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					                 Strengthen the ties amongst Kingston's military community • Resserrer les liens au sein de la communauté militaire de Kingston

Vol. 01, No. 06                                          Wednesday/mercredi, 03 December/décembre 2008                                                            Free/Gratuit


Helicopter Increases ........ 2

RESPONSE .......................... 4

                                                                                                                                                         (Photo by Army News)
National Champion ........... 6

              The staff at
        The Garrison would like
                                                 A thousand soldiers deploy
                                                    to Northern Ontario
          to wish everyone a
          Happy Holiday and
         remind all to look for
          the next edition on
             14 Jan. 2009.
               Le staff de la                        Exercise TRILLIUM RESPONSE: the largest exercise of its kind
          Garnison vous souhaite
         de Joyeuses Fêtes et vous      Sub-Lieutenant Sylvain Rousseau              just the scenario for the first-ever Exer-     ready to help Canadians in times of need.”
          rappel que la prochaine       Base Public Affairs Officer                  cise TRILLIUM RESPONSE, a multi-ju-             The exercise simulated a large-scale ice
           édition sera publié le
              14 Janvier 2009.                                                       risdictional disaster response exercise        storm taking place in northwestern Ontario
                                         Two severe winter storms left hundreds      developed by Emergency Management              which started on Nov. 17 and escalated over
                                        of thousands of people without power and     Ontario (EMO) and the Canadian Forces.         the week. The exercise tested the province’s
                                        compromised the area’s infrastructure in      “One of Canada Command’s primary              ability to respond to a full-scale emergency.
                                        northwestern Ontario. A total of 18 commu-   roles is providing civil and humanitarian       Canadian Force Base Kingston deployed a
                                        nities declared emergencies. The Province    aid in times of disaster,” explained Com-      handful of troops to assists during Ex TRIL-
United Way ..................... 5                                                                                                  LIUM RESPONSE, a long with a thousand
                                        of Ontario requested federal assistance      mander of Joint Task Force Central, Briga-
                                                                                                                                    other soldiers from across Ontario. The
Holiday Message ............... 5       to provide help to those municipalities      dier-General John Collin. “The Canadian
                                                                                                                                    exercise also involved participants from 40
                                        who were suffering from the aftermath.       Forces will assist the province for this ex-
                                         Fortunately this wasn’t a real ice storm,   ercise because on any given day, we stand       See Exercise TRILLIUM RESPONSE / page 4
 ■ The Garrison/La Garnison                                                                                                   WEDNESDAY/mERcREDi, 03 DEcEmbER/DécEmbRE 2008

                                                                                                                                           TogeTher AgAin – Honourable Peter
                                                                                                                                           Gordon MacKay, Minister of National
                                                                                                                                           Defence and Minister for the Atlantic
                                                                                                                                           Gateway announced that eight CH-146
                                                                                                                                           Griffon helicopters will deploy to
                                                                                                                                           Afghanistan in early 2009 as part of the
                                                                                                                                           Joint Task Force Afghanistan (JTFA) – Air
                                                                                                                                           Wing. The helicopters, with crews from
                                                                                                                                           408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron based
                                                                                                                                           in Edmonton, Alberta, will act as escort
                                                                                                                                           aircraft for the recently acquired CH-147
                                                                                                                                           D Chinook helicopters. So the two aircraft
                                                                                                                                           will once again be together like in this
                                                                                                                                           photo from taken during Op HALO in 2004
                                                                                                                                           with a Griffon waits in a field, next to
                                                                                                                                           the refueling point, while a United States
                                                                                                                                           Marine Chinook helicopter passes in the
                                                                                                                                           background, at the Port-au-Prince
                                                                                                                                           International Airport.
                                                                                                                                                (Photo from Combat Camera Website)

                                                                                                                                           réunis à nouveAu - L’honorable Peter
                                                                                                                                           Gordon MacKay, ministre de la Défense
                                                                                                                                           nationale et ministre de la Porte d’entrée
                                                                                                                                           de l’Atlantique, a annoncé l’envoi, au
                                                                                                                                           début de 2009, de huit hélicoptères CH-146
                                                                                                                                           Griffon en Afghanistan qui seront affectés
                                                                                                                                           à l’escadre aérienne de la Force opéra-
                                                                                                                                           tionnelle interarmées en Afghanistan (FOI
                                                                                                                                           (Afg)). Les hélicoptères, et les équipages
                                                                                                                                           provenant du 408e Escadron tactique
                                                                                                                                           d’hélicoptères basé à Edmonton (Alberta),
                                                                                                                                           serviront d’escortes aux nouveaux hélicop-
                                                                                                                                           tères CH-147 D Chinook. Les deux types
                                                                                                                                           d’appareils seront donc à nouveau réunis,
                                                                                                                                           comme sur cette photo prise au cours de
                                                                                                                                           l’Op Halo en 2004 où l’on voit un Grif-
                                                                                                                                           fon attendant dans un champ à proximité
                                                                                                                                           du point de ravitaillement à l’Aéroport
                                                                                                                                           international de Port-au-Prince, en Haïti,
                                                                                                                                           pendant qu’un Chinook du United States
                                                                                                                                           Marine Corps passe en arrière-plan.
                                                                                                                                                   (Photo: site Web caméra de combat)

