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                        Revised September 2007



Arabella Country Estate is situated within the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve within the Cape Fynbos
Region. This is one of the richest plant kingdoms in the world with an incredible variety of flowers
and shrubs. It is an area that is also prone to long dry periods with variable or no rainfall.

As a part of the Biosphere Arabella is committed to protecting the biodiversity of plants and animals
within the reserve and to co-operating in avoiding the introduction of plants or animals which may
pose a threat to this diversity. The Estate is also committed to the conservation and wise use of
water resources.

Additionally, South Africa has promulgated Regulations in terms of the Conservation of Agricultural
Resources Act (CARA). The Schedules to this Act set out plants, not allowed on private land. Failure
to remove such plants is an offence and landowners are liable to prosecution. It is in our interest to
comply with these regulations.

The Landscaping Guidelines are intended to help private homeowners:
   • Help the Estate contribute to the goals of the Biosphere Reserve
   • Avoid breaching the CARA Regulations, and
   • Have a water wise garden that will save water and thus save money.

consultant is employed to guide you in your choices. Many of the surrounding nurseries or
landscaping contractors have the knowledge to advise you in your planting.


    Plant Material
    Only South African indigenous plants may be used, preferably those, which are endemic (Cape
Flora). Endemic plants are better suited to local climate conditions and are also water wise. This rule
applies to all beds, patios, planters, pots and courtyard areas.

    Recommended Plants
    An extensive recommended plant list is attached to these guidelines, Copies are available from
the estate office.

    Road Verges
    No lawn or gravel stone may be used on the 3m estate road verges. Servitude Planting of the
verges is encouraged and should follow sub paragraph 1.1 as set out above.

     Water Management
     In view of the estate being in a low rainfall area water consumption must be managed with care.
The installation of all irrigation systems must be approved by estate landscaper prior to installation.
All automatic irrigation systems must be fitted with rain sensors. In summer irrigation systems should
be programmed to run during the night (less evaporation) and over watering should be avoided at all
     All irrigation systems must be fitted with an isolation valve situated next to or not more than 1
meter from the mains water supply meter and within the estate servitude area.

    Weed and Pest Control
    It is the responsibility of homeowners to ensure the proper control of weeds and pests on their
property, avoiding spreading onto estate land. Driveways and paths should be kept weed-free at all
times. Environmentally friendly products only should be applied. A list of appropriate products is
available from the Estate office.

   Garden Maintenance
   Homeowners are responsible for regular upkeep of gardens i.e. mowing and edging of lawns,
weeding of beds, etc.

    It is the responsibility of the homeowner or the garden contractor to remove all garden waste,
grass cuttings and weeds, etc from the premises/estate.


    No lawns will be permitted beyond the boundaries of private properties.

    No trees may be removed or felled without Home Owners Association Directors approval.

    No plants or bulbs may be removed or transplanted.

    Estate or golf course irrigation lines may not be operated by homeowners.

    No private garden waste or soil may be dumped in this area.

    No hard landscaping allowed in above areas unless approved by estate management (e.g. paving,
paths, water features, steps, benches, sleepers, retaining walls, bridges and sculptures).

    No berms may be constructed in this area.

    No blocking, re-directing or any interference of the estate swale system is permitted.

    No sleeves installed for estate purposes may be used by landscape contractors for irrigation or
other purposes.


    Limited development of estate land immediately adjoining the homeowner’s property may be
permitted with the consent of the estate landscaping committee, Applications must be submitted to
the estate office for consideration. The application must be submitted in writing and must include a
scaled layout plan(s) clearly showing the intended development and nature and types of plants,
paving and any other features envisaged. No fences, bridges, ponds or berms will be permitted and
planting must be informal. If a landscaping contractor is used for such work a fee of R500.00 will be
payable together with a refundable deposit of R5000.00 to the estate office. This is to cover the cost
of any repair work to possible damage caused on surrounding land.

    Any areas outside of private erven may not be fenced off from surrounding land.

     There may be no visual intrusion to, the view from neighbouring properties.. Planting should be
in line with the rules applying to private home gardens – indigenous etc. and kept below 1 meter in

   Only hand watering is allowed in these areas. No irrigation systems may be installed. The
development of these areas will be carried out under strict control of estate management/landscaper.

