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By Jennifer Burry an^BemIce HIrabayashi




Backyard mystery gets more baffling
STAFF WRITERS SAN MARINO — More bones were unearthed yesterday in a San Marino backyard where construction of a swimming pool last week led to the grisly discovery of a dismembered human skeleton. But sheriffs investigators said yesterday's find most likely consisted of animal bones. They said a knee joint the size of a grapefruit and a number of bone fragments were dug up about 9 a.m. by a backhoe used by swimming pool construction workers. ; Sheriff's officials initially said the latest discovery in the 1900 block of Lorain Road might be human bones because a pair of women's stockings was found with it. But authorities later said they most likely are animal bones. Investigators have said they believe the skeleton unearthed last week is that of John Sohus, who was reported missing from the home along with his wife, Linda, nine years ago. John Sohus was 27 at the time. His wife was 28. The couple lived at the home with John's mother, Ruth, who died six years ago. Sheriff's Lt. Ray Peavy said a coroner's investigator and a crime lab physiologist from the Sheriffs Department made the initial determination that yesterday's find consisted of animal bones. "They both examined the bones carefully, and it's their
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nothing ever happens arounri here," said 18-year-old Kameror -Kergcr. The case has piqued the in terest of Sylvia McColl. "I'd like to know the end of the mystery," she said. opinion they are not human. — Staff Writer Ark Johnsol They are animal bones," Peavy contributed to this report. said. However, all the bones were sent to the Coroner's Office for further examination by an anthropologist. An official determination was not expected until Sunday. Marianne Kent, a neighbor and longtime friend of the former residents, believed she might have an explanation for yesterday's discovery. She recalled that John Sohus often buried his dead pets in the backyard when he was growing up at the house. She said Sohus once had a very large standard poodle named Balzac. If the bones are determined to be human, the Sheriffs Department will go in and dig up the entire backyard, Peavy said. After the human bones were discovered last week, a forensic anthropologist surveyed a threefoot perimeter around the shallow grave and found no evidence of any other human bones. Pool workers were allowed to resume their digging earlier this week. Peavy said the entire backyard wasn't dug up because that kind of excavation work is very expensive. "It's a damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don't kind of situation," he said. The house now belongs to Martha and Bob Parada, who are not considered suspects. Detectives investigating the mysterious case left the state Wednesday in search of a former renter at the property being sought for questioning. He disappeared in May 1985, about two months before Ruth Sohus contacted the police about her missing son and daughter-in-law. Police have not released the name of the man'. Investigators are also trying to track down Linda Sohus. The family's only contact with Linda after her disappearance was a postcard from France signed "John and Linda." Linda's best friend also received a postcard of the Eiffel Tower. It was unclear when those cards were sent. The latest discovery churned, up a lot of interest in the neigh-' borhood. About 50 people lingered on the sidewalk in front of the home, waiting to hear any information about the unfolding

More remains found in yard . , , , MAY 14 1994 Continued from Al

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where human bones were found buried last week.

NEIGHBORS GATHER OUTSIDE the San Marino homeffi r-

Staff photo by PAUL MORS&.

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