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Sheriff Hill - St. John's Church_ Gateshead Fell Parish Profile

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									St. John’s Church,
  Gateshead Fell

  Parish Profile
The Area
Gateshead is part of the busy conurbation of Tyneside. It has an important industrial
heritage which together with forward looking planning and development in architecture,
sport and the arts makes it an interesting and changing place in which to live. Central
Gateshead is predominantly urban but parts of the Borough are still rural whilst remoter
countryside and the coast are only a short drive away. There are good local, regional and
national transport links. Gateshead is home to The Sage, The Baltic Centre for
Contemporary Art, The International Sports Stadium and Saltwell Park. Gateshead is
predominantly a white British population, however central Gateshead has a significant
Jewish community and the largest Talmudic Teaching College outside Israel. An
increasing number of asylum seekers and refugees have been located in the Gateshead
area over recent years.

The Parish
The parish of St John's is a well-established residential area situated towards the south of
Gateshead Metropolitan Borough. The population is around 10,000 and consists mainly of
local people, born and brought up in the area. As is so often the case, the parish has no
clearly defined boundaries or one single unifying feature and in reality it consists of a
number of disparate estates and communities. There is no major employer in the area and
consistent with most other parts of Gateshead and North East England levels of
unemployment are higher than the national average. Those in work are employed
predominantly in Gateshead or
Newcastle. Some parts of the
parish have a high number of
retired people. There are small
numbers of people from ethnic
minorities. The eastern side of the
parish has several large council
estates, the earliest having been
built shortly after the First War, the
most recent dating from the mid
1960's. The parish has the Queen
Elizabeth Hospital situated within
its bounds; this is the main
hospital in Gateshead with nearly
600 beds together with outpatient
and accident & emergency services. Larkspur and Glynwood are two primary schools
within the parish where previous incumbents have had regular and useful involvement,
principally through taking assemblies and as governor of both schools. Members of the
congregation also have a number of links with these schools including one person who is a
governor of Larkspur. There is no major shopping area within the parish, but there are a
number of rows of small local shops, take-aways and public houses. Many of the shops
are struggling to compete with the lower prices and convenience of the supermarkets
situated in central Gateshead, the Metro Centre and the Team Valley. The parish
boundary can be viewed at

The Buildings
                              The Church itself is a large stone building with a spire, the
                              highest point in Gateshead, and was consecrated in 1825.
                              It underwent long-awaited building work in the late 1990’s
                              to construct two meeting rooms at the rear of the church
                              and two toilets. One of the meeting rooms has a kitchen
                              area. The formation of these spaces has allowed the
                              Church to be used for a range of meetings that was not
                              previously possible and with the removal of Church pews
                              and replacement with quality chairs and carpet, midweek
                              activities using the body of the church have also been
                              made possible. The majority of these have been church
                              orientated but the space has
                              also been used occasionally for
                              community purposes. A good
quality Harrison’s Organ was obtained from a redundant church
and installed in 1999 and a number of concerts have been
The most recent Quinequennial inspection highlighted a small
number of repairs, some of which have already been
undertaken but there are no other substantial problems. The
Church has a graveyard but this has been closed for several
years; the upkeep is now the responsibility of Gateshead