Canada increases helicopter                                                              Le Canada augmente le nombre
capabilities in Afghanistan                                                              d’hélicoptères en Afghanistan
  Ottawa – The Honourable Peter Gor-        to the reduction of risk to Canadian           Ottawa – L’honorable Peter Gordon MacK-         explosifs de circonstance pour les membres
don MacKay, Minister of National De-        troops and government employees from         ay, ministre de la Défense nationale et min-      des FC et les fonctionnaires canadiens.
fence and Minister for the Atlantic Gate-   ambushes, land mines and improvised          istre de la Porte d’entrée de l’Atlantique, a     Tous ces actifs seront déployés en Afghani-
way, today announced that eight CH-146      explosive devices. These assets will all     annoncé aujourd’hui l’envoi, au début de          stan d’ici février 2009.
Griffon helicopters will be deployed to     be deployed to Afghanistan by Febru-         2009, de huit hélicoptères CH-146 Griffon en        Ce sont d’importants outils qui aideront
Afghanistan in early 2009 as part of the    ary 2009.                                    Afghanistan qui seront affectés à l’escadre       le Canada à atteindre les repères établis
Joint Task Force Afghanistan (JTFA)          This deployment is an important en-         aérienne de la Force opérationnelle interar-      pour les six domaines prioritaires et les
– Air Wing. The helicopters, with crews     abler to help Canada achieve the bench-      mées en Afghanistan. Les hélicoptères, et         trois projets de premier plan qui définis-
from 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron       marks it has set for the six priority ar-    les équipages provenant du 408e Escadron          sent sa mission en Afghanistan. Le gouver-
based in Edmonton, Alberta, will act as     eas and three signature projects that        tactique d’hélicoptères basé à Edmonton           nement a également soumis au Parlement,
escort aircraft for the recently acquired   define its work in Afghanistan. Today,       (Alberta), serviront d’escortes aux nou-          aujourd’hui, son deuxième rapport trimes-
CH-147 D Chinook helicopters. The de-       the Government also released its sec-        veaux hélicoptères CH-147 D Chinook. Le           triel consistant en une évaluation détaillée
ployment of the Griffon helicopters di-     ond quarterly report to Parliament, a        déploiement des hélicoptères Griffon ap-          des progrès réalisés en Afghanistan de la
rectly supports Canada’s commitment         detailed assessment of its progress in       puie directement l’engagement du Canada           mi-juin 2008 à la fin de septembre.
to meet the conditions set forth by the     Afghanistan covering the period mid-         de satisfaire aux conditions établies par le        « Il faudra avoir recours à des aéronefs es-
Independent Panel on Canada’s Future        June 2008 to the end of September.           Groupe de travail indépendant sur le rôle         corteurs pour assurer la sécurité des héli-
Role in Afghanistan.                                                                     futur du Canada en Afghanistan.
                                             “The safe employment of Chinook                                                               coptères Chinook. L’annonce d’aujourd’hui
  “The deployment of the Griffons in con-                                                  « Le déploiement des hélicoptères Grif-
                                            helicopters requires the use of escort                                                         permet de répondre aux derniers besoins
junction with the Chinooks displays our                                                  fon conjointement avec les hélicoptères
                                            aircraft. Today’s announcement fulfills                                                        de l’escadre aérienne », a indiqué le Lieu-
commitment to the men and women of                                                       Chinook montre notre engagement envers
                                            the final requirements of the Air Wing,”                                                       tenant-général Angus Watt, chef d’état-ma-
the Canadian Forces (CF) while ensur-                                                    les hommes et les femmes des Forces ca-
                                            said Lieutenant General Angus Watt,                                                            jor de la Force aérienne. « La constitution de
ing the security and effectiveness of the                                                nadiennes, tout en assurant la sécurité et
mission,” said Minister MacKay. “We         Chief of the Air Staff. “The mounting of     l’efficacité de la mission », déclare le minis-   cette unité et l’acquisition de ces nouvelles
are proud of the work completed by all      this unit and these new CF capabilities      tre MacKay. « Nous sommes fiers du travail        capacités en si peu de temps représentent
government departments to meet the          in such a short time represents a signifi-   accompli par tous les ministères visant à         des réalisations importantes par les mem-
February 2009 conditions established        cant accomplishment by the dedicated         satisfaire, d’ici février 2009, aux conditions    bres loyaux et professionnels des Forces
by the parliamentary motion.”               and professional men and women of the        établies par une motion parlementaire ».          canadiennes ».
  The Air Wing will be composed of CH-      CF.”                                           L’escadre aérienne sera composée                  Les hélicoptères Griffon appuient directe-
147 D Chinook medium - to heavy - lift       The Griffons directly support the new       d’hélicoptères de transport moyen à lourd         ment les nouvelles capacités aériennes
helicopters, Heron Unmanned Aerial          air capabilities which were conditions       CH-147 D Chinook, d’engins télépilotés Her-       qui faisaient partie des conditions établies
Vehicles (UAV) and CH-146 Griffon he-       set out in the Parliamentary motion          on et d’hélicoptères CH-146 Griffon.              dans la motion parlementaire du 13 mars
licopters.                                  of March 13, 2008 extending Canada’s           La capacité de transport des hélicoptères       2008 portant sur le prolongement de la mis-
  The transportation capability provid-     military mission in Afghanistan until        CH-147 D Chinook, la capacité d’escorte des       sion militaire du Canada en Afghanistan
ed by the CH-147 D Chinook helicopters,     2011. These air resources were one of        hélicoptères CH-146 Griffon et la capacité        jusqu’en 2011. Ces ressources aériennes
the escort capabilities of the CH-146       the recommendations of the Indepen-          de renseignement, de surveillance et de re-       étaient au nombre des recommandations
Griffon helicopter and the intelligence     dent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in        connaissance des engins télépilotés Heron         formulées par le Groupe de travail indépen-
surveillance and reconnaissance pro-        Afghanistan, headed by the Honourable        permettront de réduire les risques liés aux       dant sur le rôle futur du Canada en Afghan-
vided by the Heron UAV will contribute      John Manley.                                 embuscades, aux mines terrestres et aux           istan, dirigé par l’honorable John Manley.
WEDNESDAY/mERcREDi, 03 DEcEmbER/DécEmbRE 2008                                                                                                       The Garrison/La Garnison ■ 

