UCC2305 application in 35W HID headlight

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					With the popularization day by day that the family used the car, a kind of xenon
high-pressure             gas             discharge              type             headlight
(XenonHIDHighVoltageIntensityDischargeLamp schargeLamp) Become the standard
fittings of many kinds of style more and more. XenonHID has been since researched
and developed successfully in 1991, the standard becoming the Benz car for the first
time among 1995-1996 years is allocated. HID develops and already allocates as
BMW / Audi / Ling Zhi / standard of annual new cars such as Cadillac,etc. so far. HID
Israel all the time " Safe and comfortable " In order to develop the basis, emphasize
more high luminance and excellent optical characteristic and win " major light source
in new century " Laudatory title. The most prominent characteristic of HID headlight:
High-pressure rapid start, very high luminance and color reducing power, can let
drivers avoid the accident voluntarily, give consideration to road safety and visual
comfortableness at the same time. HID to pack high-pressure xenon in the intersection
of quartz glass and pipet in shiny principle, through up to the intersection of 20K-30K
and high pressure of volt, succeed the ion state the intersection of xenon and
ionization instant, discharge and produce a arc light, then it is reduced suddenly that
the light is urgent in tube voltage drop, Take-over through the heavy current of
undervoltage, warmup, runup reaches the stable condition, the concrete light
tube-voltage current characteristic such as Fig. 1 while starting. The light tube-voltage
current characteristic of Fig. 1 satisfies HID light the characteristic typical ballast
block diagram of starting under high pressure etc. is shown in Fig. 2. Fig. 2 car HID
ballast system block diagram ballast system mainly includes what imports from car
sulfuric acid lead 2 battery 9-16V runs to the direct-flow Boost Converter direct, start
the generator under high pressure. Full-bridge inverter and guaranteeing the part of
controlling circuit 4 of output power of the steady state of 200-400Hz. DC/DC DC
converter must meet 9-16V and can input in the voltage range the direct-current volts
of output 60-500V, it and if you can't input, if you can't press, if you can't output, short
out /open a way /protection function, excessive load. Puncture the modulator tube and
discharge under high pressure in the twinkling of an eye when the main function of
starting the generator under high pressure produces 20-30KV. 200 happens in the
main function of inverted circuit of the full-bridge ---400Hz oppisite phase signal
drives the gas switching tube of the full-bridge, realizes the both ends polarity reversal
of the modulator tube, prevent the single-end of the modulator tube from turning
black, lengthen the life-span of the modulator tube. The control loop is mainly a
permanent output power while guaranteeing the steady state, at the time of voltage
regulation HID modulator tube both ends HID be must guarantee 35WHID modulator
tube by 60-110V probablied the pressure drops of light in + /- within the power ranges
of 2W, too high power will damage the modulator tube. Shorten the life time of the
modulator tube, it causes the potential safety hazard that the overlow power will
reduce the luminance and export. The instrument company UCC2305 of Dezhou one
directs against the applied control chip of HID light for vehicle, it has the following
characteristics which accord with HID ballast requirement automotive:
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