Mazda MPV 2000-07 DVD GPS Navigation Player with Digital Touchscreen by hkksew3563rd


									Qualir Recommendation
 * This Car DVD Player fits 2000-2007 Mazda MPV, pay attention to the size of the
install dash kit.
 * Built-in GPS navigation receiver.
 * Dual-zone, you can listen to the music or the radio while in navigation
 * 6.2" 800*480 Digital High Definition TFT LCD touchscreen
 *      original    PIP      function,    you     can    use     2     functions of
DVD/TV/Radio/bluetooth/Navi/AUX at the same time.
 * original 2-ZONE function, the back display screen can connect
DVD/USB/SD/TV/RADIO functions while the host display shows different contents,
without any interference even in voice navigation.
 * Support RDS (Radio Data Services)
 * optional built-in DVB-T function (Digital TV used in Europe and Australia)
 * Support iPod iPhone
 * with Bluetooth
 * with Steering Wheel Control
 * Auto rear viewing function.
 * Button light: Red/Yellow/Orange/No. Several touch sound
 * You can change the background picture by yourself
 * Virtual 6 disks CDC: V-6 disc changer memory (6 disc music can be memory in
the unit while you are listening to the music)
 * No CAN-BUS box (if your car has CAN-BUS, the steering wheel control function
of the DVD will be unavailable)
 * It does not support BOSE stereo system

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