   4. Vacant Erven

    All erven must be kept free of any alien invasion in accordance with CARA
             Regulations. (see attached).

    No dumping of litter or building rubble is allowed
    Any possibility of soil erosion on vacant erven must be monitored.

    Erven must be free of any dangerous trees that may cause damage to neighbouring properties.

   Erven must be free of any stagnant water that may cause excessive breeding of insects
(mosquitoes, etc).


    When first developing a garden it is recommended that homeowners employ the
       services of a professional with knowledge of the area and plants that should be used.
       Homeowners should then inform the estate landscaper of their proposed plant list and design
       for approval prior to any activity on site.

    All private landscaping contractors must register with the estate landscaper for permission to
operate on the estate. During this introduction the landscaper will be familiarised with all rules and

    No plants contained in the first schedule of the CARA regulations are allowed on the estate.
Homeowners will be required to remove such plants. A copy of the CARA regulations is held at the
estate office.

     The rules and code of conduct applicable to building contractors and sub-contractors as contained
in the building guidelines apply to landscaping Contractors as well.

      6.1 Working hours – Monday to Friday between 07h00 to 18h00 (no work on weekends or
          public holidays)

        6.2 No advertising boards may be displayed anywhere on the estate.

        6.3 No cold canvassing is allowed on estate.
        6.4 The movement of staff is restricted to the site being landscaped.

        6.5 All rubble must be removed from the site and estate immediately upon completion of the

        6.6 No rubble is to be dumped on vacant erven or estate property.

        6.7 The use of alcohol is strictly forbidden.

        6.8 No firearms are allowed on the estate.
        6.9 Staff to stay properly dressed at all time.
        6.10 Speed limits on the estate are to be adhered to:- Main routes 40km/h, residential areas

Jenny B                   (028) 273 8186

Fynbos Tuindienste        082 572 3831

Garden Enterprise         083 669 9666

Earth Works Landscaping   083 442 4642

Onrus Tuindienste         082 603 8164

Classic Landscapes        083 459 5979
  NAME                              COMMON NAME         NAME                       COMMON NAME
 ALOES/SUCCULENTS                                       BULBS
 Aloe arborescens rycroft             Krantz Aloe       Albuca spp                   Rooikanol
 Aloe arborescens pearson             Krantz Aloe       Amaryllis belladonna
 Aloe arborescens phillip le roux     Krantz Aloe       Babiana thunbergii           Rooibobbejaantjie
 Aloe arborescens huntley             Krantz Aloe       Brunsvigia josephinae        Kandelaarblom
 Aloe arborescens compton             Krantz Aloe       Brunsvigia marginata         Kandelaarblom
 Aloe ferox                           Bitter Aloe       Brunsvigia orientalis        Kandelaarblom
 Aloe maculata                        Soap Aloe         Cyrtanthus obliquus          Fire Lily
 Aloe mitriformis                                       Eucomis autumnalis           Pineapple Flower
 Aloe gracilis                        Gracile Aloe      Eucomis regia                Pineapple Flower
 Aloe plicatilis                      Fan Aloe          Gladiolus carneus            Sword Lily
 Aloe succotrina                      Kogelberg Aloe    Gladiolus cunonius           Sword Lily
 Aloe tenuior                         Slender Aloe      Gladiolus natalensis         Sword Lily
 ANNUALS                                                Haemanthus coccineus         Powder Brush
 Arctotis hirsuta                     Gousblom          Haemanthus sanguineus        Powder Brush
 Carpanthea pomeridiana               Vetkousie         Lachenalia                   Viooltjies
 Dimorphotheca pluvialis                                Nerine sarniensis
 Dimorphotheca sinuata                                  Veltheimia capensis          Sand Lelie
 Dorotheanthus bellidiformis          Bokbaai Vygie     Wachendorfia thyrsiflora
 Heliophila coronopifolia             Sporrie           Watsonia aletroides          Pypies
 Senecio arenarius                    Hongerblom        Watsonia angusta             Pypies
 Senecio elegans                      Wild Cineraria    Watsonia borbonica           Pypies
 Senecio glastifolius                                   Watsonia coccinea            Pypies
 Ursinia spp                                            Watsonia dubia               Pypies
 AQUATIC                                                Watsonia humilis             Pypies
 Aponogeton nistachyos                Waterblommetjie   Watsonia hysteranthia        Pypies
 Cyperus textilis                     Matjiesgoed       Watsonia laccata             Pypies
 Gunnera perpensa                     River Pumpkin     Watsonia pillansii           Pypies
 Onixotis triquetra                   Sterretjie        Watsonia stenosiphon         Pypies
 Nymphoides indica                    Water Lily        Watsonia strictiflora        Pypies
 Nymphaea nouchali                    Water Lily        GROUND COVER
 Schoenoplectus scirpoides            Biesiegoed        Arctotis auriculata
NAME                                        COMMON NAME           NAME                             COMMON NAME