                                       The Vicarage is about thirty-five years old. It has 4
                                       bedrooms, a lounge, dining room, study, upstairs
                                       and downstairs toilets, kitchen, utility room and
                                       garage as well as gardens to the front and rear. It is
                                       situated  in    a    pleasant     residential    area
                                       approximately one mile from the Church.
Sunday services are:
8am                               Holy Communion (BCP) said with sermon
10am        1st Sundays           All-age non eucharistic service (partly lay-led).
                                  Has included Baptisms.
           other Sundays          Holy Communion (CW)
8 and 10am 3rd Sundays            Service includes Prayer Ministry for healing and
                                  other personal needs.
Sunday attendance averages around 12 at the 8 am service and 70 at the 10 am service.
There are currently 113 people on the Electoral Roll.
Lay members of the congregation are involved in many aspects of both 8am and 10am
 Welcomers
 Helping with Sunday School
 Reading the Bible
 Leading Intercessions
 Assisting with the chalice
 Serving refreshments after the service
 Being involved in Prayer Ministry (3rd
   Sundays) both during and after the
So our Rotas are vitally important!
We also have a lively and committed music
group which meets weekly for practice and plays a range of different music at the 10am
service. We use the new Mission Praise books and also some Taize and Iona songs.
The children who come to church are really important to us all. One has written, ‘I like St.
John’s. I feel part of the family and everybody is friendly’. Our Sunday group for children
is an integral part of the 10am service. It is now a single group with an age range of 3 – 11
years. 6 dedicated teachers and helpers operate on a rota basis, leading one month in
three. ‘Sunday School is a place where you can let your feelings out’ wrote one child. And
another said, ‘I like craft and making things in Sunday School.’ In 2002 children were
admitted to Holy Communion prior to Confirmation and we run preparation courses when
necessary. The children always enjoy helping to get the Toddler Group toys out when we
are setting up after the 10am service!
There is no youth group at church but a few attend Deanery and Tyneside Youth For
Christ events.
A small number of people meet in church most Sunday evenings to pray for the needs of
the parish. On Fridays a small but committed group meet to say Morning Prayer together
in church.

There is a monthly service at Hawksbury House Residential Care Home in the parish.
Home Communion is taken regularly to several housebound parishioners. There is lay
involvement in sick visiting, both formally requested and informally identified. This visiting
tends to be done by a few individuals.

In 1992 the PCC identified 5 Parish Aims.
 1. To teach and nurture all members of the existing congregation and to help them
    develop their faith and share it with others.
 2. To reach out in evangelism to all ages in the parish.
 3. To deepen the relationships and support for one another within the congregation.
 4. To use the occasional offices to share our faith with people who have no other church
 5. To seek to maintain the Church's charitable giving at a tenth of our total income.
We regularly review and reaffirm these and try to let them shape our ministry and mission.

Over the last 15 years or so a number of special services have been held to attract non-
regular churchgoers to St John’s. Invitations have been delivered or mailed.
 Christmas Services including Traditional Carols by Candlelight and an informal and
   very well-attended Christingle Service on Christmas Eve are publicised on a printed
   flier. Recently this has been done jointly with nearby Sheriff Hill Methodist Church.
 The Bereavement Service in early November is especially to remember those who
   have died the previous year and we invite the families of those whose funerals have
   been conducted by the incumbent or held at St John’s.
 Back to Church Sunday was marked in 2008 with invitations being delivered locally
   and an above average attendance on the day.

Occasional Offices
On average each year there are 10 baptisms, 15 thanksgiving services, 6 weddings and
50 funerals (not all in church).
These occasional offices have provided opportunities for evangelism and a considerable
number of the existing congregation first came to St. John’s through one of these routes.
Parents wanting a service for a baby are offered either the Thanksgiving Service or
Baptism. Thanksgivings are quite popular and take place at 11.30am on a Sunday. With
our previous incumbent Baptisms took place within the All-age non-eucharistic service on
the first Sunday of the month. For the last 10 years Baptism Preparation has been done
by 2 members of the congregation. One of our children writes, ‘I like watching the
christenings. It’s the first step in following Jesus.’ During the vacancy we are holding
Baptisms after the 10am service on one Sunday in each month. We expect to review our
Baptism policy with a new incumbent.

Study courses
The Church is committed to provision of teaching and instruction for new Christians. In the
past, material from the Saints Alive and Emmaus programmes have been used but over
recent years the Church has run or helped to run Alpha groups. Around 6 such groups
have been run with the most recent ending in late 2008. The Church has also been
involved in regular series of Bible studies both at church and in people’s homes, usually
with several running in parallel on different days and at different times. These have all
been time limited, open membership groups. Between 20-30 people attend the Bible study
series when run. The material has been drawn from a wide variety of sources including
formal Bible Study of books such as Jonah and James; thematic study on topics such as
the Ten Commandments or Our Identity in Christ; Christian reflections on and a
perspective of contemporary books, TV and films; sessions linked to the church calendar
such as Lent or Advent and most recently the Diocesan course “Growing the Kingdom”.
Several members of the congregation have in the past completed the Bishop’s Faith and
Life Course.

