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									                                 ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL
                                    Our Lady of the Flight into Egypt
                                              Roeland Street, Cape Town
                                        Parish Office: 16 Bouquet St, Cape Town
                          Telephone: 021 461-1167 Mass Times/ Messages: 021 461-8111
                          Fax: 088-021-4618111 Web:
                          Presbytery: Nazareth House, Vredehoek Tel: 021 462-2586
         Parish Priest: Fr. Noel Rucastle   Assistant Priest: Fr. Aloysius Abone
    MASS TIMES              Cathedral             Nazareth House               Villa Maria
 Mondays – Fridays            1.10pm                   7.00am                    6.45am
     Saturdays           6.00pm (for Sun)              7.00am                    7.10am
      Sundays           10.00am & 5.00pm               8.45am                    7.30am
   Public Holidays             No Mass                 9.00am                    8.00am
                              MASS INTENTIONS THIS WEEK
                       Fr. Noel Rucastle            Fr. Aloysius         Fr. Rodney Hall
      Sat Jan 29       Intentions of Sisters of    Ana das Neves          Donor’s Intention
                              Nazareth              Correia RIP
                     Pro Populo/ Maria Agueda      Carlos de Jesus        Donor’s Intention
      Sun Jan 30
                            dos Reis RIP            Correia RIP
      Mon Jan 31     Jose Correia do Reis RIP     John Joe Tobin RIP      Donor’s Intention
                     Sr. Roman – For recovery     Imanuel J. Telo RIP     For Sr. Illtyd and
      Tue Feb 01
                        Luigi Bonalumi RIP         A.L. Rametti RIP     For Sr Illtyd and P.E.
      Wed Feb 02
      Thur Feb 03      Kevin & Val Eberlein       Maria Moreira RIP     For McKeever Famiy
                       Mrs Dewhurst – For         Manuel Moreira RIP        Mortuary List
      Fri Feb 04

      Sat Feb 05      Holy Souls in Purgatory        Mortuary List         For Holy Souls

         Cathedral:                Saturdays 9.00 – 10.00am and 5.00 – 5.45pm
        Nazareth House:            Thursday before 1st Friday of the month 9.15am

COMMUNION TO THE SICK: Is there someone in your family who is sick at home or in
hospital? Kindly contact Peter Sangiorgio on 083 298 2756, or Sinclair Broadhurst 083 300
6747 who will arrange for Holy Communion.

1st Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus including Holy Communion and Benediction
of the Blessed Sacrament, will be celebrated this Friday, 4 February, at Nazareth House at

HOLY CHILDHOOD: 2nd collection next weekend will be for the support of the Society of
Missionary Children. Envelopes are at the back of the Church.
MIMOSA SHRINE – BELLVILLE: Rosary will be prayed this Wednesday (2nd) at 7.00pm.
ZIMBABWEAN MASS: A Mass will be celebrated in Shona, at the Cathedral next Sunday
after the 10.00am Mass.
CHOICE ON TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY ACT: On 1 February 1997 the Choice on
Termination of Pregnancy Act was passed by Parliament. Since then, many thousands of
unborn children have been killed, their dignity and humanity seemingly counting for nothing.
To mark this anniversary, and to pray for a change of heart on the part of all who disregard the
rights of unborn children, HOLY MASS will be celebrated by Fr. Peter-John Pearson at the
Cathedral this Tuesday (1st) at 1.10pm.
BAPTISM – MARCH 2011: Instruction classes for parents and godparents will take place
from Thursday 17th February, 24th, and 03 March, at 6.45pm in the Cathedral Office.
Attendance at all three classes is compulsory in order to secure baptism on Sunday 06
March at 11.30am in the Cathedral. Parents are asked to complete a Baptism application
form and hand it to one of the Priests.
MUSIC MINISTRY: Each year we celebrate Africa Day, and each year we pay choirs to
perform at the Cathedral. Father Noel is asking whether a group of donors can get together
to purchase a full set of Marimbas for the Parish. The cost involved is R24000.00.
MAINTENANCE MEETING: Will take place this Wednesday (2nd), at 7.00pm in the
Cathedral Office.
TURKISH COMMUNITY: A few families from the Turkish community will be joining us for
the Parish tea after the Sunday 10.00am Mass. They will be bringing Noah’s pudding to
share with us as a community. Please join us after Mass to mingle and meet with these
SOUTHERN CROSS: This week’s Editorial, “Blessed John Paul II”. Interesting Articles: SA
joy at JP II beatification; Did Jesus drink alcohol? – Part 13 of Passion pilgrimage series;
Home away from home for Seafarers; Seminarians 1985 march lessons learned; Kids say the
darndest things.
CATHEDRAL FLOWERS: If you would like to donate flowers for the Cathedral, please
contact Debbie on 082 460 4662 or alternatively, you could place a donation in the Donation
Box in the Cathedral porch. (marked “Flowers”).
PARISH FUNDRAISER 50/50 CLUB: Reminder - All monies need to be in by this weekend
to qualify for the next draw.

ITALIAN PILGRIMAGE - May 27th to June 6th 2011
With Fr Noel Rucastle & Fr Aloysius Abone
2 nights Assisi / 1 night Loreto / Cascia / 5 nights Rome
Flyers available at entrance of the church.
Contact: for details and bookings.

BANKING DETAILS: Direct transfers are welcome to the following:
Name of the Acc.          Bank           Type        Branch No.         Account Number
St Mary’s Cathedral       Standard       Current       020-009             07 156 478 0

The monthly Parish Tea will take place today (Sunday) after the
10.00am Mass in the Cathedral Garden. All are most welcome!

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