GROUND COVER CONT.                                                SHRUBS AND PERENNIALS CONT.
Arctotis stoechadifolia                     Rank Gousblom         Lobelia valida                   Galjoenblom
Carpobrotus spp                             Perdevy, Wild Fig     Maytenus oleoides                Rock False Candlewood
Cotyledon orbiculata                                              Nylandtia spinosa                Skilpadbessie
Crassula arborescens sub sp arborescens                           Pelargonium spp
Crassula arborescens sub sp undulatifolia                         Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus     Candlewood
Crassula densiflorus                                              Robsonodendron maritima
Crassula lactea                                                   Robsonodendron parviflora
Crassula multicava                                                Salvia africana-lutea            Bruinsalie
Crassula nudicaulis                                               Salvia chamelaeagnea             Bloublommetjie-Salie
Crassula perfoliata var minor                                     Salvia lanceolata                Strandsalie
Crassula pubescens sub sp radicans                                Salvia muirii                    Witoogsalie
Crassula rubricaulis                                              Salvia thermarum                 Goudini Sage
Crassula subalata                                                 Scabiosa incisa
Crassula tetragona sub sp tetragona                               TREES
Gazania rigens                              Strand - Botterblom   Apodytes geldenhuysii            Cape White Pear
Hermannia saccifera                                               Cassine parvifolia               Mountain Spoonwood
Heterolepsis aliena                                               Cassine peragua sub sp Barbara   Dune Spoonwood
Jordaaniella anemoni florus                 Anemony Mesemb        Cassine schinoides               Spoonwood
Plectranthus neochilus                      Muishondblaar         Cryptocarya angustifolia         Blue-Laurel
Ruschia lineolata                                                 Cussonia arenicola               Cabbage Tree
Senecio serpens                                                   Cussonia gamtoosensis            Cabbage Tree
Skiatophytum tripolium                                            Cussonia nicholsonii             Cabbage Tree
RESTIO                                                            Cussonia thyrsiflora             Dune Cabbage Tree
Thamnochortus insignis                      Dekriet               Euclea racemosa                  Dune Quarry
Thamnochortus spicigerus                    Olifantsriet          Maytenus lucidus                 Cape Koko Tree
SHRUBS AND PERENNIALS                           TREES
Elaeodendron croceum     Forest Saffron         Metrosideros angustifolius       Cape Metrosideros
Freylinia densiflora     Langeberg Honey-Bell   Olea Exasperata                  Snake Olive
Freylinia helmei         Botrivier Honey-Bell   Podocarpus falcatus
Freylinia longiflora     Kogelberg Honey-Bell   Salix mucronata sub sp Hirsuta   Cape Silver Willow
Freylinia undulata       Overberg Honey Bell    Trichilia Dregeana               Forest Natal Mahogany
Freylinia visseri        Suurlat                Widdringtonia schwarzii          Willowmore Cedar
Halleria elliptica

Helichrysum petiolatum   Kooigoed

Heterolepis aliena

NAME                         HEIGHT    COMMON NAME        NAME                         HEIGHT    COMMON NAME
TREES                                                     TREES CONT.

