Master Lag Putting To Avoid 3 Putts

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					In some peoples eyes the term lag putt means that you are thinking negatively and
ruling out any possible chance of holing the putt in hand. My view on lag putting is
that you are still giving the ball a great opportunity of finding the bottom of the hole,
but that you are also trying to ensure that you avoid 3 putting by leaving yourself
within a comfortable distance from the hole if you should miss.
  In my experience I have found that there is only one thing more frustrating than
leaving a putt a couple of inches short of the hole when it is bang on line and that is 3
  If you look at the touring pro's putting statistics, you will notice that they will only 3
putt once, maybe twice during a tournament on average, this means that they are
generally leaving their long range putts well within a comfortable distance of the hole
so they can avoid 3 putting. You could also say that they are masters of the lag putt!!
  The idea behind lag putting is to take your focus away from targeting the hole itself
and instead focus on a wider target that circles around the hole of about 6 feet in
diameter (or whatever falls into your comfort zone), and then aim to putt the ball into
this area. Then if it misses you know you will be left with a short putt that you can
  Naturally it is not essential to lag every putt that you are faced with as there will be
times when you can or need to be more aggressive, like with up hill putts or putts that
you have to make if playing matchplay, but if you are suffering from 3 putting a lot,
then practicing your lag putts would certainly help to improve your putting
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