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					Significant advancements in science and technology culminate in intellectual minds
putting their heads together to solve the world’s problems. As they work to address
and eliminate traces of famine and terminal diseases, the simple matter of
interpersonal relationships still remains the great paradox of life. Much has been said
and is still being said on what makes people tick. Do opposites attract and similarities
endure? Despite what makes the cut for politically correct statements as well as those
leaning towards feminist beliefs, the general fact is that the male gender prefers a
younger wife. That being said, cradle snatchers may earn a knowing glance as
marrying beyond one’s generation is not the norm as yet.
  Once the cries of injustice and burning of bras settle, it is understandably and
agreeably easier to set up a girl for marriage as compared to one who has more years
tucked under her belt. Despite public notion of a marriageable age, this is not to dispel
hope for those who have yet to walk down the aisle. As corporations practice a glass
ceiling, why not the marriage constitution? However, as glass ceilings can be broken
for career advancement, so can the age barrier. Lesser of age does not guarantee a
younger wife to be any better than an older one.
  Since the union of souls is no longer confined to nature’s ways, marriage continues
to test the waters of becoming more commercialized. Akin to a trading industry, it is
fast approaching a system whereby a willing buyer is matched with a willing seller.
The original essence of a contract between two individuals expands to possibly
include a broker or whatever external parties facilitating the union. No longer
confined within one’s peers, a girl for marriage is presented with opportune options
local and abroad. Once an agreement is reached and contract signed, the commodity
thus changes hands. It is thus hopeful that strangers become friends and then soul
mates as time progresses.

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