A                                                         F
Acacia karroo                6m        Sweet thorn        Ficus natalensis             25m
Acacia xanthlophloea         12m       Fever tree         Ficus sur                    12m       Common cluster fig
Alberta magna                3m        Natal flame        Halleria lucida              4m        Tree fuchsia
Aloe bainesii                8m        Tree aloe          Harpephyllum caffrum         10m       Wild plum
B                                                         I
Brabeium stellatifolium      4,5m      Wild/Cape almond   Ilex mitis                   15m       Cape holly
Brachylaena discolor         7m        Wild silver oak    K
Buddleia saligna             4m        Mock olive         Kiggelaria africana          15m       Wild peach
Buddleia salvifolia          5m        Sage wood          L
Burchellia bubalina          3m        Wild pomegranate   Loxostylis alata             5m        Tierhout
C                                                         M
Canthium           inerme/   3 – 8m    Cape date          Maurocenia frangularia       4m        Hottentots cherry
Cassine peragua              11m       Lepelhout          Myrsine africana             4m        Cape myrtle
Celtis africana              8m        White stinkwood    N
Chionanthus foveolatus       9m        Bastard ironwood   Nuxia floribunda             4 – 5m    Wild elder
Combretum spp.               10m                          O
Cunonia capensis             12m       Rooi els           Olea africana                6 -10m    Wild olive
Curtisia dentata             9m        Assegai            Olinia cymosa                10m       Hard pear
Cussonia spicata             3 – 10m   Cabbage tree       P
D                                                         Phoenix reclinata            6m        Wild date palm
Dais cotinifolia             6m        PomPom tree        Pittosporum viridiflorum     7m        Cheesewood
Diospyros whyteana           7m        Wild coffee        Podocarpus spp.              6m        Yellowwood
Dodonaea viscosa             5m        Sand olive         R
Dombeya rotundifolia         6m        Wild pear          Rapanea melanophlaeos        8m        Cape beech
Dovyalis caffra              5m        Kei apple          Rhus lancea                  8m        Karee
E                                                         Rhus lucida                  8m        Rhus lucida
Ekebergia capensis           8 – 10m   Cape ash           Rhus      pendulina      /   8 – 10m
Erythrina caffra             8m        Coral tree         Rothmannia capensis          6m        Mock gardenia
NAME                        HEIGHT   COMMON NAME        NAME                       HEIGHT   COMMON NAME
TREES CONT.                                             SHURBS CONT.
S                                                       H
Sideroxylon inerme          8m       White milkwood     Halleria elliptica                  Bush honeysuckle
Syzygium cordatum           10m      Water berry        Hermannia spp.
T                                                       Helichrysum spp.
Tarchonanthus camphoratus   5m       Camphor bush       Hibiscus pendunculatus              Pink hibiscus
V                                                       Hibiscus tiliaceus                  Tree hibiscus
Virgilia oroboides          8m       Keurboom           Hypericum revolutum                 Curry bush
W                                                       Hypoestes spp.                      Ribbon bush
Widdringtonia nodiflora     6m       Mountain cypress   L
                                                        Leonotis leonurus                   Wild dagga
SHRUBS                                                  Lobostemon spp.
A                                                       M
Acokanthera oppositifolia            Boesmans gif       Mackaya bella                       Forest bell bush
Agathosma spp.                       Boegoe             Metalasia spp.                      Blombos
Anisodontea spp.                                        O
B                                                       Orphium frutescens
Barleria spp.                                           P
Buddleia spp.                                           Pelargonium spp.
Buxus macowanii                      Cape box           Phygelius spp.
C                                                       Plectranthus spp.
Carissa spp.                         Num-num            Plumbago spp.
Chrysanthemoides spp.                Bietou             Podalyria calyptrata                Pink keurtjie
Clerodendron spp.                                       Podalyria sericea                   Silver sweet pea
Coleonema spp.                       Confetti bush      Polygala fruticosa
Cyclopia spp.                        Honey bush         Polygala myrtifolia                 Blou kappie
D                                                       Polygala virgata                    Purple broom
Dodonaea angustifolia                Sand olive         R
Draceana hookeriana                                     Restio species
E                                                       Rhus crenata                        Dune crow berry
Erica spp.                                              Ruttya spp.
Eriocephalus africanus               Wild rosemary      S
Euryops spp.                                            Salvia africana-lutea               Beach salvia
F                                                       Salvia chamelaeagnea       1,5m     Bloublomsalie
