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									US immigration is really a process which is known as a foreign individual moving to
United States as a possible immigrant or a non - immigrant.

A foreign one who wishes to seek entry to United States must posses a visa and abide
by the rules and regulations from the US immigration law. A visa is document which
allows someone to travel to enter United States but it does not authorize a person to
penetrate United States. The permission to enter U . s . will have to granted by the
inspectors of Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border
Protection (CBP) .

If an individual seeks to enter Usa on a temporary basis or to stay permanently, he or
she is required to have a valid passport and in most cases has a visa by the US
immigration law. The laws determine what the person must do to penetrate United
states and stay for the authorized period of time.

If someone violates the US immigration laws, penalties are decided per the rules -
either the person to get deported for entering United States illegally or to be
imprisoned if attempting to obtain citizenship or permanent resident through improper

The US immigration process is complex and getting a visa is not a straightforward job.
There are group of rules that should be followed strictly to be able to obtain a visa.
The US visas are classified into two types that happen to be immigrant visas and non -
immigrant visas. Non - Immigrant visas are issued to people who would like to enter
United States to get a temporary visit, because of business or for pleasure. The
immigration visas are issued to people who want to live and work permanently in the
United States.

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