growth period.

                                                    Apply during periods of rapid growth or nutritional
                        450-750ml / ha to a
    VEGETABLES                                     stress. This application may be repeated 2 or more
                        maximum of 2Lt / ha.
                                                           times through the growing season.

                      50ml / 100 Lt water / ha                     Apply 2 treatments:
                                 or                              1. At 30% blossoming.
                              1Lt / ha                          2. Post harvest in autumn.

                                          Spread evenly in the drip zone of trees. Do not
                Maximum of 30ml per    repeat within 3 years after treatment and do not treat
   CITRUS              tree                                young trees.

                                       Apply not more than once a year as a full cover spray
                 100ml/100Lt water
                                                  Use in 1000 – 2000Lt water/ha

                                        Apply 4-5 times per season at 3week intervals as
                                         either an aerial or tractor application. During the
                     250ml/ha          years following the first application 2 treatments per
                                                    season should be applied.

  COTTON                               Apply as a full cover spray during the flowering stage
                  250 – 500ml/ha
                                          where a boron deficiency has been identified.

                                        Apply 4-5 times per season with 3 weekly intervals.
 TOBACCO          250 – 500ml/ha
                                             Apply as an aerial or tractor application.

                                       Apply as a full cover spray to maintain boron levels.
 AVOCADOS          30 – 100ml/ha
                                                       Repeat after harvest.

MACADAMIAS         30 – 100ml/ha       Apply as a full cover spray to maintain boron levels.

0 – 15% CLAY         250ml/ha                    MAINTENANCE TREATMENTS

16 – 30% CLAY        500ml/ha            Apply as an overall treatment 10 days after each
 +31% CLAY           1000ml/ha

                                                   CORRECTIVE TREATMENT
0 – 15% CLAY           3lt/ha

16 – 30% CLAY          6lt/ha            Apply an overall spray directly after cutting when
                                         analysis of top 15cm of plant contains less than
 +31% CLAY             9lt/ha               20mg boron/kg (20ppm) before flowering.

 FLOWERS &       50 – 100ml/100lt of    Apply 2 – 3 sprays at monthly intervals, starting
ORNAMENTALS            water                  as soon as plants are established.

What is BORON?

Boron is a non-metallic element mined from salt deposits in trace quantities and required by all
plants as an essential micro-element. Boron is also associated with several of the functions of
calcium and taken up by the plant as borate.

Boron improves calcium efficiency and vice-versa, but there is a reverse side to this kinship. If
calcium levels are low, then boron can become toxic. Calcium and boron deficiencies should
always be addressed together. Maintaining ideal boron availability for the full crop cycle can
prove problematic for several reasons: Boron is the most leachable of trace elements, and
maintaining good levels in wet conditions is a major challenge, especially in light soils. However,
it doesn’t stop there, because boron availability declines just as rapidly in very dry conditions.
Apart from these potential problem areas, boron management is further complicated by the fact
that this element is not readily mobile within the plant. As the Boron level is very hard to
maintain, well-timed foliar supplementation can be very productive, particularly foliar applications
immediately before flowering.


1. Is involved with the carbohydrate and nucleic acid metabolism and increases nitrogen
    availability to the plant.
2. Essential for pollination and pollen viability, fruit formation, seed set and quality.
3. Boron increases calcium efficiency in the plant.
4. Sugars are transported within the plant as borate complexes.
5. Associated with cell wall metabolism and synthesis in conjunction with calcium.
6. Promotes cell differentiation, maturity and the elongation of cells.
7. Boron increases the elongation growth of primary and lateral roots.
8. This element is also involved in the nodulation of legumes.
9. Boron is important for fruit set. Avocados, notorious for their poor fruit to flower ratio, will often
    set more fruit with pre-bloom boron foliar.
10. Boron carries the starch from the leaf to the grain or fruit.
    This trace element is involved in so many stages in the production of the
    soluble product, it is virtually inevitable that production will suffer when
    Boron runs low.
11. Enhances the uptake of Ca, Mg and K in the plant.
12. Facilitates Rhizobial development in legumes.
13. Promotes synthesis of cytokinins and ensure translocation of auxins.


Note: Sensitivity to boron deficiency varies greatly between different plant species.
1. Leached, acidic soils.
2. Calcareous or over limed soils.
3. Light, sandy soils.
4. Excessive usage of potassium and nitrogen.
5. Drought conditions.
6. Soils low in organic matter (humus is the boron storehouse).
7. Soils with high pH.
8. Boron performance can be negatively affected by low phosphate levels in some
   crops, eg corn.