In 1998 the church held its first Parish weekend away at Blaithwaite Hall in Cumbria.
Around 24 people attended. It has subsequently become an annual event, giving church
members an opportunity to get to know one another better and grow together as a group
of Christians. Approximately 30 people have attended each year. There are no regular
social activities but individual events have taken place including a Pancake Party, Beetle
drives, a Geordie night, Football events, a ceilidh, children’s parties, walks and seasonal
activities around Harvest or Christmas.

Mid Week Activities
   St Johns Toddlers was set up in 2002
    as part of the Church’s ministry to
    children. It runs on Monday mornings in
    the main body of the Church with the
    chairs stacked at the sides to make
    room for the toys and play-mats. The
    group is run by three members of the
    congregation. Around 27 children and
    their parents or carers attend the group
    and there is a long waiting list for new
    members, which is now closed.
   Monday Club has been running on Monday afternoons for the last 4 years in the main
    body of the Church. It is an after-school club and is open to children between the ages
    of 5 and 11 with an average of 8 children attending. They play a number of different
    games and there is some basic Christian teaching. The previous incumbent took a
    major leadership role, with a small team of assistants.
   Coffee Morning: Every Tuesday morning a coffee morning is held within the rooms at
    the back of the Church. It attracts a regular group of around a dozen people as well as
    occasional visitors or inquirers. It has proved to be a very good way for people to make
    contact with people from the church during the week and it has also been valuable for
    those who are recently bereaved who find a supportive social network.

The most recent Incumbent met fortnightly with the Reader to plan and oversee the work
and ministry within the Church in consultation with the PCC and Shared Ministry
Development Team. The Rector, Church Wardens, Treasurer and PCC secretary form the
Standing Committee and meet between PCC meetings to make decisions of immediate
concern or recommendations to the PCC. During the vacancy the Lay Chair and Reader
are also part of this.
PCC: There are 12 members of the PCC including the Reader and two Deanery Synod
Representatives. The PCC meets bi-monthly in Church and has in the past been chaired
by the Incumbent, though there is a lay chair during Vacancies. The PCC fully endorses
the ministry of women priests.
SMDT: The Shared Ministry Development Team was formed in August 2007 and began
work in September that year. It meets for two hours every four weeks. There are now 6
members on the SMDT. The team has looked at lay participation, Bible study, work with
children and young people, marginalised estates and prayer and has held two away days
for more detailed planning and discussion.

The last incumbent did most of his own administrative work with the support of the PCC
secretary and occasionally other individuals taking on specific tasks. There is no
newsletter or magazine, but notices and prayers are included on the weekly service sheet.

Attached are copies of the accounts for the year ending 31st December 2008. The Parish
Share was paid in full. Pledged giving increased 25% between 2007 and 2008. There has
been a long-standing commitment for the church to pay 10% of its income to charity; this is
done on a quarterly basis throughout the year rather than at the end of the year. There
are occasional Gift Days and specific fundraising events such as an Autumn Fair,
sponsored walks and recently a Craft Fair.
The PCC pays 75% of the incumbent's telephone calls and 100% of postage, stationery
and hospitality. It pays the rates for travel recommended by the Diocese.

Wider Links
Ecumenical Involvement: St John's is a member of Low Fell Churches Together. Joint
services are held at Pentecost and Christmas and there are also Lent groups. For the last
three years there has been a Good Friday walk of witness. There is a good relationship
with the nearby Sheriff Hill Methodist church including Cornerstone, a successful café and
thrift shop run every Monday which is a joint venture begun by members of several local
Churches, including St Johns. A number of the congregation were involved in the Just 10
event in Gateshead in 2008 led by the evangelist J John. They contributed to marshalling,
and prayer ministry.
The Deanery: St. John’s has representatives on both Deanery and Diocesan Synods and
Deanery Pastoral Committee. During the Localities process the Deanery was divided into
3 mission areas. We are associated with St. Helen’s Low Fell, St. Andrew’s Lamesley with
St. Ninian’s Harlow Green and St. Alban’s Windy Nook. We took part in the Deanery Audit
and helped with the Deanery Development Plan. The churchwardens meet regularly with
others in the deanery to share and keep churches informed about local issues.
The Wider Church: There is interest in and giving to the Durham Lesotho Link and we are
twinned with a church in Oradea, Romania. Their Pastor visited St Johns last year and we
have regular news and contact from them. We have occasional visits from representatives
of groups we support such as the Church Army.
Community Engagement: Besides the services and events which the Church uses to
reach out to the Community, members of the congregation have a high level of
involvement in local community activity and wider charitable work. Last year the SMDT
asked all members of the congregation to complete a questionnaire about their
involvement in other activities within the community. Under the title of “Our Active Lives” it
was found that church members were involved with a total of more that 50 different
community groups and charities. A service of thanksgiving and dedication was held for all
this “hidden” Christian work taking place.