FLU CLINIC — Yousra Banazzouz and her son Ibrahim attended the Flu Clinic
at the Kingston Military Family Health Centre. Close to 500 people received       CHRISTMAS BANNER — Santa adds his name to the hundreds of Christmas wishes to military
their immunizations over the past three weeks.                                    families at CFB Kingston. Frontenac Mall has partnered with CFB Kingston in Military Families:
CLINIQUE D'IMMUNISATION — Yousra Banazzouz et son fils Ibrahim ont                The Strength Behind the Uniforms. The mall hopes to raise $1,500 for the Family Cheer Fund,
assisté à la clinique d’immunisation contre la grippe au Centre des ressources    managed by the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre, to assist military families throughout
pour familles militaires de Kingston. Sur les dernières trois semaines, près de   the year. Everyone is invited to sign the Christmas banner that will be presented to the staff and
500 personnes ont reçu le vaccin contre la grippe.                                children at the centre on Dec. 8.
                                                     (Photo by Brenda Forbes)                                                                                  (Photo by Rob Mooy)

          My Day as a
       Junior Peacekeeper
  Lucas Compton,
  Gr. 8, École Lundy’s Lane School

   On November 14, our two Grade 8 classes from École Lundy’s Lane School
  took a trip to the Kingston Military training center at CFB Kingston to learn
  about what Peacekeepers must face every day and learn about what peace-
  keepers do. We were first given an introduction by Major Froese and were
  split up into groups that we would travel around the base with. To make the
  trip more realistic and to better our understanding what Peacekeepers go
  through, all of the students were given a flack vest and a Peacekeeper hel-
  met to wear for the day.
   We were then cycled through a variety of stations, each one teaching us a
  different skill that a Peacekeeper is required to have. The stations that we
  went through included: radio communications, First Aid, a field tower that
  we got to climb and use telescopes and binoculars, a station where we got
  to ride in a covered military vehicle, and a station where we were allowed
  to paint our face with the green, black and brown paint that Peacekeepers
  conceal themselves in the field with.
   All of the students agreed that the best station of the day was where we got
  to see what weapons Peacekeepers have with them. Half way through the
  day, students were given a delicious box lunch to eat and a piece of cake to
  commemorate our visit.
   At the end of the day all of the students were gathered together once again
  where we all got a gift bag with a picture of our group at one of the stations,
  a certificate qualifying us as a Junior Peacekeeper, some tubes of military
  face paint, some pens and bookmarks, and a military glow stick.
   All of us had an exciting, memorable time. We were all very excited to get
  home to tell our stories to our families and friends. Thanks to the Kingston
  Military Family Resource Centre, the Peace Support Training Centre, Cana-
  dian Forces Joint Signals Regiment and the 2 Electronic Warfare Squadron,
  for providing this amazing program.
 ■ The Garrison/La Garnison                                                                             WEDNESDAY/mERcREDi, 03 DEcEmbER/DécEmbRE 2008

