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Changing Roles and Status among Prominent Chinese in Hawai'i


While still actively identified with the Hawai'i Chinese community, they were participating both as members of that community and as individuals in many interethnic and some nonethnic organizations. Because of their education they were better prepared to enter a wider range of occupations than the migrants, with a lower proportion in the role of merchant and a considerable proportion having professional status.

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									                          Changing Roles and Status among
                           Prominent Chinese in Hawai‘i
                                          Clarence E. Glick and Doris L. Glick

Clarence E. Glick and Doris L. Glick, “Changing Roles and Status            In 1957, nearly thirty years later, the same Chinese writ-
among Prominent Chinese in Hawai‘i,” Chinese America: His-               ers’ club published a similar book. The Chinese title was
tory & Perspectives – The Journal of the Chinese Historical              the same but the English title was expanded to The Chinese
Society of America (San Francisco: Chinese Historical Society            of Hawaii: Who’s Who, 1956–57.3 It gives the biographies of
of America with UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 2010),               196 men and 4 women. More than half—110—of them were
pages 37–50.                                                             born 
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