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San Marino Bones, 05/06/1994

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									Human bones discovered in San Marino
By Aric Jbhnson and Bemice Hirabayashi

IAY g 6 1994

SAN MARINO — All the Parada family wanted was a new pool. What they got was one huge mystery. Workers digging a 36-foot-long ditch yesterday unearthed broken human bones and found a skull nearby in a dirty plastic bag, all buried 4 feet in the ground, sheriffs officials said. Lt. Ray Peavy said the body must have been there befor0 the Paradas moved in nine years ago. He could not estimate how long the body had been buried behind the house on the 1900 block of Lorain Road, which was built in 1928. Sheriff's Department homicide investigators were handling the case in the quiet neighborhood of pricey homes and immaculate lawns. "I didn't know there was anything involved when I bought this property," said Bob Parada, who with his wife and 11-year-old son watched investigators examine the hole where their pool is to be built. "We were shocked." Workers discovered the remains after a small tractor broke apart what appeared to be a fiberglass box. Pool builder Jose Perez Sr. said he yanked away pieces of the container and made the grisly discovery. "I tried to pull the fiberglass out of the way," Perez said. "I found the plastic bag and thought it was dog bones. The head, with some hair, was in the bag." Perez said he saw other pieces of bone, including a forearm and a portion of a spine, near the bag. "I've done 6,000 pools and

Workers discovered the remains after a small tractor broke apart what appeared to be a fiberglass box
found a car, a horse, a dog," he' said. "This is the first time I found a dead body." The Parada family was trying to remain calm as investigators tried to figure out who buried the body. "It's definitely a whodunit," Peavy said. Mary Ann Kent, who lived a few doors away, said she was good friends with Dede Sohus, who lived in the house io the 1960s. Kent said Sohus had an adopted son who disappeared in 1984. The son told his mother he was going on a trip out of California and did not return, she said. Sohus, who was divorced, filed a missing person's report with the San Marino Police Department and did not hear from her son again. Sohus, who moved to a trailer park, died six years ago. Sheriff's spokesman Rich Erickson said it was too early to tell if the missing person's report might be a key to the mysterious find. Other neighbors said Sohus kept to herself. "Everyone thought she was a little strange," said Joanne Haefliger, a 30-year resident who lives across the street. — Special correspondent Patt Diroll contributed to this story.

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