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									For a person who suffers from panic and anxiety disorder, it may be hard to lead a
perfectly normal life. More often than not, the onset of panic attacks is unavoidable
and may set off the person at any time. This is why it is worthwhile to know which
things can be avoided and which can be controlled in some point. Without proper
medication and therapy, there are only a few things that one can do to manage the
 Treating panic attack and anxiety can be a tricky process. As Panic attacks can
happen anytime, it often comes when you least expect it to. A joyous occasion may
turn into a traumatic event not only for you but also for the people around you
especially your loved ones. You may even experience one in public places when you
are more vulnerable to danger especially when you are alone. You feel weak,
breathless, nauseous and helpless. You sweat like crazy and you seem to have no
control over your body. You think that you are going insane and you don’t know what
to do. After a while, when everyone seem to be as panicky as you are, the symptoms
stops, you faint or fall asleep. The next thing you know, you’re lying in bed trying to
remember everything that just happened. Then, it occurs to you that it has got to stop.
You want to be treated.
 The idea of treating panic attack and anxiety may sound like a non-medical thing to
most people. But little do most know that treatment of such condition is as medical as
any other psychological problem. In fact, unlike physical medical conditions, treating
panic attack and anxiety involves more stringent and long-term therapy. One-time
panic attacks that accelerate to recurrent episodes may be more than difficult to
manage that diagnosed disorders. This is why it is important for the person with such
condition to research and know what methods are available for treating panic attack
and anxiety.
 Cognitive behavioural therapy has been used for treating panic and anxiety disorders
for a long time. It involves long-term counseling with a professional medical
practitioner who specializes in these types of disorders. It is generally recognized as
the most effective form of treatment for this type of condition. The therapy
concentrates on thinking of the cause of panic in a more realistic manner. This is to
allow the person to recognize that we can have control over most situations and that
with proper understanding and care there is really nothing to fear about.
 Another known therapy called Exposure therapy will show you a more vivid picture
of your panic. It is a type of therapy which involves exposing the person to the
sensations that come with the panic attacks. The therapy includes a series of sessions
and exercises that deliberately asks you to panic. You may be asked to hyperventilate,
think of the things you fear most, and stimulate you to recreate your episodes. Its
purpose is for the practitioner to assess the situation more accurately and for you to be
able to take control of the situation.
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