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					                      Rotary Club of Morriston
Minutes of meeting held at Sherwoods, Monday 5th October 2009.
1.    Apologies for absence:
      Rtn Leslie Thomas.
      Present: President Islwyn Davies, Acting PE Howard Phillips, IPP Arwyn
      Lewis, PPs Steve Harmer, Huw Vaughan, Dudley Jones, Geof Tanner, Jim
      Lightbody and Geoff Ball, Secretary Russell Thomas, Treasurer Paul
2.    Minutes of meeting held Monday 7th September 2009.
      They were approved a true record – Proposed by PP Geoff, Seconded by
      PP Russell.
3.    Matters Arising
      3.1    Nine members and wives attended the Swansea Valley 40th
      3.2    Nine, but not necessarily the same nine, had attended the GSE
             dinner with Swansea Bay RC at the Dragon. Thanks to both groups.
4. Correspondence
      4.1    Russell’s now on tablets. He’s been reading the monthly DG and
             Secretary’s letter again. There will be an extensive press campaign
             raising the awareness of Rotary.
      4.2    E-mail received from Katie Something-or-other from the Girl Guides.
             Originally thought this was to help us find the Alzheimer’s Walk, but
             apparently they are trying to raise funds for a Centenary Project.
             Deferred to November, but a possibility of another outlet for the
             raffle? (This bit added by the editor as it did not come up at Council)
      4.3    Letter of resignation has now been received from Simon. Accepted
             with regret – we are sorry to lose any member.
      4.4    RC Swansea Bay will hold the Boules presentation on the 9 th
             October. Council believed that PP David Jones may be attending and
             would represent the club as not much notice i.e. four days had been
5. Treasurer’s Report
      5.1    Members’ statements distributed. Ten members are overdrawn.
             There were many ‘tut-tuts’ as he handed out statements to Council
             members. All felt ashamed – he’d like to think so anyway.
      5.2    The new Lloyds account is apparently all but opened. He is now
             waiting for a sort code and account number. When this is available
             he will distribute standing order amendments to everyone. Each
             member will then have the opportunity to increase the amount if they
             wish to. He would like members to hand back the amendment to him
             and not for members to take it to their bank. He can keep track of
             the changes that way.

6. Fund Raising
      6.1   ASDA buckets make £305. Thanks to all who participated – all it cost
            us was time.
      6.2   The raffle at Morrison’s is approaching. Alan Gabriel has advised we
            will receive a television as a prize but more are required to be
            sourced by members. Come on lads – just one last effort!
      6.3   The Annual Draw is well under way in the planning. Five potential
            new outlets have been found. Council decided – for this year only
            and to be reviewed in the light of success or otherwise – to raise the
                       Rotary Club of Morriston
               prize fund as follows: 1st £500; 2nd £250, 3rd £100; ten consolation
               prizes of £10 each plus £50 for the group selling most tickets. Total
               prize fund is £1000.
       6.4     Quiz will take place at Tircoed Village Hall on the 6 th November.
               Drinks licence fee £21 has been paid.
7. Membership
       7.1 Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival approaches. Saturday 24th October.
           Leave D Coaches depot Ferryboat Road, Llansamlet at 12.30. Free time
           in Cowbridge until 5.30 (ish) pm when the coach will take us to the Blue
           Anchor at Aberthaw for a meal – booked for 7.00 pm when the
           restaurant opens. Paul will be away on holiday and only comes back on
           the Saturday morning so will be out of contact that week. See Russell if
           any problems.
       7.2     Applications for Leave of Absence from IPP Arwyn and Secretary
           Russell have been received. Arwyn will be away on holiday (his first
           since becoming President last year – well done Arwyn) from 22nd
           October to the 16th November. Russell (his umpteenth holiday since he
           was President) will be away from the 27th October to 17th November.
           Both requests agreed.
       7.3     Application for membership from Jeff Burn has been actioned quicker
           than a free dental check – he’s now a member!!
       7.4     Glenda recently made contact to say that going through Dr David’s
           things she found a notebook indicating that he had wished to donate
           £100 to the club for everyone ‘to have a drink’. She has already been
           thanked and it will be used towards the Club’s Christmas dinner.
       7.5     Despite not going as Pauline really does not feel up to it, PP Geof
           has continued to organise the Club’s visit to Conference at Torquay.
           Geof – we are all very grateful and wish Pauline a speedy recovery.
8. Youth Activities and Community Service
       8.1     RYLA students will have been to Club before you read these
       8.2     Young Chef competition will take place on the 12 th November. The
               Welsh Youthspeaks heats open in Llandeilo and Bryntawe have
               agreed to host the Zone final
9. Awards and Grants
       9.1     None – see Guide letter above. Council had not heard from David
           Howells as to progress made with PDG Kistiah regarding the matching
           grants application. £500 was approved however for the Mr X appeal.
10.     International
       10.1 Council approved an immediate grant for an Emergency Box for
Samoan disaster.
11     A.O.B.
        Meeting closed at 7.40. Next meeting will be Monday 2nd November. Would
members please consider nominations for JVP? PP Howard has agreed, if it is the
wish of members to stand for next year’s President Elect. Tie design has been
approved and the minimum number of 50 has been ordered.
                       Rotary Club of Morriston

Schedule of Events – October 2009 – January 2010

       9th – 11th October District Conference at Torquay
       15th – 17th October Morrisons’ Raffle

       13th October         Fellowship – RYLA presentations
       20th October         Speaker

       24th October Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival & Blue Anchor
       27th October      Business

       2nd November         Council
       3rd November         Committees
       6th November         Quiz – funds towards Purple Pinkie RI Foundation
       10th November        Frugal Lunch – no meeting at Sherwoods
       12th November        Young Chef Competition
       17th November        Fellowship
       24th November        Business
       28th November        Christmas Dinner/Dance Sketty Hall (With Swansea Bay RC)

       30th November        Council

       1st December         Special General Meeting
       8th December         Carols at Cartref
       10th December        Bopping at Bonymaen
       15th December        Business
       22nd December        Club Christmas lunch – guests warmly welcome
       29th December        No meeting

       5th January          No meeting
       12th January         Committees
       19th January         Speaker
       26th January         Fellowship

       Other dates:

       30th December – 1st January
                           Thistle Hotel, Cheltenham, New Year’s Eve.
       15th January        Les Miserables, Millennium Centre Cardiff
       11 May              Frugal Lunch – no meeting at Sherwoods
       20th – 23rd June    RI Convention Montreal

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