Exercise TRILLIUM RESPONSE                          them.
                                                     “We were pleased to be the host city for this
from page 1                                         exercise,” said Thunder Bay Mayor Lynn Pe-
                                                    terson. “As the regional hub, it is essential that
different organizations including Provincial        Thunder Bay and surrounding communities be
ministries, Federal departments and more than       prepared for all types of emergency situations.
25 municipalities and non-Governmental orga-        The coming exercise will be a highly beneficial
nizations.                                          test of our resources and skills in the event of a
 “It was great working with the EMO and other       real disaster.”
government agencies as it allows us to learn         “We are all about being well prepared,” ex-
and test our relationships with each other,”        plained Chief of Emergency Management On-
said Lieutenant-Colonel Conrad Mialkowski,          tario Dan Hefkey.
Commanding Officer of 1 Royal Canadian Regi-         “Working with a range of local and federal
ment, Canadian Forces Base Petawawa.                agencies in exercises like Trillium
 As part of the scenario, most of Thunder Bay        Response helps us all to learn valuable les-
was without electricity and warming centers         sons. Ontarians expect the people who manage
and shelters were established for at least 20,000    emergencies to do everything to be well pre-
residents. In addition, 400 First Nations resi-     pared. We met that expectation with this exer-
dents were stranded in Sioux Lookout and were       cise.”
stretching local capabilities to accommodate
                                                                            (Photos by Army News)
WEDNESDAY/mERcREDi, 03 DEcEmbER/DécEmbRE 2008                                                                                                                          The Garrison/La Garnison ■ 

                  GCWCC United Way/Centraide Campaign 2008
Major John Karagianis                              has fared. Not that I expect much. Too many          Friends and Leaders and Lodger unit cam-           tel to declare success to the Kingston com-
Coordinator for the Garrison’s                     people got in the way. They should be pleased;       paigns a major success. Major Julie Johnson,       munity. Thank you Garrison Kingston – your
United Way Campaign                                their credit is excellent.                           who managed her campaign role very effec-          generosity was outstanding. All together, we
                                                     After all, we broke all records. I feel par-       tively despite being newly posted, while rais-     raised a quarter million dollars.
 When the pearly gates are ready to receive        ticularly proud of the tremendous support re-        ing three small children, waiting for a house        Despite unsettling economic times, I can
                                                   ceived from the United Way and our unit vol-         to be built, conversing with her husband in        watch old Ebenezer Scrooge this Christmas
yours truly, if I can’t enter through the main
                                                   unteers and donors. Proud of 81 military and         Afghanistan, and running a major base unit.        smug in the knowledge that Kingston’s poor
entrance, at least give me a chance to hop the
                                                   civilian members who donated $500 or $1,000            I am equally pleased with the support we         are fed, displaced families are housed, youth
fence, and hopefully not into the lap of a tour
                                                   apiece – I salute you Private Andrew Hamil-          received from Lieutenant Colonel Louis Cyr,        guided from a life of drugs and crime, and
guide waiting to discuss a warmer climate.         ton! Proud of Janet Lang, who aggressively           who showed great leadership and a willing-         fewer children meeting opportunistic adults.
 As I get older, I keep hoping to get noticed,     dug into the rich pockets over at the Canadian       ness to assume point whenever needed, and          What a comfort to hold this news in my hip
and not by the Base Commander. I am refer-         Defence Academy, earning 256 percent above           Colonel “Spike” Hazleton, who raised more          pocket as Saint Peter ponders my entrance
ring to the “Let’s see what we can do in seven     her $10,000 goal. I am particularly proud of my      than $10,000 in Afghanistan without being          fee. Not that I’m too concerned. Should I hap-
days” kind of leadership.                          organizing committee – Lieutenant (Navy)             asked.                                             pen across those pearly gates, I know some
 Being appointed Coordinator for the Garri-        Harold Card, who applied enough muscle to              Someone once said success has a thousand         folks who can slip me the key.
son’s United Way Campaign this year, when          raise $90,000 from the Royal Military College.       fathers, but failure is an orphan. Well, 40          As Tiny Tim would say, “God bless us, every-
Rollie Blundell tallies up the contributions, I    Colonel Larry Aitken and Dr. Bernadette De-          proud parents from across the Garrison will        one.” Have a Merry Christmas.
will be curious to see how my heavenly credit      cecchi, who spent countless hours making our         join together shortly at the Ambassador Ho-

