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Make Your Holiday Precious With Precious Moments Figurines


									Collectors everywhere have tuned into the beauty of the precious moments figurine
line. These lovely artifacts will brighten every corner of your home, and with the
holidays coming up very soon, you can get a jump start on holiday shopping. Just set
up a list of all the decorations and gifts that you would like to get and take advantage
of all that this beautiful line of figurines has to offer the discerning fine art collectibles
  Precious Moments nativity figurines make a darling addition to your holiday décor.
This quality line of fine figurines has produced a gorgeous Illuminated Sculptural
Nativity Wreath for your enjoyment this Christmas. The wreath has all of the nativity
characters, including Mary and Joseph, the Baby Jesus, angels and animals, among
others. The green wreath background is adorned with pastel decorations, shimmering
stars, and the wreath lights up with LED lights. A delicate pink bow finishes the look
that you will love now and for years to come as a prized Christmas decoration you
will turn to again and again.
  precious moment angels are also highly sought after for the holiday season and other
occasions. The Love Never Forgets figurine is made of bisque porcelain and features
a lavender dress and golden halo. When you purchase one of these beloved figurines,
part of the purchase price is applied towards Alzheimer's research, so you are helping
others every time you buy one of these lovely angels in this charming line of
  Other angels include the Irish Angel Blessing and Heavenly Messengers of Hope
collections. The Irish angel is made of artist's resin and is hand painted. She comes
with strawberry-blonde hair and wears a light green dress and holds a bouquet of
shamrocks in her hands. The angel wings on this figurine are crafted from spun glass
and come with accents made from real gold. The Heavenly Messengers of Hope
Precious Moments angels also allow part of the purchase price to go towards breast
cancer research, and the angel comes with a light pink gown, and deeper rose heart
that she holds in her hands.
  Any of these figurines would also work well with a precious moments chapel as the
proper setting. You can find these and other figurines in this delightful product line
when you visit an online fine art collectibles website for more information, including
detailed descriptions and pictures.

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