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									There are not very many Greensburg bankruptcy lawyers located in the small city of
Greensburg Kansas. In fact, there are not very many people in Greensburg at all. Only
a few thousand people call the city their home.
 Though the city, which is located in Kiowa County, is relatively small, it is not
without large scale adversity. Greensburg bankruptcy lawyers likely experienced an
influx of personal bankruptcy claims during the most recent major obstacle that
Greensburg faced. On May 5, 2007, a devastating tornado terrorized the Greensburg
area. Unfortunately, 95% of the city was leveled and eleven residents lost their lives.
With so much of the city in absolute ruins, prospective jobs and futures were
 The expertise of Greensburg bankruptcy lawyers may have been widely sought after
as residents struggle to make sense of the mangled mess of their finances. The
aftermath of the major tornado jeopardized the existence of small businesses, and for
many, the ability to provide for their families. It is certainly understandable how
personal finances spiraled out of control and lead to bankruptcy inquiries.
 It is rather interesting how just one event can define the direction of an entire
community. In May of 2007, Greensburg was officially declared a disaster area by
President George W. Bush, the current President at the time the tornado struck. The
devastation of such a small city called for massively transformative reconstruction
efforts. As a result, Greensburg was the very first state in the entire United States to be
reconstructed according to LEEDS platinum standards. The primary purpose for the
direction of the green reconstruction efforts was to try to make the city more durable,
ecologically friendly, and subsequently more sustainable. A city constructed more
efficiently than Greensburg would arguably have been able to sustain much of the
damage of the tornado.

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