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									                                                                 lsis 400i smart camera


     Innovative and High Performance Camera Technology from Leuze

The new Leuze LSIS 400i series represents the smart camera of the next generation.

It is a high performance unit equipped with features that simplify integration for the

user, and offer flexibility in the application as well as a wide usage spectrum.

Offering high process reliability, this smart camera has features such as webConfig,

motor-driven focus adjustment, homogeneous light design and a particularly

powerful BLOB analysis.

Industrial image processing is used for quality assurance, object detection and

position determination applications and for identification or for production process

monitoring. Important to the success of image processing applications are

illumination, flexibility during camera adjustment and the costs associated with

integration. This includes mounting and alignment options as well as easy operation.

The Leuze smart cameras offer fast and flexible solutions for these applications.

They are powerful and can be integrated quickly and at low cost. Illumination,

because it is a decisive performance-determining factor, is among the most

important qualitative features of such systems, and instead of using conventional

LEDs, Leuze developed a new, innovative illumination system with special optics. It

consists of eight rectangular segments fitted with precisely calculated, free-form

shapes. As a result, each of the segments generates an extremely intense,

rectangular light pattern that is particularly homogeneous in the range from 50 to

250 mm.


                                                                 lsis 400i smart camera

The illumination, like the camera technology, is enclosed in a robust metal housing

and is protected by a glass window that has an airtight seal and is protected to Class

IP 65/67.

The Leuze LSIS 400i smart camera is equipped with a motor driven focus

adjustment that eliminates the need to manually set the focus on lot changes with

different object distances.

New test programmes are loaded with the respective focus setting for the given

camera distance, and the corresponding focus position is set by means of the motor

driven focus adjustment. This is an innovation that facilitates reproducible

adjustments as well as improvements in quality. It is particularly advantageous in

applications with restricted installation space.

Another new feature, and one that enhances ease of use, is the integrated

webConfig configuration interface. The configuration software, developed by Leuze

and first used in the BCL 500i barcode readers, enables device configuration directly

via a web browser.

With the Leuze LSIS 400i, however, performance goes far beyond that of a

"configuration tool". The entire image processing software is integrated in the

device. Fast and easy access to the device via an Ethernet interface ensures easy

integration. The software does not need to be installed on the user's PC. It is 'on

board', and can be accessed with a web browser. This means that all settings, as

well as an online help system, are available on-site in the device at all times no

matter where it may be located.


                                                               lsis 400i smart camera

One of the major innovations which contribute to the outstanding performance of

the new Leuze LSIS 400i smart camera is the BLOB (Binary Large Object) analysis

system. It is able to check considerably more characteristics than standard systems.

For example, the ratio between area and circumference of a BLOB can be used to

determine a shape factor that classifies its geometric shape. Furthermore, by

checking the major and minor axes of a BLOB, the rotational position of an object

can be determined.

With this extremely high performance BLOB analysis, the new generation of smart

cameras can simply and reliably perform a wide range of tasks.

The Leuze LSIS 400i smart camera is available from Countapulse Controls. This

Johannesburg base company is the leading sensing solutions supplier and operates a

technical hotline to assist customers with sensor selection and any troubleshooting.

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    lsis 400i smart camera


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