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									There are three factors that make being involved in an accident with a U-Haul or other
rented truck especially challenging:
1. Insurance Coverage 鈥?The insurance coverage issues related to an accident can
be very confusing and difficult to sort out. The renter of the vehicle has the most
control over what the insurance picture is when they are operating the rented vehicle.
2. Equipment Condition 鈥?The upkeep and condition of the trucks and trailers that
are rented by U-Haul and other rental companies is a consistent factor in disputes over
liability for accidents involving the company 鈥檚 equipment.
3. Driver Inexperience 鈥?A contributing factor to many U-Haul accidents is the
inexperience of the renter in operating a large moving truck or towing a trailer.
One or more of these factors is typically impactful in the cause and resolution of an
accident involving a U-Haul truck or trailer. Sorting out all of the issues, identifying
the causes, assigning liability and obtaining compensation for damages is more than
most individuals are equipped to do. To ensure that you arrive at the best possible
outcome after an accident requires the assistance of a qualified auto accident attorney.

Insurance Coverage
There are at least three potential insurance coverages that may come into play when
you have been involved in an accident with a U-Haul.
1. Rental Company Business Policies 鈥?As with all businesses, the truck rental
companies carry insurance to protect their interests including liability coverage. This
insurance would not normally be responsible in an accident that occurred when the
truck or trailer were being operated by a renter. If there is a question about the
equipment itself, maintenance and upkeep or the actions of employees of the rental
company this type of policy may be responsible for covering damages.
2. Renters Personal Auto Policy 鈥?Many renters of U-Haul trucks and trailers
choose to use their personal auto policy as insurance coverage when operating the
rented vehicle. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the provisions of their
policies and may not have the type and level of coverage that they need. This can
result in frustration for the renter and create very challenging circumstances for the
other parties in an accident.
3. Rental Company Offered Insurance 鈥?There are different types of coverages that
are offered by the rental company at the time of picking up the vehicle. Many of them
are simply damage waivers relieving the renter of the responsibility for repair of
damages to the rented vehicle that occur while in their possession. As with the
personal auto policy, all too often the renter does not understand the need and
available coverage. The decision on these coverages can be one of cost rather than

One thing is clear, if you 鈥檝 e been in an accident with a U-Haul or other rented
vehicle it won 鈥檛 be easy to sort out the details of liability and compensation in
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