The New Incumbent
We would like the new incumbent to possess proven leadership strengths and a clear
sense of direction alongside a willingness to work in a flexible way. We are looking for an
incumbent who will:
   continue to work with and develop our Parish Aims
   enable and encourage the developing gifts within the congregation
   continue to build on what has been established and develop the potential that exists
   work in partnership with others within the Deanery, ecumenically and with other
   support the congregation in its involvement with the local community
Whatever the new incumbent's circumstances the position is one that requires
considerable energy and commitment rooted in firm faith and convictions.
The children have said, ‘“We would like a new Vicar who is fun and does lots of quizzes”.
“A man or a lady, old or young, it doesn’t matter so long as they are fun and loving”.

The Parish Church of St. John, Gateshead Fell

              Annual Report
           Financial Statements
                   of the
         Parochial Church Council
         for the year ended 31st December 2008

                    Revd David Tully
                    St. John’s Rectory
                   45 Shotley Gardens
                         NE9 5DP

                      HSBC Bank
                      Grey Street

                 Independent Examiner:
                Mr David Whittock A.C.M.A
                    22 Kells Gardens
                        NE9 5XS

Annual Report for 2008, for the AGM April 2009
Background ........................................................................................................................................3
Membership of the PCC.................................................................................................................................3
Committees ........................................................................................................................................3
  Standing Committee........................................................................................................................3
Church Attendance .............................................................................................................................4
Review of the Year - (to be given to AGM) ..........................................................................................4
Financial Statement for the year ended 31st December 2008..........................................................5
  General Fund ..................................................................................................................................5
  Designated and Restricted Funds....................................................................................................7
  Statement of Assets and Liabilities at 31st December 2008 ..............................................................8
  Notes to the Accounts .....................................................................................................................8
Independent Examiner's Report to the PCC of St. John, Gateshead Fell ......................................9

Annual Report for 2008, for the AGM April 2009.
(As required by the Charity Act).


St. John’s Church is situated on Church Road, Sheriff Hill, Gateshead. It is part of the
Diocese of Durham within the Church of England.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a charity excepted from registration with the
Charity Commission.

Membership of the PCC

The members are either ex-officio, or elected at the APCM. The following served as
members 2008 – 2009.

Incumbent              :      Rev David Tully                Chairman

Churchwardens          :      Shirley Allan
                              Bill Clayton

Reader                 :      Ruth Grant

on Deanery Synod :            Jean Bush (2008 - 2011)
                              Ann Small (2008 – 2011)

Elected Members        :      Jen Batchelor                                  (until APCM 2009)
                              Margaret Clayton                                       2009
                              Brenda Devlin                                          2009
                              Val Goodwill                                           2010
                              Peter Herbert                  Treasurer               2009
                              Cath Pearson                                           2009
                              Jo Plunkett                                            2010
                              Yvonne Stonebank                                       2009
                              Allan Suthren                                          2010
                              Dave Wallace                                           2011

Coopted and non-voting        Christine Tully                Secretary               2007-8
The General Synod has strongly recommended that PCC Elected members are elected for 3 years and can
serve a maximum of 2 terms of 3 years, and then must have a year off. Our PCC has adopted this policy.

Structure, governance and management
The method of appointment of CC members is set out in the Church Representation
Rules. All church attendees are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll and consider
standing for election to the PCC.