                                         SYMPTOMS OF BORON DEFICIENCY

                           Brittle tissue may crack or split.
                           The surface of petiole stems and leaves develop many transverse
                            cracks or corkiness.
     Small Crops           Storage roots split, and stems develop hollow sections.
                           The growing point may die, creating multiple shoots.
                           In all, the dramatic nature of the symptoms is illustrated by some of
                            the names given to boron deficiency, ie ‘beetroot cancer’, ‘cauliflower
                            hollow stem’, ‘water core’ of turnip, etc.

                           Symptoms can be found in fruit shoots and leaf growth, but fruit are
                            usually the first victim. ‘Internal cork’ is a boron deficiency found in
                            pome fruit.
                           Trees with severe boron deficiency can suffer from die-back in spring,
                            because buds fail to develop.
     Fruit Crops           Fruit may be misshapen, with irregular depressions developing as it
                           The most common symptom in grapes is the uneven development of
                            berries and the presence of seedless berries within the bunch.
                           Strawberries exhibit symptoms that include burning and crinkling of
                            the edge of young leaves, stunting of the growing part and often
                            deformed fruit.

       Cereals         Stunting of young plants, shortened, bent ears, tip kernels aborted and
                       leaves fail to emerge and unfurl properly.

      Lucerne          Upper leaves become rosetted and turn yellow.

      Peanuts          Dark depressions in the centre of the nut.

                       Shortened internodes and the death of the growing bud. Tuber stem-end


The spray tank should first be filled to at least one half capacity with clean water and start
agitation. Add the total amount of Carbohydrates to the tank and allow it to completely dissolve in
the water. Then add the chemicals in the following order:

1.   Wettable powders
2.   Flowables
3.   Emulsifiable concentrates
4.   Oils
5.   Surfactants and other spray adjuvants.

Allow each chemical to completely disperse in the solution with good agitation before adding the
next one. Finally finish filling the tank and immediately spray the crop while maintaining agitation.

This material contains boron. Its misuse may cause serious injury to the crops. It should
be used only under the direction of fertilizer consultants.

Shake well before use. Keep from freezing. Do not apply undiluted.

Sellers and Manufacturer’s obligation is limited to replacement of defective product.
Neither Seller nor Manufacturer shall be liable for any defective product. Neither Seller nor
Manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising
out of misuse or the inability to use the product. All other warranties, except in writing
from the Manufacturer, whether expressed or implied are hereby disclaimed.

                                                       MEGA-BOR isaliquidffoliar applicationonplantstoprevent or correct micronutrient deficienciesthat may
                                                       limit crop growth and yields. It is water soluble and non-toxic to plants when applied as directed. For best
                                                       resultsapply MEGA-BORaccordingtorecommendationsbased on plant and/or soil analysis.

                                                       DIRECTIONSFORUSE: Useonlyasdirected.
                                                        MEGA-BOR iscompatiblewithmost commonly used pesticidesand foliar feeds.
                                                        mix MEGA-BORwith highly alkalinematerialssuchasLimeSulphur or Bordeaux Mixture.
                                                         Do not
                                                        overhead systems are in use, avoid scheduling irrigation directly after application. In orchards
                                                       equippedwith microirrigationsystems,spraydepositsshould not beaffected byirrigation.
                                                        Usethelower concentration for maintenance, andthehigher concentration for sufficient uptake.

    MEGA-BOR                                           Shake well before use. Keep from freezing and store in a cool place. Diluteonepart
                                                       MEGA-BOR with 20 or morepartsof water. Apply by a spray method and in an adequateamount of water
        FERTILISER GROUP 2                             that will providecompletecoverageof theplants. Useof anon-ionicwettingagent mayimprovespraycoverage
                                                       of certain hard towet plants. Donot applyundiluted.
     Registration No. B3103 Act 36 of 1947

       Liquid Foliar
       Applicat ion                                    MEGA-BOR can be included in a regular pesticide spray programme on crops, but no pesticides can be
                                                       added to MEGA-BOR in the same spray mix. Before applying MEGA-BOR, consult a qualified
                                                       agronomist or agriculturalist on thenecessi ty of usingand compatibility with other spraymaterials. Therateof
                                                       application will depend on thecrop, stageof growth, and severity of deficiency. Themaximum recommended
    CONTENTS:                 (W/W)        (W/V)       rates arefor mature, full sized plants. Reducethe ratesproportionally when spraying smaller plantsor trees.
                                                       MEGA-BOR may be used on cole crops, cucurbits, deciduous and subtropical fruit, grain crops, grapes,
    Boron (B)                60.00g/kg    79.8g B/l    herbaceousandwoodyornamentals, leafyvegetables, legumes,root and manyother crops.

    Specific Gravity (SG)                       1.33

          Should be used
       with the MEGA Range

        1l              5l        20l    160l


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