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					The New York Transit Museum displays historical artifacts of the New York City
Subway and bus system. The museum is located in the unused Court Street subway
station in the Brooklyn Heights with a smaller annex in Grand Central Terminal,
 In past, the New York Transit was used to be a local train terminus. As time passed,
the new and modern transit system introduced and people began to use that. Therefore,
the New York Transit was abandoned.
 A suggestion was put forward in 1976 to transform the New York Transit into a
museum. In the light of that suggestion the station was converted into New York
Transit Museum.
 The Metropolitan Transportation Authority was given the charge of the museum in
1990. After taking the charge, the authority expanded the collection of the museum by
including the history of other transportation types such as bridge, commuter train.
 The Exhibits
 The museum offers various changing and permanent exhibition to its visitors. The
purpose of these exhibitions is to generate public awareness about the history of New
York Transit system.
 Two Tracks
 You will find two tracks in the museum; both are filled with a large range of cars.
The two tracks and the cars which are displayed in the museum include IND and
BMT equipment and IRT and BRT/EI cars. The North track is the IRT and BRT/EI
cars and the South track is IND and BMT equipment.
 The Steel, Stone and Backbone Exhibition
 The purpose of this exhibition is to show visitors how the New York Transit system
was built. The exhibition depicts the development of New York Transit system
between 1900 and 1925. Photographs and artifacts are displayed in the exhibition to
show the history of the system.
 The Fare Collection Exhibition
 This exhibition offers the visitor to explore the fare collection items. One prominent
feature of the exhibition is the paper ticket chopper that was used in 1904.
 On the Streets
 This is really a great way to explore different facts about the transportation. In this
exhibition, visitors are offered to explore the traffic in the highways of New York City.
Visitors will learn about the traffic lights, signs and boards etc. Children are allowed
to get into the buses and cabs to have a better idea about the facilities.
 New York Transit Museum NYC
 The museum remains open from 10am to 4pm on Tuesday to Friday. On Saturday to
Sunday, it remains open from 12pm to 5pm. The museum remains closed on Monday
and other major holidays.
 The museum charges an admission fee of $5 for adults. It is $3 for children between
3 to 17 years of age. Senior citizens who are more than 62 years of age will have to
pay $3 for admission ticket. On Wednesday, senior citizens are offered free entrance.
 If you want to visit a museum in group such as adult group, school group or youth
group, you have to make a reservation for the group guided visit prior to your visit.
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