                                     CCMTGC/Campagne Centraide 2008
Major John Karagianis                              dette! Ils devraient être heureux; leur crédit       grand succès; et le Major Julie Johnson, qui a     nison, vous avez fait preuve d’une incroyable
Coordonnateur de la campagne                       est excellent!                                       réussi à gérer très efficacement sa campagne,      générosité. Ensemble, nous avons amassé un
Centraide de la Garnison                             Après tout, nous avons pulvérisé tous les          même si elle venait à peine d’être affectée,       quart de million de dollars!
                                                   records! Je suis particulièrement fier de            devait s’occuper de ses trois jeunes enfants,        Malgré la situation économique incertaine,
  Lorsque je serai devant les portes du para-      l’incroyable soutien que nous avons reçu de          avait une maison à faire construire, était loin    je peux regarder ce vieux Ebenezer Scrooge
dis, si je ne peux pas entrer par la grande        Centraide et des bénévoles et des donateurs          de son mari, parti en Afghanistan, et devait       l’esprit en paix ce Noël : je sais maintenant
porte, donnez-moi au moins la chance de sau-       de notre unité, fier de 81militaires et civils       diriger une unité majeure de la Base.              que les plus démunis de Kingston auront de la
ter par-dessus la clôture. J’espère toutefois ne   qui ont fait des dons de 500 $ à 1000 $ chacun.       Je suis également très heureux du soutien         nourriture sur la table; que les familles sans
pas atterrir sur les genoux d’un guide touris-     Merci à vous, Soldat Andrew Hamilton! Je             que nous avons reçu du Lieutenant-colonel          logis auront enfin un toit; que des jeunes se-
tique désireux de me parler d’un climat plus       suis fier de vous, Janet Lang, qui avez réussi à     Louis Cyr, qui a fait preuve d’un grand leader-    ront sortis de l’enfer de la drogue et du crime;
clément.                                           mettre la main dans des poches bien garnies,         ship et qui était toujours prêt à nous donner      que moins d’enfants seront maltraités par des
  En vieillissant, je continue d’espérer que je    à l’Académie canadienne de la Défense, et qui        un coup de main au besoin. Merci aussi au          adultes malintentionnés. Quel soulagement
me ferai remarquer, non pas par le comman-         avez amassé 256 % de plus que votre objectif         Colonel « Spike » Hazleton, qui a récolté de sa    d’avoir cette certitude lorsque je me retrou-
dant de la Base, mais plutôt par Lui qui arrive    initial de 10 000 $. Chapeau à mon comité or-        propre initiative plus de 10 000 $ en Afghani-     verai devant saint Pierre. Non pas que je sois
à créer un monde en sept jours.                    ganisateur – le Lieutenant de vaisseau Harold        stan.                                              inquiet! Quand le moment sera venu, je suis
  À titre de coordonnateur de la campagne          Card, qui a su être suffisamment convaincant          Quelqu’un a dit un jour que le succès a des       convaincu que, de toute façon, je connaîtrai
Centraide 2008 de la Garnison, je suis curieux     pour récolter 90 000 $ au Collège militaire          milliers de pères mais que l’échec est orphelin.   quelqu’un de l’autre côté qui pourra me gliss-
de voir quel sera mon crédit au paradis, une       royal; le Colonel Larry Aitken et Mme Berna-         Ce sont donc 40 fiers parents de la Garnison       er la clé sous la clôture!
fois que Rollie Blundell aura fait le compte de    dette Dececchi, Ph.D., qui ont travaillé sans        qui se réuniront bientôt à l’hôtel Ambassador        Comme dirait Tiny Tim, « Que Dieu nous bé-
toutes les contributions. Je ne m’attends pas      compter pour faire des campagnes des Amis            pour célébrer le succès de la communauté de        nisse, tous tant que nous sommes »! Joyeux
à grand-chose. Trop de gens m’ont volé la ve-      et Chefs de file et des unités hébergées un          Kingston. Merci à tous les membres de la Gar-      Noël!

