UFC 122 Betting Focus- No Major Names but Plenty of Competition

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					It's hard to play encore to timeless heavyweight title matchup like Brock Lesnar and
Cain Velasquez but that's just what the fighters in the upcoming UFC 122 betting
competition should do. In what may have been the anticipated match of the year
Velasquez beat the tar out of the much larger Lesnar, handing the champion 1st round
TKO and earning the Velasquez the heavyweight title.
  In contrast, the UFC 112 odd main event between middleweights Nate Marquardt
and Yushin Okami is no place near that stage of buzz. There will be no belts at stake
and there won't be plenty of big names in the UFC 122 betting competition. But that
doesn't mean that there won't be lots of fantastic MMA fighting competition.
  Marquardt is a tremendous contender and the kind of adversary that nobody wants to
encounter in the Octagon. He's had his share of battles in the UFC (30-9-2) and the
champion of this Main Event is very likely next in line to get a prospect at the
middleweight title. Yushin Okami, perhaps the leading MMA contender in Japan
(25-5) and is going to be more than ready for his match with Marquardt and eager to a
get shot at having his brains beat in by Anderson Silva.
  But there's considerably more to this UFC 122 betting card than just the Main event.
And despite the fact that there may not be a signature superstar on the card there are
many very intriguing fights and buffs will very likely be treated to some fantastic
  One match in the UFC 122 odds that you don't want to miss is the other
middleweight matchup between American Jorge Rivera vs Italian Alessio Sakara.
Sakara is the leading Italian contender in MMA and he should have lots of
encouragement from his homeland in Oberhausen, Germany.
  This is just the 2nd time that a UFC Main Event has been in Germany and just the
2nd such competition that's going to be presented on continental Europe. This
competition comes just a month after the UFC 120 Main Event hosted in London.
Both competitions were weighty on global fighters and a fantastic way of promoting
the sport in Europe.
  It's furthermore interesting to note just how global this particular competition will be.
There will 11 fights with 11 different nationalities represented. It's relatively
surprising that more German fighters won't be listed than will be, but that's probably
related to the fact that the sport has drawn plenty of ire from officials in the nation.
They've got forbidden the UFC from transmission in their nation, even though it will
still be broadcast by way of tape delay in America on Spike TV. That is not blocking
UFC promoters, nevertheless, from swearing to get a foothold anywhere on earth that
they potentially can. Possibly that's why they've decided to hold two UFC
competitions consecutively in a foreign nation. In the almost 20 years that the UFC
has been in operation, and with several diverse nations already represented in mixed
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