Felicia spp.                                            Salvia dodomitica          1m
Freylinia spp.                                          Scabiosa africana
G                                                       Schlerochiton harveyanus   1,5m     Blue lips
Gnidia oppositifolia                                    Selago spp.
Grewia occidentalis                  Cross berry        Sparmannia africana                 Cape stock rose
NAME                      HEIGHT   COMMON NAME       NAME                       HEIGHT    COMMON NAME
SHRUBS CONT.                                         GROUND COVERS AND PERENNIALS CONT.
S                                                    H
Stoebe plumosa            1,2m     Slangbos          Helichrysum cymosum
Strelitzia spp.                    Crane flower      Hermannia spp.
Sutherlandia frutescens            Kankerbos         Hypoestes forskaolii
T                                                    I
Tecomaria spp.                     Honeysuckle       Impatiens zombensis
Thunbergia natalensis     1m       Natal blue bell   L
CLIMBERS                                             Lobelia spp.
C                                                    M
Clematis brachiata                                   Monopsis spp
G                                                    O
Gloriosa superba                   Flame lily        Osteospermum spp.
J                                                    S
Jasminum multipartitum                               Scabiosa columbaria                  Butterfly blue
S                                                    Sutera spp.
Senecio spp.                                         BULBS
R                                                    A
Rhoicissus spp.                                      Agapanthus spp.
T                                                    Amaryllis belladonna                 Belladonna lily
Thunbergia spp.                    Blackeyed susan   Aristea spp.
V                                                    B
Vernonia mespilifolia              Swart teebossie   Boophane disticha                    Kopseerblom
GROUND COVERS AND PERENNIALS                         C
A                                                    Chasmanthe spp.
Arctotis spp.                                        Clivia spp.                          Bush lily
Asystasia gangetica                                  Crinum spp.
C                                                    Crocosmia aurea                      Falling stars
Chlorophytum comosum                                 Cyrtanthus spp.
Cineraria saxifraga                                  D
D                                                    Dierama spp.                         Harebells
Dymondia margaretae                                  Dietes spp.                          Wild iris
F                                                    F
Falkia repens                                        Freesia alba                         Wild freesia
G                                                    Freesia fergusoniae                  Riversdale freesia
Gazania spp.                                         G
Geranium incanum                                     Gladiolus carinatus                  Blue afrikaner
NAME                         HEIGHT   COMMON NAME       NAME                        HEIGHT   COMMON NAME
BULBS CONT.                                             FERN-LIKE PLANTS AND FERNS CONT.
G                                                       P
Gladiolus odoratus                    Aandblom          Pteris spp.
Gladiolus tritis                      Aandblom          R
I                                                       Rumohra adiantiformis                Seven week fern
Ixia spp.                                               S
K                                                       Streptocarpus hybrids
Kniphofia spp.                        Red hot poker     T
N                                                       Todea barbara
Nymphaea capensis                     Blue water lily   SUCCULENTS
Nerine spp.                                             A
O                                                       Aloe spp.
Ornithogalum thrysoides               Chinkerinchee     Aptenia cordifolia
Oxalis spp.                                             B
S                                                       Bulbine alooides
Scadoxus puniceus                     Paint brush       Bulbine frutescens
Scilla natalensis                                       C
T                                                       Carpobrotus edulis                   Sour fig
Tritonia crocata                      Venstertjies      Cotyledon orbiculata                 Pigs ears
Tulbagia sp.                                            Crassula ovata                       Pink joy
V                                                       D
Veltheimia bracteata                  Forest lily       Delosperma species
W                                                       L
Wachendorfia thyrsiflora                                Lampranthus spp.                     Vygies
Watsonia sp.                                            P
Z                                                       Portulacaria afra                    Elephant food
Zanthedeschia sp.                     Arum lily
Asparagus spp.
Asplenium lobatum                     Carrot fern
Adiantum spp.
Blechnum spp.
Cyathea dregei                        Tree fern
Cyrtomium falcatum                    Holly fern