                    Wishing you and your families                                                           Meilleurs vœux à vous et à vos
                  the very best of the holiday season                                                       familles à l’occasion des Fêtes
                    As the Holiday Season is upon        demonstrated throughout the                    Meilleurs vœux à vous et à vos fa-      conscience professionnelle, le pro-
                   us, I send my very best wishes        year and served us well. I am                milles à l’occasion des Fêtes             fessionnalisme et les compétences
                   to all our men and women in           extremely proud of our accom-                  À l’approche des Fêtes, je tiens à      que nous possédons collectivement
                   uniform, our civilian employ-         plishments and all of you. Ca-               offrir mes meilleurs vœux à tous          ont été manifestes et nous ont bien
                   ees, and their families. This         nadians living in the greater                les militaires, hommes et femmes,         servis. Je suis extrêmement fier de
                   past year has been an incredi-        Kingston area are also taking                et à tous les employés civils, ainsi      nos accomplissements et de vous
                   ble one for CFB Kingston. It is       notice. I can not recall a time              qu’à leur famille. L’année 2008 a été     tous. Les Canadiens qui habitent
                   worth reflecting upon our ac-         when awareness of our con-                   incroyable pour la BFC Kingston.          dans la grande région de Kings-
                   complishments over the past           tributions and recognition of                Il vaut la peine de réfléchir à nos       ton nous remarquent eux aussi. La
                   12 months, even as we prepare         our service have been so high.               accomplissements au cours des 12          population est plus que jamais con-
                   ourselves for the challenges          Kingstonians have shown a                    derniers mois, même si nous nous          sciente de notre contribution et re-
                   and opportunities that await          keen interest and have dem-                  préparons déjà à relever les défis et     connaissante de notre travail. Les
                   us in the year ahead. The Gar-        onstrated support and appre-                 à profiter des occasions que nous         gens de Kingston font preuve d’un
                   rison has continued to grow,          ciation daily for what we do on              apportera la nouvelle année. La           grand intérêt pour ce que nous fai-
                   home to 34 lodger units and           their behalf.                                garnison a poursuivi sa croissance        sons en leur nom et ils nous offrent
                   nearly 8,000 personnel. Many           The Base Chief Warrant Offi-                et elle accueille 34 unités héber-        quotidiennement leur appui et leur
                   of our CF members, including          cer and I want to wish you and               gées et près de 8000 personnes. Bon       appréciation.
                   civilians, deployed overseas          your families the very best for              nombre de nos militaires ainsi que         L’Adjudant-chef de la Base et moi
                   and others returned, continu-         the holiday season and for the               des civils sont partis pour des dé-       tenons à vous offrir, ainsi qu’à vos
                   ing to sustain commitments            year ahead. I hope that you                  ploiements à l’étranger et d’autres       familles, nos meilleurs vœux pour
                   worldwide, and meeting our            will have the opportunity to                 en sont revenus, continuant ainsi à       la période des Fêtes et la nouvelle
                   responsibilities here at home.        enjoy some well deserved time                remplir nos engagements à l’échelle       année. J’espère que vous pourrez
                    Our achievements are the             with your loved ones. May you                mondiale et nos responsabilités ici       vous offrir un repos bien mérité au-
                   result of incredible team-            have a safe, happy and pros-                 même, au Canada.                          près de vos proches. Puisse l’année
                   work, proving once again              perous 2009.                                   Nos accomplissements sont le            2009 vous apporter sécurité, bon-
                   that our greatest strength                                                         fruit d’un immense travail d’équipe,      heur et prospérité.
                   is our people. Our collective                                                      ce qui prouve encore une fois que
                   dedication,    professionalism        Colonel (Spike) Hazleton                     les gens sont notre plus grande           Le commandant de la Base,
                   and skills were consistently          Base Commander                               force. Tout au long de l’année, la        Colonel (Spike) Hazleton
6 ■ The Garrison/La Garnison                                                                                                    WEDNESDAY/MERCREDI, 03 DECEMBER/DÉCEMBRE 2008

