TO:    Users of the Youth/Adolescent Food Frequency Questionnaire (YAQ) including
       English/French/Spanish/Canadian, Youth/Adolescent Physical Activity
       Questionnaire (YAAQ), Harvard Service Food Frequency Questionnaire
       (HSFFQ), African American Food Frequency Questionnaire (AAFFQ),.

FROM: Helaine Rockett, Laura Sampson, Walter Willett

DATE: October, 2008

RE: Changes in our Outside Researcher Services

Recently, due to the overall grant situation, increasing costs, and necessary consolidating
of services with the Harvard School of Public Health, we have had to re-evaluate our
Outside Researcher Services. We have made major changes to our services that may
affect you and will go into effect on January 1, 2009.

       1. Youth/Adolescent Food Frequency Questionnaires analysis prices will be
          increased by $2.00. Starting January 1, 2009, self coding analysis price will
          be $3.75 and Channing coding analysis price will be $13.00. This price
          increase is for all versions of the Youth/Adolescent Food Frequency (Spanish,
          French, and Canadian). The cost of the paper questionnaire will continue to be
          $2.00. Revised billing form will be available at the end of December on our

       2. Youth/Adolescent Activity Questionnaire (YAAQ)–The cost of the
          questionnaire ($2.00) will now include the algorithm to analyze the responses
          and generate a Physical Activity Score. Directions will be provided to enable
          you to easily generate your own Physical Activity Scores. Harvard will no
          longer run analysis on these questionnaires.

       3. Harvard Service Food Frequency Questionnaire (HSFFQ) – Only one
          option will be available for this questionnaire. The researcher will enter the
          questionnaires into the program, clean the data, and send the file to Harvard
          for analysis. Harvard will no longer double enter the questionnaires into the
          program. The number of records in the file sent in for analysis will determine
          the cost. 1 to 100 records will cost $100; 101 to 1000 records is $400; and
          1001 or more records is $1000.
SUMMARY OF NEW RATES as of January 1, 2008:
                                          Rate Per FFQ
                       Blank     Channing      Researcher    Researcher
                       FFQ       Complete      Self-code     Self-Code &
                                 Processing                  Edit (for large
                                                             studies only)
All YAQ                $2.00     $13.00         $3.75         $3.25
YAAQ (activity)        $2.00     NA             NA            NA
HSFFQ (self entered    ONLY Researcher Self Enter the data and send
into program)          Channing the file for analysis. $100 for 1 to 100
                       records; $400 for 101 to 1000 records; $1000 for
                       1001 or more records.

       4. African American Food Frequency Questionnaire (AAFFQ) will no longer
          be available.

       5. WINZIP will be the only method to receive analyzed nutrient output.
          Paper printouts and prepared CDs will not be used any longer for sending the
          analysis. Institutions will need to use WINZIP software to open emailed
          WINZIPPED file attachments containing analyzed data.

       6. Addresses will change from:
             Helaine Rockett, MS RD
             Channing Lab
             181 Longwood Avenue
             Boston, MA 02115
             Laura Sampson, MS RD/ Helaine Rockett, MS RD
             Nutrition Department
             Harvard School of Public Health
             677 Huntington Avenue
             Boston, MA 02115

       7. Checks cut after 12/31/08 should be made out to Harvard University
          instead of Harvard Medical School.

                      Mail to:
                      Laura Sampson, MS, RD
                      Nutrition Questionnaire Service Center
                      Building 2 Rm 315
                      665 Huntington Ave
                      Boston, MA 02115

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