NAME                           COLOUR                NAME                                             COLOUR
SUMMER FLOWRING                                      SUMMER FLOWERING CONT.
A                                                    M
Agathosma collina              Yellow-green          Mackaya bella                                    White
Anisodontea spp.               Pink                  Metalasia muricata                               White
B                                                    O
Barleria rosea                 Flame red             Orphium frutescens                               pink
Buddleja glomerata             Yellow                P
Buddleja salviifolia           Lilac                 Pelargonium spp.                                 Pink, white, purple, red
C                                                    Phygelius capensis                               Yellow, red
Carissa spp.                   White                 Plumbago auriculata                              Blue, white
Crocosmia Africa Gold          Golden yellow         Podalyria calyptrata/sericea                     Pink
Crocosmia Fire King            Red                   Polygala myrtifolia                              Magenta, pink
D                                                    R
Diascia                        Pink, white, salmon   Ruttya spp.                                      Yellow
Dietes bicolor                 Yellow with black     S
Dietes grandiflora             White with purple     Salvia africana-lutea                            Brown
Dombeya rotundifolia           Cream white           Salvia chamelaeagnea                             Blue, white
E                                                    Salvia dolomitica                                Pastel pink
Erica spp.                     Various               Scabiosa                                         Pink
F                                                    Sclerochiton harveyanus                          Blue
Felicia spp.                   Blue, white           Selago spp.                                      Purple, blue, white
Freylinia tropica              Blue, white           Strelitzia spp.                                  Orange, purple
G                                                    Sutherlandia frutescens (Lessertia frutescens)   Orange, red
Gnidia spp.                    Yellow, pink          T
H                                                    Tecoma                                           Various
Halleria elliptica             Red
Hibiscus pedunculatus          Pink
Hypericum revolutum            Yellow                Agapanthus spp.                                  Blue, white
                                                     Aristea spp                                      Blue
NAME                      COLOUR              NAME                       COLOUR
C                                             S
Clivia spp.               Orange, yellow      Scadoxus puniceus          Scarlet, orange
Crinum spp.               Pink, white         Scilla natalensis          Blue
Crocosmia aurea           Orange, yellow      T
Cyrtanthus spp.           Red, yellow, pink   Tritonia crocata           Orange
D                                             W
Dierama spp.              Mauve, pink         Wachendorfia thyrsiflora   Yellow
Dietes spp.               White, yellow       Watsonia spp.              Various
F                                             Z
Freesia fergusoniae       Creamy yellow       Zanthedeschia spp.         White
Gladiolus tristis         Yellow              C
Gladiolus spp.            Various             Clematis brachiata         Cream
I                                             P
Ixia spp.                 Various             Podranea ricasoliana       Pink
K                                             T
Kniphofia linearifolia    Orange              Thunbergia alata           Yellow, orange
Kniphofia rooperii        Orange
Kniphofia uvaria          Orange              A
N                                             Aptenia cordifolia         Pink
Nerine spp.               Pink, white, red    C
O                                             Cotyledon orbiculata       Red, orange
Ornithogalum thrysoides   White               L
NAME                            COLOUR                  NAME                                   COLOUR
A                                                       S
Agathosma ciliaris              White                   Salvia africana – lutea                Brown
Agathosma glabrata              Lilac
Agathosma ovata                 Pale pink white         A
B                                                       Amaryllis belladonna                   Pink
Barleria obtusa                 Blue                    C
Barleria obtusa                 Pink                    Chasmanthe spp.                        Orange yellow
Barleria Purple prince          Purple                  F
Barleria repens Tickled pink    Pink                    Freesia alba                           White
Buddleja auriculata             Yellow                  G
C                                                       Gladiolus carinatus                    Blue
Chrysanthemoides monilifera     Yellow                  O
Coleonema Sunset Gold           Pink                    Oxalis spp.                            Yellow
Coleonema pulchellum            Pale pink               V
Coleonema album                 White                   Veltheimia bracteata
Erica sessiliflora              Yellow                  J
Erica caffra                    White                   Jasminum multipartitum (late winter)
F                                                       S
Felicia spp.                    Blue, white, purple     Senecio tamoides (autumn)
H                                                       Senecio macroglossus
Hypoestes aristata              Purple, white           T
L                                                       Thunbergia alata
Leonotis spp.                   Orange, yellow, white
P                                                       A
Plectranthus ecklonii           Pink, white, purple     Aloe spp.
Polygala myrtifolia/fruticosa   Magenta pink            C
Polygala virgata                purple                  Crassula ovata

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