                 Solicitation of interest - BPSO seminar on
 “Building the retirement home of your dreams”
                                                                                                               A National Champion
Captain Gerrit Botha                                   Because of the multitude of topics that can be
                                                                                                                   in Kingston
BPSO POC                                             presented on this subject, we are seeking your
                                                     assistance in narrowing down the topics you
  In our continuing commitment to provide CF         would like to see most in this one day seminar.
personnel within the Kingston Garrison the           We have listed a series below. I would ask that
educational opportunities and tools necessary        if you are interested in attending you indicate,
to facilitate a successful transition from the CF,   in order, your top five choices of topics.
the BPSS team is working on putting together           Topics identified for the seminar are (but
a seminar entitled “Building the Retirement          other suggestions are welcomed):
Home of your dreams”. In order to facilitate the       • Siting your new home: location, location,
planning, we would like to solicit your level of         location
interest for such a seminar. We are preliminar-        • Designing home, Home Plans and using an
ily looking at holding this over a one day period,       Architect
likely on 15 January 2009. This seminar should         • Should I contract or build myself - what you
be of potential interest to any members who are          should know
considering building their retirement home,            • How to have a successful relationship with
particularly if they want to incorporate the             your contractor
                                                                                                          Captain Jean François Moreau
latest green technologies for energy savings.          • Building an Eco-friendly home
                                                                                                          LFTDS HQ
However, it will also be useful for those who al-      • Retrofitting a home with eco-friendly
ready have or want to buy a retirement house             solutions                                        The first Canadian Forces (CF) Taekwondo Invitational Tournament
and then retrofit it for energy savings.               • Financing a new building                         alongside the annual Toronto Taekwondo Open was held on 15 and
  Mr. Cameron Allen, a prominent Kingston              • The value of a home inspection                   16 November in Toronto. CF Athletes from all over Canada and USA
area home inspector and builder, has agreed to         BPSO POC will be Captain Gerrit Botha at           gathered to re-establish the CF National championships that used to be
deliver this seminar, along with other experts       local 4575 (botha.gv@forces.gc.ca). Seating will     held up until 2002.
in the field. For more information on Mr Allen,      be limited, so please respond quickly. A semi-         Land Force Doctrine and Training System Headquarters had a represen-
read his column “Ask the Inspector” in the Whig      nar confirmation notice with location, date and      tative in Captain Jean-François Moreau who participated in the 68-80 kg
Standard newspaper or see his webpage (www.          timing will be sent out to participants in early     weight class. Having competed internationally as a member of the CF Na-
alltechconsultinggroup.com).                         December.                                            tional Team (CISM) for the past four years, the expectations were high for
                                                                                                          Captain Moreau who started the day as one of the favourites to take hon-
                                                                                                          ours. Displaying fierce power and skilful control of the matches, Captain
             Appel d’intérêt – Séminaire de l’OSPB intitulé                                               Moreau came back home victorious after a well fought final match against
          « Construire la maison de ses rêves »                                                           Captain John Kim, a former two time Canadian National silver medallist,
                                                                                                          of the Stratchonas in Edmonton. Congratulations to Captain Moreau and
                                                                                                          good luck in future competitions including the Canadian National Champi-
Capitaine Gerrit Botha                               consultinggroup.com).                                onships next May and the Military Continental Championships next June
OSPB                                                   Étant donné que le sujet est varié, nous vous      in Annville Pennsylvania.
                                                     demandons de nous aider en ciblant vos pré-
 Dans son effort continu visant à fournir au         férences. Nous avons dressé une liste de thèmes
personnel des FC de la garnison de Kingston          ci-dessous. Si vous désirez participer au sémi-
les opportunités et les outils nécessaires pour      naire, veuillez indiquer, en ordre, quels sont vos
effectuer une transition en douceur des FC à la      cinq choix préférés.                                   The Communications and Electronics Garrison
vie civile, l’équipe des SSPB organise présente-       Thèmes possibles du séminaire (vos sugges-                Military Band will present its
ment un séminaire intitulé « Construire la mai-      tions sont également les bienvenues) :
son de ses rêves en prévision de la retraite ».        • Choisir le site de sa nouvelle maison:                   Charity Christmas Concert.
Nous vous demandons de nous faire part de                emplacement, emplacement, emplacement               On Sunday 7 December at 7:30 p.m.
votre intérêt pour ce séminaire afin d’en facili-      • Concevoir sa maison, utiliser des plans de         More than 80 musicians and singers on stage.
ter la planification. Ce séminaire devrait durer         maison et recourir aux services d’un
                                                                                                            Come listen to your favorite Christmas music.
une journée, probablement le 15 janvier 2009.            architecte
                                                                                                                    Sydenham Street United Church
Les militaires qui ont l’intention de construire       • Dois-je engager un entrepreneur ou le faire
leur propre maison de retraite, et particulière-         moi-même – ce qu’il faut savoir                      (Corner of Williams and Sydenham streets).
ment ceux qui veulent y incorporer les plus            • Comment entretenir une relation                   No tickets necessary but a $10 suggested donation can be made at the door.
récentes technologies vertes pour réaliser des           harmonieuse avec son entrepreneur                  All proceeds to the Christmas Basket and Food Voucher Program.
économies d’énergie, devraient s’intéresser de         • Construire une maison respectueuse de
près à ce séminaire. Les personnes qui ont déjà          l’environnement
une maison ou qui ont l’intention d’en acheter         • Rénover une maison afin de la rendre plus                  La Musique de l’électronique et des
une, et qui désirent la rénover pour réaliser des        respectueuse de l’environnement
économies d’énergie, trouveront aussi ce sémi-         • Financer un nouveau bâtiment
                                                                                                                communications présente son Concert de Noel.
naire utile.                                           • L’importance de faire inspecter sa maison
                                                                                                                           Dimanche 7 décembre à 19h30.
 M. Cameron Allen, un constructeur et in-              Le point de contact de l’OSPB sera le Capit-
                                                                                                                       Plus de 80 musiciens et chanteurs sur scène.
specteur d’habitations connu de la région de         aine Gerrit Botha, poste 4575 (botha.gv@forces.
Kingston, a accepté de présenter ce séminaire        gc.ca). Les places sont limitées, alors répon-                  Venez entendre votre musique de Noel favorite.
en compagnie d’autres experts dans le do-            dez-nous le plus vite possible. Les participants                         Église Sydenham Street United
maine. Si vous voulez en savoir d’avantage sur       recevront un avis de confirmation au début du                    (Intersection des rues Sydenham et Williams).
M. Allen, lisez sa rubrique « Ask the Inspector      mois de décembre qui indiquera l’endroit, la           Les dons seront versés au programme de paniers alimentaires de Noel.
» dans le journal Whig Standard, ou visitez sa       date et les heures du séminaire.                                 Un don suggéré de 10$ sera accepté à la porte.
page Web à l’adresse suivante : (www.alltech-
WEDNESDAY/MERCREDI, 03 DECEMBER/DÉCEMBRE 2008                                                                                                          The Garrison/La Garnison ■ 7

