bacteria_mythbuster_lesson by whyking


									Science Bus Lesson Plan: Myth Busters (TUES)

   1. The Place with the Most Bacteria…


   -LB agar plates to grow the bacteria

   Start off the lesson Plan with an intro to bacteria:
   -A short handout will be given out to the kids as they come into class, once they sit
   down they can begin answering the questions with the help of the tutors and their
    -We will briefly discuss what everybody’s answers are as a group
   -I will show an agar plate & intro it as bacteria food, I will show how to collect and
   swab the sample
   -There will be 1 plate per 2 kids. I’ll tell them that we can collect samples from the
   different areas and see which has the most bacteria by growing them and then looking
   at them the next time we meet. DON’T let the kids take samples from other kids
   (maybe tutors…in case someone else wants a nick name)
   - The kids will break up into groups, swab the area they want to test using a q-tip, and
   then swipe the q-tip in a zig-zag on the plate.

   Alternately, if some groups finish the worksheet really early, then the tutors can take
   them to go collect bacteria (maybe groups that finish early should go further away so
   that it takes them longer? Like the playground, the bathroom, the cafeteria tables) and
   we can discuss the worksheet after we’ve collected the bacteria. Let the kids write up
   on the white board where they’ve collected from.

   -The plates will be grown at room temperature, when the bacteria have grown enough
   to see a difference they will be moved to 4 C until we meet again.
   -Make sure kids wash their hands before going to the next experiment!

   2. Milk works better than water for cooling down your mouth after eating a

      Peppers
      Milk
      Water
      Bread
      Cups
Split up into groups. In the groups, ask the kids who would like to eat a spicy pepper.
Give some of them a glass of water, some of them a glass of milk, and some a piece of
bread. Have them eat the pepper, wait a few seconds, rate how spicy their mouths are,
drink the milk/water/bread, wait a few more seconds rate how spicy their mouths are,
drink some more, wait a few seconds, rate again, ect, ect. Do this 5 times. Then let them
drink some of the other liquid and see how that compares. After all the groups are done,
reconvene and compile the statistics. See which one worked best. Mention that one way
to improve the reliability of a subjective measurement is to take many statistics.

   3. Can Coca Cola Dissolve your teeth?

      Teeth +gloves to handle them
      Chicken bones
      Eggs
      Jars
      Vinegar
      Coke
      water

We will test teeth, chicken bones and an egg. Have the kids write down hypotheses about
what they think will happen so we can look over them next week. Vinegar has a pH of
2.4-3.4. Coke has a pH of 2.5. According to wikianswers coke does not dissolve a tooth
overnight. But according to the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine pieces
of enamel left in a variety of sodas for 48hrs experienced up to 5% weight loss. We can
leave them in over the week and see what happens. Also try with an egg. Mention that if
you cannot test the exact material in the hypothesis, you can try using other materials that
have similar properties.

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