Objectives and activities
St. John’s PCC as the responsibility of cooperating with the incumbent, the Rev David
Tully, in promoting the ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral,
evangelistic, social and ecumenical. It also has maintenance responsibilities for the
church building of St. John’s.

Other Committee
Standing Committee

This is the only committee required by church law. It has power to transact the business of
the PCC between its meetings, subject to any directions give by the PCC. It usually meets
2 weeks before the PCC. It consists of the Rector, churchwardens, treasurer and an
elected member of the PCC (Cath Pearson in 2008-9).

Church Attendance

A report will be given to the AGM about the Electoral Roll.

The average Sunday morning communicants* in 2008 was 61.0 (compared with 57.5 in

The average total Sunday morning attendance* was 73.3 in 2008 (compared with 64.3
in 2007).

*using Sunday morning figures and excluding All Age Sundays and exceptional Sundays eg Blaithwaite.

Review of the Year
(to be given to APCM)

Church Council Report by PCC Secretary.

Churchwardens’ Report on Fabric of Buildings.

Rector’s Report.

                                                                              On behalf of the PCC

                                                                       Rev David Tully (Chairman)

                                                                                           April 2009

St John’s Church Gateshead Fell
Financial Statement for the year ended 31st December 2008

General Fund

General Fund Receipts and Payments Account
                                                2008                       2007
                                                 £              £            £           £

Incoming resources from donors
 Planned giving                                 19,296.63                  16,057.03
 Collections and other giving                    4,360.39                   4,304.96
 Income tax recovered (note 1)                   4,581.68                   3,336.63
                                                28,238.70      28,238.70   23,698.62   23,698.62
Other voluntary incoming resources
Donations                                             403.45                  711.50
Gift Day                                                   -                2,063.44
Church Fair                                                -                       -
Other fund raising events                           1,972.40                3,252.25
                                                                2,375.85                6,027.19

Income from Investments
 Bank Interest                                         1.36                     2.63
 Investment Interest                                 828.63                 1,016.51
                                                                 829.99                 1,019.14

Income from charitable and ancillary trading
 Fees                                               2,041.57                1,448.50
 Other                                                 50.00                       -
 Traidcraft                                                -                       -
                                                                2,091.57                1,448.50

Other Ordinary Incoming Resources
Insurance claim receipts                                   -                  937.00
After School Club                                     153.82                  184.40
Toddler group                                         604.61                  590.79
Parish weekend receipts                             1,415.00                1,565.00
Sundries                                               25.00                   68.13
Lettings                                               50.00                  340.00
                                                                2,248.43                3,685.32

Total Receipts                                                 35,784.54               35,878.77

General Fund Receipts and Payments Account (Cont.)

    2008                       2007
                                                       £          £            £           £

     3,684.34                    3,258.70
                    3,684.34                3,258.70

Diocesan Quota                                    18,735.00                  17,232.00
Gateshead Deanery Synod etc.                          86.00                     100.00
Working expenses of incumbent                        308.34                     500.07
Rectory expenses                                          -                      90.18
Church running expenses                            7,497.13                   6,474.89
Church Maintenance and repairs                     3,257.94                   6,473.63
Upkeep of services                                 1,108.76                   1,062.36
After School Club                                      8.00                       1.69
Sunday School                                          6.90                      61.18
Toddler Group                                        104.71                     258.21
Education and training                               135.50                          -
Traidcraft                                                -                          -
                                                                 31,248.28               32,254.21

Printing and stationery                                417.03                  184.25
Postage                                                 32.27                    2.90
Telephone                                              203.50                  222.00
                                                                   652.80                  409.15

Parish weekend expenses                               1,286.88                1,197.69
Sundries                                                -20.00                   30.74
                                                                  1,266.88                1,228.43

Total Payments                                                   36,852.30               37,150.49

Excess of Receipts over Payments                                 -1,067.76               -1,271.72

Bank current account at 1st January               20,762.97                  22,034.69

Bank Current account at 31st December (note 2)    19,695.21                  20,762.97

