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                   LATEST SAC NEWS

The silly season is upon us and we only have one event left for the year. This has been a
hugely successful year for the SAC and we call on all members to join in the fun at Ace
of Base as we celebrate the past year’s success, and as a remembrance of past Aerobatic
Pilots. By all accounts 2011 will be another bumper year. There is an aerobatic
resurgence in the KZN region, more aircraft are inbound……. the 2nd MX2 has finally
arrived, the first SBACH is inbound to Cape Town as Iain and Leigh expect delivery in
April. A second one is on order if Barrie gets approval from the “minister of finance” and
Patrick has just test flown his Sukhoi 31, and hopefully Jason will have the Extra 300
going again in the new year. And of course we send our first team to WAC in nearly 15
years. There are a few aircraft changing hands, some of these are on the SAC website.
Aerobatic ratings are due for renewal in January. If you have competed this year you only
need to do a renewal application. If not you will have not, then get to the Ace of Base or
it will be a re-issue of the rating.

2011 Calendar
The 2011 Calendar has been finalized and published on the website. Some of the venues
still need to be confirmed. You will notice that most of the contests are now regional
contests in Gauteng, KZN, Free State, Cape Province and North West. This will allow us
to re introduce the provincial system as detailed in the newsletter. You will also notice
that the contests are scheduled as two day events. Some of these may be reduced to a
single day event. The reason for this is that with the current number of entries, there is
pressure on us to finish the contest in one day. It also allows us to have more entries as
some pilots are unable to make it on the specific day of the weekend. There are other
benefits in that we can have more sequences per contest, which allows us to fly more
unknown sequences. This is a very important aspect in preparing for international events.
One of the new initiatives is to hold joint events with the S.A Power Flying Association.
So the SAC will have the aerobatic event and SAPFA will run a Navigation Rally. This
will hopefully raise the standard of our events, attract more people, which in turn will
hopefully attract sponsors and allow us to share resources. We also hope to include other
sections of the Aero Club, and to have an increased social part to our contests. One of the
benefits here is that there is an opportunity for family members to become involved in
some of the flying activities. Rally flying is a great way to get enthusiastic family
members or friends involved as Navigators or Pilots! We hope to get some new Aerobatic
Pilots from other sections too. Please watch the website for updates on the events.

2011 Nationals
The plan is to hold the Nationals at Mkuze next year, but we are having trouble with
hangarage and fuel. Margate has been identified as an alternate airfield for the June
Nationals. We hope to have clarity by February at the latest. The final team for WAC
2011 and the final squad for AWAC 2012 will be chosen at the 2011 Nationals. Please
get your leave arranged!

WAC 2011
A provisional squad for WAC 2011 in Ravenna, Italy has been selected. The squad is not
final, and anyone looking to step up to Unlimited must please contact me ASAP. We will
be having training camps, and will invite all prospective 2012 AWAC pilots to join these
camps, and to do some Unlimited training as a move towards preparing the next AWAC
pilots. Once again all pilots wanting to be involved in these camps please contact me
ASAP. The final team for WAC will be chosen at Nationals, based on the results of all
contests starting at Ace of Base 2010. Previous Unlimited and AWAC results will also be
considered. The provisional squad is:

Manager: Annie Boon
Pilots: Nigel Hopkins
        Mark Hensman
        Patrick Davidson
        Mark Sampson

Provincial System

Most of the Aero Club sections have a provincial system in place, and Aerobatics used to
have a strong one. One of the reasons this fell away is that the sport was on a decline and
most of the aerobatics was held in one region. Fortunately this is no longer the case, and
we once again have strong representation from most regions. KZN was once one of the
strongest teams and the spirit there is on the up. As discussed in the calendar section,
most of our contests now take on a Regional Championship status. We will be re
introducing the Provincial Colours as awarded by the Aeroclub. Pilots in Sportsman level
and above will be able to earn their Provincial Colours at the respective Regional events
as well as at Nationals. We are looking for a trophy to be donated for the best Provincial
team of the year! More details on the qualification criteria will be published soon.

Fund Raising
The Committee has identified methods to raise funds for the SAC. These funds will be
used to fund competitions, run training camps for all levels, help with fuel costs, to
sponsor the WAC and AWAC teams, and to continue to grow the sport. If there are any
ideas to help this initiative please contact me or Annie (0829028614), or any of the
Committee members.

If there is anything that you, the members would like to see, hear or discuss please feel
free to contact me.

“Happy and Safe Flying!”

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