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									A trip to the fabulous city of Medina will leave you with memories that will last
forever. There are many things to do here, and you will enjoy each and every one of
them. The ancient historical sites are very spiritual and you can almost feel your
ancestors moving about. The scenery is breathtaking.
  The Mosque of the Prophet
  The Mosque of the Prophet, otherwise known as Masjid Al-Nabawi, or Masjid
an-Nabi, is an architectural wonder. The building itself is an Islamic landmark and
place of holy status. This is considered the second most holy mosque in the Islamic
  The Old Bazaar
  The Old Bazaar is a flea market of sorts that features several street vendors selling
everything to be haggled for in the traditional way. This is not just a place to shop; it
is a cultural experience and a fun activity. Children, especially, are amused by the
colours, smells and sounds of the bazaar.
  Mount Uhud
  Mount Uhud is the historic site of the Battle of Uhud, an important battle in Islamic
history. It takes only a few moments to travel here from the city of Medina, and it is
worth seeing. The grave site of Hamza, who was killed in the battle, is here.
  Medina hotels have information about points of interest in and around Medina. Ask
your hotel clerk for information and how best to get around the city. They are usually
most helpful in assisting you as they want your stay to be memorable. Do not forget
your camera so you can recall these highlights of your trip and share it when you
return home.
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