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					male yeast infection yeast infection in men
  Yeast infections have always been associated with females, however there actually is
such a thing as male yeast infection. However, they are not as obvious as women's
yeast infection which manifests around the vaginal area. For male, the infection can
reach the urethra while having sexual intercourse with an infected female partner. But,
just like in women, males also experience the signs around the most commonly
infected area such as mouth, skin, and male sexual organs.
  To understand more about the male yeast infection, here is the list of the causes:
  o Taking in antibiotics is one of the major causes of yeast infections in both males
and females. That's because antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria inside the body which
fight the fungi. Without the friendly bacteria, the fungi are free to reproduce and
spread to different areas in the body.
  o An unhealthy lifestyle which includes drinking too much alcohol and beer can
contribute to male yeast infections. Eating foods that are full of sugar or very sweet
foods is also one of the reasons as the sugar creates an in environment in the body that
is very hospitable to yeast growth.
  o Having sexual intercourse with an infected female lover is also a very good
situation for the male yeast infection to spread or develop.
  o Some diseases such as diabetes or HIV/AIDS can also be a cause of yeast
infections in males due to the fact that these diseases can weaken the immune system.
  The good news is there are many available treatments for this infection. You can go
for home and natural remedies if you do not want to take pharmaceutical drugs. Some
natural treatments include boosting your immune system with vitamins and minerals
as well as taking probiotics that will introduce more good bacteria into your immune
system. Eating a lot of garlic is also said to help in getting rid of yeast infections as
the garlic has powerful antifungal as well as antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  If you are prone to male yeast infection than a change in lifestyle could probably
more effective than any other medications since it is a holistic approach in treating the