Tunisia- The Pearl of Mediterranean

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					If you want to feel that romantic celebrations at Mediterranean beach, you'd better
come to the northeast seacoast in Tunisia in July and August. If you want to avoid the
crowd at the beach, the best season is from March to May in the annual. At that time,
it is the season of spring, when the nature is full of green and vitality. If you want to
see the sunrise and sunset in the Sahara, from October to the March in the next year is
  Some magnificent sight spots are introduced in the following article.
  Hammamet Hammamet is an ancient city on the northeast in Tunisia. Now it is a
famous tourist area well known around the world. There is a wide white sandy beach
and many modern hotels sheltered in the forest of orange and lemon trees. Main
hotels in Hammamet include Les Colombes, Omar Khayam, Phenicia, Sheraton,
Sindbad and Yasmina.
  Sousse Sousse which located in Hammamet Bay at the Mediterranean and known as
the garden city in Mediterranean is the third largest city in Tunisia. There are many
kinds of buildings with different styles such as city wall, ecclesiastical building,
mansion for nobleman, underground tombs and houses, all of which were built in the
9th century BC. Sousse Museum takes care of inlay work, which is the art rarity of
Tunisia culture. By the way, the oldest works is 3500 years ago.
  Carthage Carthage, which means the New City, is the word comes from Phoenician.
It is located in the north coast of Africa and faces Rome across the sea. In its history, it
was destroyed during Punic Wars because of being defeated by Rome. All in all,
Carthage is the place which you can't miss when you travel in Tunisia. Nowadays,
many historical sites we see were built by Roman. From the remnants of the theater to
public bath room and aqueducts, all of which are so grand and precise. A new modern
museum is built near the historical sites of Carthage, in which save and display a large
number of precious historical relics. In 1978, the UNESCO put Carthage in the list of
World Cultural and Natural Heritage, which is the first batch. At the same time,
Tunisia Government established a national archaeological park at this historical site.
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