      Soldiers drop the puck at Kingston Voyageurs games
                                          Ontario Junior Hockey League team shows appreciation
Sub-Lieutenant Sylvain Rousseau                of the change / warm up room,” described
Base Public Affairs Officer                    Master Corporal Danielle Berube. “Thanks
                                               for this opportunity,” she continued.
  The Kingston Voyageur’s team manage-          Since Remembrance week, the team’s
ment show their support and appreciation       management have been inviting soldiers
to the troops by having a CF member in         to come to their home games and drop
uniform to drop the puck for their official    the puck at center ice for the ceremonial
face-off at their home games every Thurs-      faceoff at the Invista center. Master Cor-
day night.                                     porals Adams and Berube were the first
  During Veterans’ Week, two of our sol-       soldiers to drop the puck on 5 November .
diers participated and really enjoyed the       “Honouring Canadian troops at the
experience. The event was such a success;      games is our way of showing our gratitude
the team management would like to do           to the thousands of men and women who
it every game for the rest of the season.      put their lives on the line for our country,”
This is also a great opportunity for our CF    explained Barry Robinson, team manager.
members to see how supportive the city of       Last Thursday, 27 November, team cap-
Kingston is.                                   tains from the Kingston Voyageurs, Tyler
  “I had a great time at the hockey game.      Hill, and the Peterborough Liftlock Stars,
The Voyageur’s team management were            Tim Cavanagh, were joined by Sub-Lieu-
absolutely fantastic with Master Corpo-        tenant Sylvain Rousseau, Base Public            CEREMONIAL FACEOFF: On the ice, Tyler Hill and Tim Cavanagh take the ceremonial
ral Mike Adams and I, they gave us team        Affairs Officer at centre ice for the puck      face-off and a backseat to the boisterous ovation given to the troops as Sub-Lieutenant
ball hats, official hockey pucks and a tour    drop.                                           Sylvain Rousseau drops the puck.                            (Photo by Sonya Rousseau)


                                                                 GOLF &
                                                                ONLY $24
                                                                MON. - FRI                              Fort Henry Heights Community CouncilPresents
                                                                                                        Children’s Christmas Party
          GARRISON GOLF & CURLING CLUB ~ 613-546-4952 • www.ggcc.on.ca                                       Saturday December 13th 2008 12-3 PM
                                                                                                                      At the KMCSC Gym
                                                                                                        Santa and his elves will be making an appearance.
                                                                                                         Come and enjoy the games, crafts, food and fun!
        RABAIS DE                                                                                  No pre-registration required just come and sign up at the door.
        100$ POUR                                                                              Phone Stephanie Leonhardt at (613) 530-3753 for additional information.
                                                                                                      Le Conseil de la Communauté de Fort Henry Présent
                                                                                                     Fête de Noël Pour les Enfants
                                                                                                    12-15h samedi 13 décembre, 2008 au gymnase CSCMK
                                                                 GOLF &                         Santa et ses elfes seront là. Venez et participez aux jeux, l’artisanat,
                                                              HAMBURGER                                             la nourriture et l’amusement!
                                                            POUR SEULEMENT                             Aucun pré-repérage exigé. Seulement venez et vous
                                                            24$ DU LUINDI AU                                 inscrivez en entrant.Pour des informations
                                                               VENDREDI                                             supplémentaires téléphonez
                                                                                                               Stephanie Leonhardt à (613) 530-3753.

   CLUB DE GOLF ET DE CURLING DE LA GARNISON ~ 613-546-4952 • www.ggcc.on.ca
 ■ The Garrison/La Garnison   WEDNESDAY/mERcREDi, 03 DEcEmbER/DécEmbRE 2008