Designated Funds

Harper Memorial Fund Receipts and Payments Account
Designated fund for the provision of Altar hangings
                                                    2008                                 2007
                                                     £                 £                  £            £
Receipts                                                      -                                    -

Payments                                                      -                                96.00

Excess of Receipts over Payments                                                    -                  -96.00

Bank current account at 1st January                                    340.43                          436.43

Bank Current account at 31st December                                  340.43                          340.43

Restricted Funds

R. Thain Trust Receipts and Payments Account
Restricted fund for the provision of church flowers
                                                       2008                             2007
                                                         £        £                       £            £
 Bank interest                                                         1.36                                 1.22

 To General fund earmarked for church flowers                          1.36                                 1.22

Excess of Receipts over Payments                                            -                                  -

Bank Deposit account at 1st January                                   50.00                                50.00

Bank Deposit account at 31st December                                 50.00                                50.00

Defence Bond Interest Account Receipts and Payments Account
Restricted fund (purpose unknown)
                                                2008                                    2007
                                                 £          £                             £            £
 Bank interest                                                             3.51                             1.94

Payments                                                                        -                              -

Excess of Receipts over Payments                                           3.51                             1.94

Bank Deposit account at 1st January                                    88.27                               86.33

Bank Deposit account at 31st December                                  91.78                               88.27

Statement of Assets and Liabilities at 31st December 2008

                                   General Designated Restricted                     Total        Total
                                    Fund     Funds     Funds                         2008         2007

Monetary Assets
    Bank Current Account            4,695.21      340.43                             5,035.64      6,103.40
    Bank Deposit Accounts          15,000.00           -       141.78               15,141.78     15,138.27

     Total Cash                    20,762.97      340.43       141.78               20,177.42     21,241.67

    Income Tax Claim (note 1)       3,000.00
    Total Debtors                   3,000.00                                         3,000.00      3,000.00

Adjusted Total Assets                                                               23,177.42     24,241.67

Notes to the Accounts

1. Income tax of £4,533.33 was reclaimed on Gift Aid donations for the year to 31 March 2007. The figure
   of £3,000.00 represents the reclaimable tax accumulated in the 1 April to 31 December 2008 period.
   This latter sum will be reclaimed during 2009, after 1 April.
2. A CBF investment account. held £15,000 at the start of the year. There were no transfers to the current
   account during the year. The balance at the end of the year is £15,000.

Peter Herbert - Treasurer

Independent Examiner's Report to the PCC of St. John, Gateshead Fell

This report on the accounts of the PCC for the year ended 31st December 2008, which are
set out on pages 5 to 8, is in respect of an examination carried out under Regulation 3(3)
of the Church Accounting Regulations 1997 and s.43 of the Charities Act 1993.

Respective responsibilities of trustees and examiner

As the members of the PCC you are responsible for the preparation of the accounts; you
consider that the audit requirement of Regulation 3(3) of the Church Accounting
Regulations 1997 and section 43(2) of the Charities Act 1993 (the Act) do not apply. It is
my responsibility to issue this report on those accounts in accordance with the terms of
Regulation 25 of the Church Accounting Regulations 1997 and Regulation 7 of the
Charities (Accounts and Reports) Regulations 1995.

Basis of independent examiner's report

My examination was carried out in accordance with the General Directions given by the
Charity Commission under section 43(7)(b) of the Act and to be found in the guidance from
the CBF. That examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the PCC
and a comparison of the accounts with those records. It also includes considering any
unusual items or disclosures in the accounts and seeking explanations from you as
trustees concerning any such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the
evidence that would be required in an audit, and consequently I do not express an audit
opinion on the view given by the accounts.

Independent examiner's statement

In connection with my examination, no matter has come to my attention:

(1)    which gives me reasonable cause to believe that in any material respect the
     • to keep accounting records in accordance with section 41 of the Act; and
     • to prepare accounts which accord with the accounting records and to comply
         with the requirements of the Act, as also contained in the Church Accounting
         Regulations 1997
have not been met; or

(2)   to which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper
understanding of the accounts to be reached.

Mr David Whittock A.C.M.A.
22 Kells Gardens, Gateshead. NE9 5XS
April 2009


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