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					When I was a little girl, I wanted to buy the Chrysler Town & Country minivan; it had
to be fully equipped with OEM Chrysler Town & Country Rims .. oh how my taste
has changed.
 The Chrysler Town & Country is a minivan for the family that 鈥檚 manufactured
by Chrysler. This particular model was introduced to the consumers as a luxury
variant from the first-generation Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, & Chrysler
Voyager. They have been manufacturing the Town & Country & Factory Original
Chrysler Town & Country Rims since 1990; & they are still producing them today. It
鈥檚 鈥渞 elated 鈥?to the Volkswagen Routan & the Chrysler Voyager.
 Let us cover some history .. the first generation of the Chrysler Town & Country and
Town & Country Rims were introduced in 1989 as the 1990 model. This minivan was
offered with a leather interior, power windows, an air conditioning system, a sound
system, it was able to fit seven passengers, & even had an electronic-controlled
four-speed auto transmission. I guess you can say that that 鈥檚 pretty advanced for a
1990 model. They actually made less than 10,000 vehicles & less OE Chrysler Town
& Country Rims than they initially thought.
 The second generation was not really that much different from the first minivan that
came out. This generation had the same headlights & taillights as the Plymouth
Voyager. It had a different exterior that included a waterfall grille, its body side
mirrors were painted, & it even had a set of unique Original Chrysler Town &
Country Wheels . The second generation minivan also offered the leather seat interior;
I guess they figured that that 鈥檚 what people really liked. It had a whole new
design of aerodynamics & less shaper corners.
 The third generation (which was manufactured from 1996-2000), had a lot of 鈥渋
ndustry firsts 鈥? This included a sliding door on the driver 鈥檚 side & a seating
management system. We won 鈥檛 mention that the Factory 2000 Chrysler Town &
Country Wheels were nice, because that 鈥 檚 already a given. There were
preprogrammed seats for the drivers & the mirrors, it had the standard leather interior,
& a cassette / CD player. These models could not be sold in California or any of the
Northeastern states because it didn 鈥檛 meet the emission standards.
 On to the fourth generation. This minivan was manufactured from 2001-2007. There
really weren 鈥檛 any major changes, just that it used the Chrysler RS Platform.
When it was released in 2001, it was only available as a short-wheelbase model. In
2005, Chrysler included a new system of second & third row seating. This system
allowed these seats to fold into underfloor compartments. This 鈥渋 nnovation
鈥?was called 鈥淪 tow 鈥檔 Go Seating 鈥?
 The current generation is the fifth one, & it 鈥檚 still being manufactured today.
This generation finally eliminated the wheelbase model. It included a 6-speed
automatic & a brand new 4.0 L V6 engine that was standard on the Limited model.
Just as if you were to compare it to its competitors, the Toyota Sienna & Honda
Odyssey have the same features as the Town & Country : power windows, sliding
doors, & the gear shift in a higher position than usual. If you were to buy this car in
Europe, there 鈥檇 be completely different Factory Original Chrysler Town &
Country Wheels AND a turbodiesel engine; it even has a 6-speed transmission that
comes standard on the car.
 I guess if you save your money, this may be one of the best cars that you can ever